Wedding shirts
The type of wedding shirt depends on the style of suit that is chosen. If you are wearing a classic morning tails or Price Edward suit with a cravat, then the obvious choice is a classic wing collar (similar to the type worn with a tuxedo) or the more contemporary Victorian wing (also called French Wing). The colour of the shirt should either be white or ivory depending on the colour of the bride’s dress.

Another factor that should determine the colour of the shirt are the waistcoat and cravat you choose to accessorize the suit. If you are wearing brown, cream, beige or tan shade then an ivory shirt is a must.

White shirts look crisper inside silvers, greys and numerous others. The Victorian wing is increasingly becoming the choice of wedding shirt for wearing with traditional classical groomswear. Its high-swept back and long wide wings really accentuate the style of a self-tie cravat. Some people still prefer to wear a necktie with tails, and if that is your choice, I would recommend a normal Kent collar shirt in either white or ivory. It is essential that the collar and fabric of the shirt is well finished and a 100% cotton texture is preferable.

With the recent upsurge in the popularity of the normal day suit, there are more and more people choosing a normal white or ivory Kent collar. It can be nice to wear a slightly cut-away collar, which will show off a well-made Windsor knot more effectively. One other factor to consider is the fit of the shirt. Most manufacturers offer a slim fit model now and, if available and if your body shape permits, it is the recommended choice.