Tweed Suits and accessories in Cork

Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 is seeing the growing importance of tweed suits as a choice in modern groomswear.The tweed/rustic or vintage look is being pioneered in Ireland by Tom Murphy Menswear of CorkThere will be lots of three piece tweed suits on offer with matching and contrasting waistcoat options for the coming season..Traditional heitage colours such as greens,plums and browns will dominate.The brands that will be to the forefront include Magee,Anthony and Gibson London.

We feel that we are the industry leaders in this area and we have a vast amount of experience dealing with tweeds and heritage yarns.A couple of generations ago we were dressing the fine men of Cork in very similar outfits.It really is amazing how the wheel of fashion returns again to the same spot decades later.Famous statemen like the former taoiseach Jack Lynch would have trawled through booklets of tweed fabric swatches in our store many years ago in the hope of finding a warm character defining garment to help see him through his term of office.The only difference in the current resurgence of the tweed suits is in its use as a choice in groomswear.

As ever the fusion of the modern with the classic throws up some new ideas and ways of presenting old themes.Just last Saturday we had a groom that went for a navy herringbone tweed suit with a brown check woven wool waistcoat and matching tie.Classic formal wear styles such as the morning tails will be offered with tweed waistcoat and tie combinations.Our grey tails has a beautuful woollen double breasted peaked lapel vest and tie to accompany it. The navy morning suit can be combined with a cool ice blue tweed single breasted vintage waistcoat and tie.

As ever our team will be able to show a huge range of bespoke tweed suits as well as the normal off the peg offerings.If you want something really different or unusual this might be the way to go.Our tailoring department will offer any advice needed on tweed suits or accessories.

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Mulberry tweed waistcoat -149 Euro

Mulberry tweed waistcoat -149 Euro

Tweed waistcoat

Tweed waistcoat in harris fabric

Suit with matching tweed waistcoat

Suit with matching tweed waistcoat

The Essence of Formal Wear | A style consultantion from the TM team in association with Wilvorst

COOL CLASSICs  Classics Herbst Winter 2013

Morning Tails


Often it is the little details that make up the perfect outfit,with style and class to let your appearance be unforgettable. When men get dressed up in formal wear, be it a wedding, concert, gathering or a very special occassion they tend to dress differently. As we have stated on this blog before our company ethos is to build a hybrid style of unique formal wear.It is modern  in character but borrows upon the heritage and tradition of classical gentlemens formal wear. Unfortunately there have been attempts on the part of companies with little history or tradition in the formal wear industry to de-formalise festive dressing. They attempt strip it of its uniqueness, particularly in the case of groomswear.

With this in mind and in  order to let you be as stylish as you can, we have compiled the most important dress codes and details in formal wear.They show the current and classic outfits of formal wear clothing in general. Some of the terms associated with classical morning wear are explained as well.


Formal wear shirts and accessories



In addition to the generic Pochette or as it is more commonly known,the pocket square,more stylish subtleties are significant: For example, with tails you wear preferably not just any watch, but if available, a gold pocket watch.

For a  Smoking jacket or tuxedo wear flat silver cufflinks and a silver watch with black leather strap. Also recommended to add a touch of class to the left lapel is a white or red carnation.


“Black Tie”

COOL CLASSICs  Classics Herbst Winter 2013

Single Breasted tuxedo




This is often a Prompt on invitations to wear tuxedos which  in French is “cravat noire” instead of “Black Tie”.However it is also a style of dress which is quite particular.

The Smoking finds its origin in the English men’s smoking salon at the end of the last century (smoke = to smoke). Essentially one is required to wear a black bow-tie although in recent times a black slim tie is just as acceptable.


Cut (Cutaway)

Abendmode für Herren - Smoking | Frack | Stresemann

Morning tails with grey stripe trousers


The Cut (also morning coat), the tails of the day is for events in the morning or for occasions up to 15 clock. With this style one wears the striped Stresemann pants, a grey vest and a white collar shirt with silver-grey tie. Also acceptable is  a shirt with wing collar and discreet gray plastron.

