Benetti-The Suit Brand Everyone is Talking About

Benetti is the brand every fashion retailer is talking about. It is a brand that has changed the Irish menswear scene.

Despite the glossy sounding Italian name the brand actually hails from Longford and is the brainchild of Barry Conlon.

The reason that the Benetti brand is selling so well seems to be down to the pure commercialism of the brand. The prices are very keen and are about 20% – 50% less than its competitors prices. Normally this would lead to a loss in quality or general appeal. However the products are presented and branded very well and the quality is not comprimised.

The range is performing equally well in the formal and casual sectors .With the upsurge in demand for formal suiting and tailoring Benetti has found a niche in the young fashion concious suiting market.They are one of the very few brands that can put a sharp,tailored and stylish suit on the shop floor for under 200 Euro.Its main competitors in the home grown suit market are Magee and Remus and these labels are finding it difficult to compete as their prices tend to a good bit above that level.

The formal shirt collection is probably the area where you see the most obvious differences in prices on the shop floor.Many of the shirts in the range are available for under 40 Euro and this again offers a significant saving on the other brands.The formal shirt market has been dominated by the German superbrands like Olymp and Eterna for years but their popularity are waning a little due to unyielding prices.

Their casual range is also extremly sharp and surprise,surprise the prices are really good.Watch out this Autumn/Winter for some lovely shirt/knitwear combinations that are really impressive.Again the quality of materials/fabrics is really good and the choice is superb.

Benetti Suits at Tom Murphy Menswear

Style by Benetti

Style by Benetti

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