Best Debs Suits in Cork

Evening Wear CollectionsEvening Wear CollectionsIt is that time of year again when school leavers start arriving into the store in their droves as they prepare for the biggest night out of their lives to date.For the male species choosing a debs suit to wear on the night has become almost as important as choosing a prospective partner to accompany him.At least with a partner there are only three options and they are

1-Ask the Missus which is the boring option as she will probably curtail your wilder inclinations and basically spoil your night

2-Ask a friend who might be happy to have a free night out on the lash

3-Ask someone you have really fancied for ages but risk spending the night wondering whether she is there because she is too polite to say no or if she is actually into you too.This can be a complete head wreck and I can say that from personal experience.

{A word of warning on who you bring to your debs lads!Do not be stupid enough to bring one of the teachers’ daughters as you will be slagging cannon fodder for the forseeable future

I asked the lads in the Tom Murphys Debs department if they have any advice for ye all when it comes to picking out debs suits for the big night and here is what they came up with

1-If you are strapped for cash hire a suit.The average cost is around 65 euro and for this you get a suit,shirt and tie.However the choice is limited and you will not get the sort of choice you would if you were purchasing

2-The growing and almost universal trend is to buy your debs suit.There is a huge choice available and right now the most popular coloursare silver grey and the ever popular black

3-The days of the tuxedo,shirt and bow are numbered.Lads now tend to go for a plain suit without the satin lapels of a tux and team it up with a skinny tie and drop collar shirt rather than the wing collared variety.

4-There is still a big percentage of students opting for a waistcoat and tie combination that match the girls dress.If for example the girl is wearing a purple dress then the boy will match his accessories with hers.Sometimes it is a good idea to rent the waistcoat even if you are buying the suit as you might never wear it again.

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