The crowning glory is the grey top hat which traditionally was a must for weddings (and high official receptions).In more recent times the wearing of the top hat may be discarded and is really up to individual tastes.


Dinner jacketCOOL CLASSICs Classics Herbst Winter 2013


A classic for all social occasions or for day cruises on the “Love Boat”. The “outdoor or summer version” of the tuxedos are combined with tuxedo shirt and tuxedo pants.

Tastes may vary but a white  or colored bow to match Pochette and cummerbund is the norm.


HandkerchiefCOOL CLASSICs  Classics Herbst Winter 2013


The essential accessory for a suit, the pocket square is becoming more and more common and will match the cummerbund,waistcoat  color or neck piece, often in the same pattern (except for tails)

Whether to fold a pouch or artfully insert casually, is a matter of personal taste.


Bow tiebow tie


The bow used to be for the most festive of accessories.In recent times it is not just reserved for evening suits but can be teamed with regular day and lounge suits.More and more young people are adopting the preppy look of the dicky bow with a casual suit or jacket. The classy alternative is tie or ascot.



Evening TailsEvening Tails


The King of festive occassions is timeless, manly and elegant. The call for tails is noted on the invitation with “White Tie”. A general rule of thumb is the  tailcoat is worn better after 15 clock or even after dark. To do this: black top hat, white, low-cut pique vest, white dress shirt with Pique chest. A must: white bow and black patent leather shoes.



Shirts are available in a variety of collar variations, fits and colors. The classic shark collar shirt and dress shirt are known to be the most popular with wedding outfits




The tie speaks for itself and is suitable for many different ocassions.

They can be found in many shapes and colors in the fashion business.




The cummerbund is an alternative to vest – an attractive sash in color and design of the loop.

It has been made popular worldwide by the Hindu “Kamarband”, a fashionable sash. Wrinkles show up, so they can accommodate cards or tickets. Classically the cummerbund is worn with a tuxedo.


Long jacketLong Jacket


Not just for a one-time event – the long jacket is modern, young and slightly longer than the “normal” jacket. It is suited not only to weddings – but then color-matched to the wedding dress – but is portable as a three-or four-button jacket with fashionable collar variations on many occasions.




A plastron is the festive alternative to tie and still very popular.. In order to underline its  festive character  the plastron is decorated with a beading needle and placed  exclusively with a shirt with an elegant wing collar or spread collar.

In America and Europe it is simply called a cravat.





To complete a formal wear outfit is the indispensable pocket square  matched in celebratory fashion with to the bow and the vest / color, often in the same pattern (except for coat and Cut).

In the business sector, a white handkerchief is quite common. To fold a pouch or artfully insert casually, is a matter of personal taste.


Self Tie LoopSelf tie loop


As the name suggests this type of bow is not pre-tied and unless you have an instructions manual it is difficult for a rookie to manage.





Shoes are essential to any formal wear outfit.

The Smoking jacket requires black elegant shoes – the tails black patent leather shoes (either plain or fashionably textured). Otherwise: The flatter and simpler the shoe, the better your appearance. For wedding suit ideally leather shoes are combined in brown or black tones.


Tuxedo Trousers/slacksCOOL CLASSICs  Classics Herbst Winter 2013


The Tuxedo (written on invitations with “Black Tie”) finds its origin in the English men’s smoking salon end of the last century. It is also known as a tux and is basically the same as a dinner jacket. The black, single row tuxedo with shawl collar is the right choice for social events after 8 o’clock – even in two-row and fashionable variants in new colors.


COOL CLASSICs  Classics Herbst Winter 2013

The tuxedo pants are ideally braided with a silk strip running all the way down the leg.Some of the contemporary hybrid versions discard these braids in favor of a plain finish. The dress pants is without an envelope and with pleats, usually with two Galon Strip. Modern Tuxedo pants are now common in slimline fit and without pleats however.


