Our Groom of the month competition began in mid April and ended in mid May. The idea is simple, get your photo taken with you in your wedding suit from Tom Murphy’s and then get your friends to vote for it on our Facebook page. Who ever garners the most votes wins a €500 voucher off their suit hire from us. We decided to run the competition to generate a fan base, so that the name Tom Murphy’s would be associated with generosity and leave a positive image in customer’s minds. We expected/hoped to gain a few hundred fans to add to our fanbase which was modest at the time. The majority (damn near all) of our fans were following us because they were either friends of Tom’s or mine. I had suggested the page to all of my friends……. and not even all accepted. What we weren’t expecting was the PR work of the fans of Paul O’Connor and Dave Dunton, who were the original contestants of the April/May Groom of the Month. With just over 600 votes each, our fans grew to over 2000.

Special mention has to be made of Valerie O’Mahony who was assisting Paul. As I was running the competition, the efforts of Val were outstanding. I was shocked to hear that Val O’Mahony was not the fiancée. I’d imagine she was rewarded all the same though. Her relentlessness went as far as hassling the postmen to vote. The competition was neck and neck right up until the final few days where Paul O’Connor finally stole it and was the eventual winner by a slim 3 votes. Enough to claim the €500 voucher. We were delighted with the efforts of Dave and his fans as well so we decided to reward him with a consolation of €250.

The popularity of the competition spilled over into the June Groom of the Month Competition. Cobh’s nice guy of the year, Adrian Curtis, achieved success in earning the voucher. He almost doubled 2nd place PJ’s votes. With the 2 competitions over, our fan base has grown to 2,778. The success of the previous months has been phenomenal. I didn’t know how many fans we were going to get at the start of the competition but if you had said it was going to reach this figure, I would have found it hard to believe. It seems as though we can’t get away from it. Current owner Michael was leaving the store to go for a wander when a woman approached him asking him was this the store that ran the Groom of the Month Competition. Michael wasn’t sure, as he isn’t a fan of technology, so he politely said yes and listened to the rambles of how this woman and all her friends had been voting. Even Tom was hassled as he was having an innocent pint in Killeagh. He let slip that he ran Tom Murphy’s Online Store when a woman over heard. She said that the whole of Killeagh had been aware of the Groom of the Month competition. People have already inquired about next month’s competition and the contestants we have lined up are chomping at the bit to get the voting under way. So be sure to follow us on Facebook and get your votes/entries in for the July Groom of the month.