Prestige wedding suit

Prestige 2014 by Tom Murphy


Brown wedding suit

Chestnut coloured Prestige suit


Grey wedding suit

Shiny textured bespoke suit


WILVORST Prestige | High End Fashion.The most Brilliant and Best Quality of all wedding suit collections.– Simply Perfect.Once again our bespoke suit offering will have the Prestige designer range as a key part of the collection.The combinations on offer are unique and anyone who chooses one for their wedding will be safe in the knowledge that it is genuinely once off.The new range for 2013-2014 has just been launched and is exclusive to Tom Murphy Menswear.
With Prestige, WILVORST present you their top-quality collection with a high quality standard and finest of fittings – everything for a perfect suit.

The Prestige cloth range comprises only the highest-quality fabrics woven by the most renowned mills. The collection is characterized by elegant and plain fabrics, stripes and jacquard patterns with a sheen and restrained lustre. Finest yarns and fittings are used for the Prestige cloths – only the best for our customers.The addition of silk to most of the new range of garments means that there is a real sense of opulence about them.Some materials have a really strong sheen which can be too much for some.They are a range of suits that are not for the feint hearted.

An essential part of Prestige:

Its slim and Italian fit and pure elegance make up the fashion look. The Drop 8 Italian fit is recommended to really show off the splendid array of  fabrics.The trousers in the drop 8 style has narrowed ends and measure about 14.5 inches in width.The style is definitely more suited to the slim,athletic figure so the big boys will have to keep away from this one.

Waistcoats with discreet patterns and a rich selection of colours as well as elegant fabrics for suits either plain or striped, high-quality details and a keen sense of trends are evidence of classic Italian elegance.

Fashionable one-button and two-button versions as well as new and trendy jackets but also extravagant waistcoat styles complement the collection.

The colour palette focusses on black, blue, brown and silver patterns but also on white fabrics which highlight the difference between these and other collections.

Prestige stands for high quality, perfection down to the last detail, high wear comfort and unique designs.

Even though Prestige suits come with the high end reputation of high prices and low affordability the good news is that they are retailing at around 499 Euro for a classic 2 piece.The addition of a bespoke waistcoat and neckpiece will add about 200 euro more which means unbelievable overall value for a custom made suit.The full list of prices can be found on our website under the Prestige Designer Wedding Suits Tab.

Prestige buttons

Ornamental buttons on Prestige Suits


Silver waistcoat

Glossy waistcoats in silk finishes