Stand Up Collar JacketStand Up Collar Jacket


The stand-up collar jacket offers a new twist for the festive outfit.Elton John of course has popularised this fashionable garment. High-necked nevertheless it is worn with a vest and matching ascot or ribbon.The jacket preferably has a concealed button placket and a length of 80-85 cm, ideal for the tall man.

Suitable for weddings, events and concerts.




Stockings are (like shoes) to be matched with a particular outfit.Black or grey plain socks are recommended for traditional lounge or morning  suits while the more fun outfits can be presented with coloured party socks.

Basically man should wear knee-length stockings, to avoid a view of bare legs. Silk or fine cotton stockings fit better than thick wool – the color is basically black on festive occasions! Fashionable deviations are also in the area of ​​stockings, for example: red socks to black tuxedo.





This is the fashionable alternative  alternative to cummerbund

The vest (in many parts of Europe also called Gilet) is a garment that fits perfectly with a festive suit. The vest should be combined with a plastron and pocket square, or even a classic bow tie.


COOL CLASSICs  Classics Herbst Winter 2013







Head wear for highly festive formal wear occasions in combination with a tailcoat, usually collapsible came in the first half of the 19th century in fashion.These days hats are still worn with traditional black and grey tails and some of the fancy frocks and brocades.


Since the shirt is an essential piece of wedding attire we thought it might be a good idea to take a look over some of the options for the groom who wishes to distinguish himself from the multitudes.As has been stated on this blog before there has undoubtedly been a trend recently towards the homogenisation of groomswear and  there is an alarming number of stores jumping on the “groomwear specialists” bandwagon and as a result too many grooms are going up the aisle in outfits that are more appropriate in a funeral parlour.The proliferation of under dressed grooms is a direct consequence of the entry into the market of stores and factory like outlets that have no tradition or experience in the real formal wear industry and hope to make a quick buck by trying to reinvent the concept of contemporary groomswear

Formal wear is something that is uniquely built upon tradition and it borrows its inspiration from classical stylings that can be given a contemporary twist.There is currently a resurgence in tweeds and vintage themes and do not be surprised if you end up wearing a tie that reminds you of your mother’s old tablecloths.

There is no better example of  the singularity of Formal wear than in the potential range of shirts on offer.If you are attempting to find the right shirt for your wedding suit, be daring and imaginative and choose something that you are comfortable with.Here are some notes on what we see as the best options.

The Tuxedo Shirt

The dress shirt whose collar is also called wing collar or “parricide collar”, is the shirt for special occasions.

Due to the short corners the shirt collar is elegant and is worn with a tuxedo. It is combined with black, burgundy or silver dress accessories and bow ties are the obvious choice.Little pocket squares that match the bow are a current trend as are the black silver studs which come with some dress shirts or can be purchased seperately.

The most popular wing tipped shirt is white although formal wear specialists like Tom Murphys will offer an ivory alternative.The ivory shirt is especially popular in the long collared style that is known as the Victorian wing.This is a style that looks especially well with a self tie cravat which is still a poular choice for grooms that want a touch of difference.


The shark collar shirt

The shark collar shirt is distinguished by a wide collar position, and thus defines a modern look, thus this shirt form is suitable for festive occasions as well as for the business sector.

On festive occassions this collar Form is usually combined with a plastron.For business or office wear a tie is the usual accessory.The front of the shirt can have hidden(fly front buttons) or visible buttons.For an authentic formal event it has to be a double cuffed version although the single cuff is sometimes acceptable.

Body Fit

Tuxedo Shirt | shark collar shirt

BODY FIT is the figure-hugging, narrow cut of the shirt variations. A modern, figure-hugging look is perfected with a shirt from a brand recommended by Tom Murphy i.e WILVORST BODY FIT .It is a sharper more defined fit than the slim cut which has been so poular for the last few seasons.

This modern cut version is available at WILVORST in the collar variants Shark and tuxedo. Ivories and whites are the colours of choice and they will be offered this season in a variety of textures,including pure cottons and silk mixes.The silk mix is expected to be particularly popular as it offers a point of difference that we believe is so important in cutting edge groomswear.

