Glossy,silky contemporary tuxedo

Glossy,silky contemporary tuxedo

When choosing a tuxedo for your wedding there are a number of things worth considering.First of all you need to understand the classical definition of a tuxedo.


A tuxedo is basically a black suit with lapels made from satin and it also has satin covered buttons on the front and sleeves of the coat.The cut of the jacket is no different to any other style and there is very little else in the way of discerning features that would mark it out from a lounge suit or day suit.Of course some tuxedo trousers will have a satin braid or pipe down the side of the garment but this is a feature that is not always present.


I would however strongly advise against adopting this restrictive view of what a tuxedo is.There are lots of contemporary style suits that could be called a tuxedo if you are prepared to move away from the traditional meaning.I would encourage people to think of a tuxedo as a formal suit that is worn for very important occassions and that has some more elaborate features and styling than your everyday suit. The texture of the fabric is is something that really sets a cermonial suit apart from the more ordinary versions.Silky,glossy,shiny suits tend to be that bit more glitzy than a woolly style. Other features that can set apart a groom’s tuxedo can be ornamental buttons or indented feature pockets or a slightly longer jacket shape.


A synthesis of the classic and conntemporary is always a winning formula and this can be achieved with a tux that uses the traditional satin detailing in an imaginative way.For example there are plenty of brands offering suits with a little satin edging on the lapel and slightly trimming on the pockets.These outfits look really sharp and make an ideal wedding suit.

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