Mark Dapper Dineen getting Suit Factor prize

Tom helping Mark pick out some suits


Mark Dineen from Cork in a suit

Mark Dineen picking up some of his 3000 Euro prize


mark dineen

Mark Dapper Dineen at a wedding


“Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal.”— Yves Saint-Laurent!! A mix of fashion, grooming, food, fitness with a sprinkle of Cork culture.

“Doubt Ya Dapper Boy”
Seeing the link for ‘Tom Murphy Menswear‘ coming up on my Facebook news feed on a normal Monday afternoon turned out to be one of the most important things to happen to me in quite a while. ‘Suit Factor 2’ links were being shared and I was intrigued. I investigated.
The competition prize, €3,000 worth of suits, shirts, ties, shoes, all from Tom Murphy Menswear. Entry was easy, send a picture of yourself in a suit, Tom approves it, activates your profile and from there you ask your friends to vote for you. Easy, or so I thought…

Having the nickname “Dapper Dineen” and being a guy who loves fashion, I had to enter. I scrolled through my pictures and picked out my favourite picture (see above). The suit is a light blue Zara suit from their S/S’12 range. The picture was taken at a friends wedding.

I’m one of the few males on this planet who enjoys shopping, I’m not a slave to labels but I do like to look good. For me, I feel when you look good, you feel good. Confidence is a big thing with most people and friends of mine would say that perhaps I have too much at times. This confidence gave me the kick I needed to click ‘enter’.

I entered the competition thinking 300 votes would be enough, having a little over 500 friends, I felt 300 votes was a realistic target. I shared the link on my page and asked people to vote. 24 hours later I had nearly 100 votes, 48 hours later this figure increased to nearly 200. The competition would run for 30 days, at the end of the first week I was in first place…

I stayed in first place from there on, this was due mainly to having great friends both on Facebook and off line. I had people I hadn’t seen/spoken to in years sharing the link with their friends. I had our ‘ex-pats’ in Australia, Canada, England, even the States sharing. I had my ‘gang’ voting, their wives and girlfriends sharing (daily), my cousins, aunts, even my hairdresser helping. I had colleagues, acquaintances, people I had never met, all sharing. I couldn’t believe how many people were voting. Honesty blown away by it all.

The competition really warmed up in the last few days, the guy in second place had made an unbelievable push, somebody told me he had over 1,000 friends so I thought I’d had it. I went on the offensive again, begging, pleading, (annoying) people, hoping that anybody who hadn’t voted, would vote. There were still some people who promised they would vote but wanted to hold off until the last week so that I would have some new votes coming through in the last few days. Thankfully, these votes came through.

The final day was a waiting game, would I see this competition out, does somebody in second, third or fourth have people ready to vote at the 11th hour. Tension grew, my votes were stagnant, one here, one there. I was over a hundred ahead with a few hours to go.

The competition ended at 10 pm. Over 560 votes had been cast. I was at home watching television when the texts started to arrive, “doubt cha dapper boy” summed it up. I’d won