TZIACCO frilled shirts

TZIACCO shirts feature the unmistakable cut and lovingly designed details, especially in stand-up collar variations.

The standing and uniform collar was worn from the mid 19th century primarily for all festive occasions. In this epoch the plastron was tied over his collar. Also called the grandfather or nehru collar this is a timeless classic that is given a contemporary revamp with a glossy,silky smooth finish.The frilly front is exceptionally quirky but if it is too daring for you there is a less exuberant version without the frills but still retaining the character of this beautifulpiece of craftsmanship.

Kilts are becoming more and more popular as a choice for mens wedding attire so we thought we would do a little feature in this weeks blog.It is no longer rare for whole wedding parties to opt for kilts even if there is no Scottish connection.There was a time when we found the only groups interested in Tartans were Scotish people marrying in Ireland or Irish going over to the land of the thistle.

The history of the kilt can go back as far as the end of the 16th century. It was a full length garment that had an upper half that could be used as a cloak when you draped it over the shoulder and pulled up overhead.

The 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica says the kilt is a Scandinavian word in origin; the word kilt comes from the Scots word kilt that means to tuck up the clothes around the body.

The kilt comes from the Norse settlers who had a similar garment and the Scots word derived from the Old Norse kjalta. When you were in battle, it was customary that you take off the garment or the kilt beforehand and set it aside.

The exact age of the kilt is still under debate.The earliest written source that definitely describes the plaid that was belted or great kilt comes from 1594. The great kilt is mostly associated with the Scots highlands but was also used in lowland rural areas. The widespread use of this type of kilt continued into the 19th century and some still wear them today.

For weddings the obvious attraction is that the grooms clan can be represented by his tartan of choice.Many stores can provide tartans that represent some of the more popular family names or clans but for a family that has an unusual name you might have to go for a more generic kilt.These would include household names such as Bonnie Prince Charlie,Modern Douglas and Royal Stewart.The groom can attire himself differently to the rest of the party or perhaps opt for his own family tartan while the other members of the party can all have a different tartan.At the end of the day it is all about having some fun so there are no strict rules and regulations.

kilts wedding


sean connery


kilt wedding

Its Cool to wear a tux

Its Cool to wear a tux

slim fit cool tuxedos

Classic tuxedos can still be really cool if worn right!


WILVORST COOL CLASSIC Tuxedos are cool, smart, new and above all totally different:

If you are thinking of wearing a tuxedo for your wedding then read on.COOL CLASSICs are the perfect match of classic elegance with absolute high-fashion potential – a new fashion image from WILVORST.Think of the timeless appeal of a dinner suit combined with a sharper,trendier fit.The days of the wide fitting tuxedo trousers are confined to the past.With the tuxedo from the Cool Classics range you will look dapper and classy.Contemporary takes on old classics like shawl collar and double breasted tuxedos are just some of what is on offer.Add in a mix of ornamental wedding buttons and silk trimmed pocket edgings for a stunning uniqueness.A groom who wants to turn heads can wear one and differentiate himself from the guests at the wedding.Paisley patterned bow-ties and cravats will spice up the overall appearance.

Actually, the dinner suit is one of the most classic garments
. When an invitation says dress code “black tie” you know : It’s dinner suit time. WILVORST interprets the dinner suit in a new, cool and fashionable way. You don’t have to wait for a formal invitation in order to wear the new dinner suits of the COOL CLASSICs collection.

Other places you can wear them is on the occasion of your exam party, at dinner, in your club or – if well combined – as streetwear.

When authentic and slim fittings meet fabrics of the best quality with cool patterns or noble plain cloths they agree upon something new, something different: WILVORST COOL CLASSICs.The narrow lapels and slim silhouette of the cool classic tuxedos are going to be another string to the bow of the Tom Murphy Formal wear collection.

Create Your Own Cool Classics Style:

A black dinner suit together with a white shirt and a black bowtie from WILVORST

Be classy

Be daring and wear red socks and loafers.

