Tom asked Cian and I to join him at a photo shoot for the new mens clothes lines being added to the website. Cian was delighted, I think he thought he was going to be the next big mens fashion model. We arrived out to Köster photographers studio situated in Tower. The studio was based in an outhouse in Jorg Köster the photographer’s home. He works there with his apprentice Steffan who also hails from Germany. When we arrived
they politely invited us in where we met the international fashion model Sam Homan, he was hired by Tom to model some of the clothes for the latest lines being added to the website. Myself and Cian were amazed how modern and hi-tech the studio and house was, it certainly isn’t a typical house that would be found in Tower.

Before the photo shoot began with Sam the model we noticed Jorg taking some shots of Tom, we asked Tom why he was being photographed but he seemed too embarrassed to tell us and quickly changed the subject. We knew we were on to something funny so we kept investigating, it turned out that Jorg is doing a photo shoot on ginger people to go with a study being carried out that ginger people will be extinct within 50 years. Jorg was so fascinated at how orange Tom’s hair was he just had to take some photos of him to add to his portfolio of the dying breed, much to the delight of
Tom. Below pictured in rather feminine colours are Tom and Sam Homan our model, can ye guess who is who?


Having never been to a photo shoot before Tom explained that Jorg and Steffan were going to take hundreds of pictures of Sam styling the new products in different poses from different camera angles. He followed on to explain that Cian and I were the lucky men who get to resize all of the images and upload them to the website, a task we said we couldn’t wait to do!


After taking all of the shots needed with Sam, the photographers moved on to taking countless shots of the same products from different angles such as a view from above the product and from each side. This was being done so we could have a few different images of each product to upload to the website to give the customer a complete view of every product from their computer screen. We agreed it was very important to be able to view the whole product from every angle to satisfy the customer’s needs and enhance the viewing features on the website.


Hours later as the photo shoot finished up, I was chatting to Cian and we were discussing how we never knew a photo shoot would take so long and have so much work involved. We were both delighted at getting the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at a photo shoot and it certainly changed the perceptions we had of photographers and models having easy jobs.

4. Rio Ferdinand – Manchester United
It’s no surprise the former ballet dancer is so into mens fashion, his father is a tailor. No wonder he has so
many fine tailored suits. Rio is always looking well and he has even launched his own menswear range of shoes
named “5ive” after his Manchester United shirt number. The collection also includes a line of man
bags and other accessories and Rio had a big input into the design of all the different items. Rio has
been so unlucky with injuries in recent times some would argue that he would be better off hanging
up his boots and focusing on his clothing line. Being a Liverpool fan myself I certainly wouldn’t mind
if he retired.

3. Thierry Henry – New York Red Bulls
Henry has a knack for choosing the right outfit to give him the va va voom factor, whatever he wears
he looks well. Thierry teamed up Tommy Hilfiger to launch a line of clothing. All the money that was
raised from the clothing line was donated to his charity “The One 4 All Foundation” which fight
racism and social inequality. Henry said he got his fashion style from his father. He said Henry senior
always wore matching clothes and had his own unique crazy style, maybe his father thought him
how to ‘handle’ the ball too.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid
The Portuguese man is another footballer with his own line of clothing called CR7 and he opened
two boutiques with the same name in his hometown Madeira and a second in Lisbon. Ronaldo always
looks well regardless of whether he is suited up or wearing anything else. Cristiano didn’t only
take Beckham’s number 7 shirt when he left Manchester, he also took some of his style in copying
the Beckham open collar shirt with a suit look and Cristiano also wears this relaxed look very well
normally with a pair of his trademark shades. He has also followed in the footsteps of Beckham by
becoming a face of Emporio Armani and moving to Madrid. Ronaldo has taken the casual look to a
whole new level in modern fashion and he has to be credited for this.

1. David Beckham – LA Galaxy
Beckham has worn some very questionable outfits, for example the sarong which was a dress
and was dubbed “So Wrong” by Ali-G at the time. But apart from wearing dresses and looking
like one of the Spice Girls Becks is a very stylish man. It’s no surprise he has his own line of
clothing with Adidas and another range with his wife Victoria called the DVB (David Victoria
Beckham). He has also been the face of many other companies such as Emporio Armani. It
doesn’t matter if Beckham is dressing formally with his trade mark unbuttoned shirt and suit or
his casual American aviator sunglasses, t-shirt and jeans look, he always looks the part and that
is why he is the best dressed footballer.

