Tom Murphy shows how it is done with a crisp white shirt and bright red tie

Tom Murphy shows how it is done with a crisp white shirt and bright red tie

Picking the right shirt for a suit can be a tough proposition. The best advice we can offer is to make sure the shirt sits effortlessly and elegantly inside the suit. The first and most important thing to get right is the colour of the shirt. The neutrality of a white shirt means it goes with virtually any colour suit. It is the tie that presents the  challenge when it comes to putting a white shirt inside a suit. A tie that is similair in colour to the suit is often a smooth and suave combination. Think dark navy spotted or patterned tie with a crisp white shirt for an elegant, easy look.

Another option is to go for a bright contrasting tie with the white shirt inside the dark suit. A red tie stands out like nothing else inside a grey, navy or black suit.

Eddie O Sullivan wears plain blue shirt and bild stripe tie

Eddie O Sullivan wears plain blue shirt and bold stripe tie

Not everybody wants to take the simple and some might say unimaginative option of the white shirt. Certainly light coloured suits are not generally good with white. Depending on the exact shade,many neutral tones lend themselves better to hues of beige, cream or ivory.

For a dashing executive like look try putting a bengal stripe or a bold coloured chalk stripe with your suit. Do not however, make the mistake of putting a stripe shirt inside a stripe suit as you will look like a zebra with a poor dress sense.

For a stronger,bolder look that suggests you are a high powered business man you could add a white collared stripe shirt to your wardrobe.Again if the main body of the shirt is a stripe try to keep the tie reasonably plain.

For an adventurous twist on the white collar striped body shirt you could try a gingham check with white collar.  Indeed the gingham check is generally a piece of sartorial attire that potrays a certain sense of gentlemenery standing. Classic blue or lilac ginghams put themselves forward as indicators of your business like status like no other shirts.

Another thing to bear in mind when picking a shirt for a suit is the type of occassion you are wearing it for. Gighams, Bengal stripes and white collars with contrasting bodies are all shirts that have a business style to them. Shirts for special occassions like weddings can be more vibrant or daring. Colours like purples, fushcias, pinks, lemons are more acceptable.Materials for occassional wear can be a bit more quirky and satins and silks can look really well.