Be cool

A jacquard dinner jacket, black slacks, a classic bowtie, a white shirt from WILVORST and the cool nerd glasses

Blue Tuxedo will be really popular this season

Navy Blue Tuxedos are set to be really popular this season



Fancy tuxedo

Jaquard Silk tuxedo with black silk trouses


Waistcoats for gay weddings

Different coloured floral waistcoats for the new couple


In a gay wedding, same sex couples have the choice to either dress in a complementary or contrary manner; whether the theme is formal or informal. Since, both parties are members of the same sex, it really doesn’t matter who wears the pants.!Some of the gay couples we have dressed have gone for safe options but when we write these blogs we like to show off our more daring suggestions.Not every gay couple is into jaquards and floral frock coats but if you are adventurous enough to opt for those kind of styles we would like to think we can cater to those tastes.Some of our Tziacco and Prestige ranges have everything from frilly retro style shirts to flowing diamante patterned long jackets.

For better or worse, there is no precedent for apparel at gay weddings. So, if you look at it in a positive manner, there are lots of great choices. Take, for example, the wedding of designer Narciso Rodriguez and his partner, Thomas Tolan. This handsome couple had a June wedding in New York; one wore a black suit with a skinny tie and the other wore a similar outfit in white. Or you can take the wedding of television celebrity Ellen Degeneres and movie star Portia de Rossi as another example. Ellen wore a vest, shirt, and pants- all in a pale pink, while Portia wore a pale pink gown. Still another example is that of Michael Kors and Lance Lepere, who both wore jeans and went barefoot when they were exchanging their vows of love.

If you must go with a designer, it is said that you cannot go wrong if you don apparel by Gucci, Prada, or Tom Ford. Although these labels cost a pretty penny, it’s fun to spend a little extra to get the day that you’ve always dreamed of. However, gay couples can wear whatever they like; anything goes, just like straight weddings nowadays.

If grooms would like a classic and traditional style wedding, a great option would be with a formal black bow tie and tuxedo. For brides who would also like to go the traditional route, there are many gown selections available from designers like Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Oscar de la renta, and Valentino. Whatever option you choose, it is important to note that wearing outfits from one designer is a great way to celebrate your union and individuality because it keeps the theme consistent.

Still, others believe that gay weddings should be unconventional. Style guru Simon Doonan wore a floral shirt with a Thom Browne jacket when he married his partner Jonathan Adler, back in 2008. In his opinion, being gay is a great way to express idiosyncrasy. In other words, a gay wedding is the best excuse to splurge on designer outfits without all the guilt.

Your gay wedding theme can be as unique and special as your union. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your loved one for everyone to see. So, why not stand out from the crowd? Gay weddings are usually flamboyant and are the perfect excuse to go wild in a creative way.

If you would like to go the more conventional route, then perhaps, you should pick a more traditional and classic outfit and theme.A Silver grey suit in a finely tailored cut is a current favourite and this season also promises an abundance of blue. In a gay wedding, anything goes and there are many suits and accessories available in different shapes, styles, and colors to suit the taste of you and your partner.