5. Alex Ferguson – Manchester United


Fegie has been around for years but he has always remained old school and insisted on wearing a
suit on match days unlike a lot of newer age managers. He consistantly wears the red and white of Manchester United with either a navy or black suit. He doesn’t have the style of his Italian counterparts but he definately has the style and he certainly knows how to wear mens clothes well. The pensioner certainly looks better than his biggest rival Arsene Wenger who is normally seen walking the touchlines in a jacket that resembles a sleeping bag.

4. Fabio Capello – England

The Italian who is known for his stylish trademark glasses is only ever seen in designer Italian suits.
To be honest if I was getting paid over £6 million a year by the English football association I would
constantly be wearing those suits too. Capello doesn’t look out of place standing next to David
Beckham in the above picture either, they could even be mistaken for father and son on the way to a
fashion show in Milan with their matching suits.

3. Roberto Mancini – Manchester City


Mancini who has been given the title “the best hair in football management” is another stylish
Italian, although he is best known for his scarf. Ever since his arrival in Manchester his trademark
scarves having been flying off the shelves. This fashion accessory is now a must have for all
Manchester city fans and this has led to his club planning to launch a Roberto Mancini range of
clothing that will include scarves, t-shirts, polo tops and hoodies. Next thing we might see is the club
launching a Mancini hairdresser’s salon…

2. Pep Guardiola – Barcelona


Guardiola hasn’t been a manger for a very long time but he has already won everything with
Barcelona. Pep is another man who knows exactly how to rock a custom made designer suit along
with his trademark skinny black tie and knitted coat. His fashion style has been seen as very similar to that
of pop legend Justin Timberlake. I don’t know how he does it but he gets away with wearing formal
suits while standing on the sideline of the Nou Camp. Some would wonder what Pep wore on his
wedding day.

1. Jose Mourinho – Real Madrid


When you nickname yourself “The Special One” you would want to make sure there is something
special about you to live up to it to the glorified title. Luckily for Jose he has won nearly every major
trophy in football with some of the biggest clubs in Europe and he has a charming fashion sense
to go with it. Mourinho’s grey overcoat has been come iconic, much to the delight of Armani. “The
Special One’s” ability to wear a suit and tie well along with stylish overcoats is the reason why he is
the best dressed football manger.

When someone buys a suit, wearing it for the first time will make them feel powerful and confident, they feel the part just like “Ari Gold” from Entourage. If they have gone through the process of buying a suit correctly they will look the part too.

The first step of buying a suit is leaving your other half or mother at home, remember you are not going shopping with your mother in the menswear department in Dunnes Stores. If you fail to complete this step correctly you will turn the salesman into a third wheel. You must remember that the salesman is the professional in mens fashion in this situation and they will ask you what you are looking for and then they will make their suggestions. They know what they are talking about it’s their job!

The next thing you must think of is what style of suit you are aiming for as you don’t want to show up to your work placement or job in a new company looking like Al Capone ready to run the mafia. The suit you choose to purchase must be right for the occasion, for example a simple black or grey business suit for a job or a tuxedo for a college ball.

Al Capone

For a first suit it is probably best to stick with dark colours such as black, navy or dark grey even though light grey suits are coming more into fashion at the moment. By choosing darker colours and patterns the suit will last longer and won’t get as dirty as quickly as lighter shaded suits. A very important factor when purchasing any suit is the fitting as the last thing you want is a suit that is either too big or too small, it is very important to get your measurements taken by the salesman, you should then try on the suit and if it doesn’t feel comfortable be sure to speak up and ask questions and have more alterations made if they are needed. Your suit measurements should be made before you start browsing through the different suits available.

When you are trying to choose the shirts and ties to match your suit, the salesman can advise you or it is very easy to choose yourself because most shirts will have a matching tie to go with it already around its collar or else it will be sold as a set. When choosing shoes it is advised to go with a simple black shoe with black socks. If you learn one lesson from this blog post let it be. Do not wear white socks with a suit like my fellow intern Cian.