Wedding Suit Shoes

Wedding Shoes


There are two fundamental choices to make when choosing the shoes you will wear for your wedding. The first is the style.

Slip-on shoes are en vogue again and there is a huge array of options when it comes to formal mens slip-ons. Do remember that you will require an extra half-inch in trousers length if you are going for the slip-on option. A leather shoe is a must but if you feel more comfortable with a rubber sole, then that is fine. The only time that a casual shoe should be worn with a wedding suit is if the suit is linen or cotton, or if the wedding is taking place somewhere with a really hot climate. Beach weddings would be included in this category. A less formal shoe is perfectly acceptable in those circumstances.

The most popular shoe style that is worn with classic/morning wedding suits is the lace up black brogue. The classic round-toe brogue is traditional but elegant enough to make any wedding suit look smart and sophisticated. If you were going for a more tailored contemporary suit, then I would recommend a more pointed narrow type than the brogue. The long slender toe of Italian style shoes are perfect is this is the case.

A long slim shoe with a slightly pointed front is more suited to the silhouetted and narrow lapels of the slim fit suit. These suits tend to have narrower trousers bottoms so they can make wide fitting shoes appear clunky and awkward. They are particularly suited to narrow ended trousers


I couldn’t wait for this long weekend to come, finally a break from Tom Murphy Menswear. On the 28th of May the 30th Anniversary of Slane took place. Thin Lizzy played 30 years after headlining the first ever Slane music festival, their song “The Boys are Back in Town” got a great reaction from the crowd. Elbow also put on a great show with their songs “Grounds for Divorce”and “One Day Like This” really got the crowd going. The grey skies over Slane that threatened to rainover the course of the whole day, the hype about the champion’s league final between ManchesterUnited and Barcelona which had the attention of many fans or the death of the bands Uncle Cleo a few days before the show couldn’t dampen the moods of band or the crowd. The atmosphere around the arena was electric. Around 8-30pm the headliners, Kings of Leon took to the stage with a huge applause from the crowd. Slane castle erupted when they opened the gig with one of their most famous songs “Four Kicks”.


The Kings of Leon played for over 2 and a half hours, this being the longest gig they have ever played. With every song they played the crowd got more into it. With the news of Barcelona hammering United it was turning out to be a great day all around for myself, I even started a rumour that the last song of the night was going to be “You’ll Never Walk Alone” just to rub a bit of salt into the wounds of every united fan. The band played 25 of their songs and stopped, we all thought it was over and the whole of the Slane crowd broke into “Ole Ole” followed on by another Irishgreat, “We All Dream of a Team of Gary Breens”.


Caleb the bands lead vocals singer walked on to the stage on his own and explained he was going to sing a solo version of the bands song “The Runner” in memory of his uncle Cleo who was very close to all of the bands members and had died two days before the concert. The emotional performance touched the whole crowd and got a standing ovation when he finished. Caleb was then joined by the rest of the band to play three more songs as their encore which was “Manhattan”, “Use Somebody” and their last song was “Black Thumbnail”, at the end of the song the whole of Slane castle was lit up with a firework show. With a turnout of over 80,000 and 29 songs played it’s no surprise that the Kings of Leon labelled the gig “the most memorable show of their careers”. The bands high spirits were further highlighted by them posting a video of them hosting a dance off after the show in their hotel suite.

Transformers tshirt

A few months ago Tom thought it would be a good idea to make a t-shirt for the shop. At the start it
was just as a spot prize for our facebook competitions and to promote the shop. The t-shirt as you
can see below being modelled by some of our best facebook fans is just a plain simple black or white
t-shirt from Island Clothing in Little Island with a logo they designed on the front say Tom Murphy
Menswear established in 1928.

We have given away dozens of t-shirts and all of our fans have been delighted with them. We were
very surprised when we had some inquiries from around Ireland and even some from America about
the t-shirt being sold in our online shop. We have recently just sold one to a fan of ours from New
York. After receiving so many enquiries we decided it would be a good idea to introduce some new
t-shirts to the sell on the online shop. Another reason we were designing new t-shirts was because
Cian wasn’t happy with the original design, I recall him saying “I wouldn’t wear that t-shirt to bed
boy!” (In his Kerry accent)


We worked together and came up with a few different ideas, our favourite t-shirt idea came from
the transformers logo and text, and we also made designs with the text from the sopranos, the
godfather. We submitted our ideas to John and James from Island Clothing and they seemed pretty
impressed. The designs are now being sent on to a graphic designer so they can be printed on to t-
shirts and sold to our fans. These t-shirts will be available in the next few weeks on our online store
for a very reasonable price, be sure to check them out!