Different Coloured Waistcoats and neckwear

Each man wears a different waistcoat

Suit Ideas for Gay Weddings

One Wears White,One Wears Black


Gay wedding couples attire

Gay Couples in sharp,tailored suits


Gibson tweed suit

Grey tweed fashion suit from Gibson London


tweed fashion suit

Tweed suits on the fashion catwalk


Tweed Suits are becoming more and more popular

So, you’re planning to get married, and every single detail has to be right. The focus is all on the bride and the bridesmaids – the dresses the flowers, the colors, the fabrics. In all the excitement, it’s all too easy for the groom and his groomsmen to be dismissed into the hired gray morning suit wilderness.
But unless your wedding in going to be drop dead formal, there’s a great alternative for the men which can even become an heirloom, like the bride’s dress, and that’s a tweed suit.
Tweed? Isn’t that a bit, well, old fashioned? Not at all. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake have been seen sporting beautifully tailored tweed suits at recent red carpet events. In fact, tweed is creeping into the front of the fashion picture for men.
Tweed has a long history. Authentic tweeds are made in Scotland and Ireland, and Harris and Donegal tweeds are amongst the most famous and highest quality. Donegal tweed in particular is renowned for its robust wear qualities and its subtle and beautiful colors. Patterns include palins, checks and herringbones. Be careful when buying tweed clothing to ensure that it carries the label of authentication of its origin – a bit like the appelation controle label on wine.
So why choose tweed? Well, if you are planning a winter wedding, one of tweed’s important qualities is that it’s warm to wear; that is, if you choose one of the heavier weight cloths. Standing in the snow freezing your bits off in a lightweight suit does not make for great wedding photos. In a tweed wedding suit you will feel warm and comfortable whatever the weather – spring, winter or fall.
And of course there is the question of style. The three piece tweed suit, elegantly tailored, from the likes of tweed experts Magee, simply looks dashing. (Please resist the temptation to wear a bow tie with a tweed suit, this just looks as if you have no fashion sense whatever). For a wedding, a plain woolen tie with a color which picks out one of the tones in your suiting, or even a raw silk tie looks much better; naturally with a Windsor knot.
Speaking of Windsor, British royals and aristocracy have opted tweed for generations as the cloth of choice for both casual and formal wear. There is something about its hard wearing and practical nature which reflects strong conservative, and indeed, conservationist values. Yet it also has a certain frivolity. The colors of tweed can be subtle, and at the same time strangely daring. Tweed comes in plains and patterns; traditional windowpane check is a little too bold for a wedding suit, but an elegant fleck of color against a stormy grey, lovat green or loch blue background looks striking.
Well-tailored tweed looks good on everybody. It’s an effortless look to carry off. Remember to match your suit with brogues and argyle socks for the total “young fogey” image. A buttonhole of lucky Scottish heather is a neat and appropriate touch, or of shamrock if you choose Donegal tweed and have Irish in you somewhere.
If your bride will be coming down the aisle carrying a bunch of wild flowers and with her hair tumbling down her back, or with a sheaf of roses and a crown of braids, then you need something to set off that country look. What better than a masterfully tailed tweed wedding suit?
You do need to search around a bit to find a specialist company that can make a really good tweed suit. Magee always comes to mind.
Once your suit has been cleaned and put away, remember that it will stand you in good stead for many years to come, on many occasions. It simply doesn’t go out of fashion. Tweed wears astonishingly well, and with age, gains character and even a kind of patina. You can hand your suit down to your son or even your grandson – and you can’t say that about hired morning clothes.

Magee tweed suit

Magees tweed heritage collection


Prestige wedding suit

Prestige 2014 by Tom Murphy


Brown wedding suit

Chestnut coloured Prestige suit


Grey wedding suit

Shiny textured bespoke suit


WILVORST Prestige | High End Fashion.The most Brilliant and Best Quality of all wedding suit collections.– Simply Perfect.Once again our bespoke suit offering will have the Prestige designer range as a key part of the collection.The combinations on offer are unique and anyone who chooses one for their wedding will be safe in the knowledge that it is genuinely once off.The new range for 2013-2014 has just been launched and is exclusive to Tom Murphy Menswear.
With Prestige, WILVORST present you their top-quality collection with a high quality standard and finest of fittings – everything for a perfect suit.

The Prestige cloth range comprises only the highest-quality fabrics woven by the most renowned mills. The collection is characterized by elegant and plain fabrics, stripes and jacquard patterns with a sheen and restrained lustre. Finest yarns and fittings are used for the Prestige cloths – only the best for our customers.The addition of silk to most of the new range of garments means that there is a real sense of opulence about them.Some materials have a really strong sheen which can be too much for some.They are a range of suits that are not for the feint hearted.

An essential part of Prestige:

Its slim and Italian fit and pure elegance make up the fashion look. The Drop 8 Italian fit is recommended to really show off the splendid array of  fabrics.The trousers in the drop 8 style has narrowed ends and measure about 14.5 inches in width.The style is definitely more suited to the slim,athletic figure so the big boys will have to keep away from this one.

Waistcoats with discreet patterns and a rich selection of colours as well as elegant fabrics for suits either plain or striped, high-quality details and a keen sense of trends are evidence of classic Italian elegance.

Fashionable one-button and two-button versions as well as new and trendy jackets but also extravagant waistcoat styles complement the collection.

The colour palette focusses on black, blue, brown and silver patterns but also on white fabrics which highlight the difference between these and other collections.

Prestige stands for high quality, perfection down to the last detail, high wear comfort and unique designs.

Even though Prestige suits come with the high end reputation of high prices and low affordability the good news is that they are retailing at around 499 Euro for a classic 2 piece.The addition of a bespoke waistcoat and neckpiece will add about 200 euro more which means unbelievable overall value for a custom made suit.The full list of prices can be found on our website under the Prestige Designer Wedding Suits Tab.

Prestige buttons

Ornamental buttons on Prestige Suits


Silver waistcoat

Glossy waistcoats in silk finishes


Mark Dapper Dineen getting Suit Factor prize

Tom helping Mark pick out some suits


Mark Dineen from Cork in a suit

Mark Dineen picking up some of his 3000 Euro prize


mark dineen

Mark Dapper Dineen at a wedding


“Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal.”— Yves Saint-Laurent!! A mix of fashion, grooming, food, fitness with a sprinkle of Cork culture.

“Doubt Ya Dapper Boy”
Seeing the link for ‘Tom Murphy Menswear‘ coming up on my Facebook news feed on a normal Monday afternoon turned out to be one of the most important things to happen to me in quite a while. ‘Suit Factor 2’ links were being shared and I was intrigued. I investigated.
The competition prize, €3,000 worth of suits, shirts, ties, shoes, all from Tom Murphy Menswear. Entry was easy, send a picture of yourself in a suit, Tom approves it, activates your profile and from there you ask your friends to vote for you. Easy, or so I thought…

Having the nickname “Dapper Dineen” and being a guy who loves fashion, I had to enter. I scrolled through my pictures and picked out my favourite picture (see above). The suit is a light blue Zara suit from their S/S’12 range. The picture was taken at a friends wedding.

I’m one of the few males on this planet who enjoys shopping, I’m not a slave to labels but I do like to look good. For me, I feel when you look good, you feel good. Confidence is a big thing with most people and friends of mine would say that perhaps I have too much at times. This confidence gave me the kick I needed to click ‘enter’.

I entered the competition thinking 300 votes would be enough, having a little over 500 friends, I felt 300 votes was a realistic target. I shared the link on my page and asked people to vote. 24 hours later I had nearly 100 votes, 48 hours later this figure increased to nearly 200. The competition would run for 30 days, at the end of the first week I was in first place…

I stayed in first place from there on, this was due mainly to having great friends both on Facebook and off line. I had people I hadn’t seen/spoken to in years sharing the link with their friends. I had our ‘ex-pats’ in Australia, Canada, England, even the States sharing. I had my ‘gang’ voting, their wives and girlfriends sharing (daily), my cousins, aunts, even my hairdresser helping. I had colleagues, acquaintances, people I had never met, all sharing. I couldn’t believe how many people were voting. Honesty blown away by it all.

The competition really warmed up in the last few days, the guy in second place had made an unbelievable push, somebody told me he had over 1,000 friends so I thought I’d had it. I went on the offensive again, begging, pleading, (annoying) people, hoping that anybody who hadn’t voted, would vote. There were still some people who promised they would vote but wanted to hold off until the last week so that I would have some new votes coming through in the last few days. Thankfully, these votes came through.

The final day was a waiting game, would I see this competition out, does somebody in second, third or fourth have people ready to vote at the 11th hour. Tension grew, my votes were stagnant, one here, one there. I was over a hundred ahead with a few hours to go.

The competition ended at 10 pm. Over 560 votes had been cast. I was at home watching television when the texts started to arrive, “doubt cha dapper boy” summed it up. I’d won