Caring For Your Suit


Caring for your suit is something a lot of people do not know anything about. If a suit is not
looked after correctly it can ruin your suit and you will have to purchase a new one. I will go
through some helpful steps on how to care for your suit below.

The first thing to remember is that darker colours such as grey, black and navy will not
have to be cleaned as often as lighter shades such as cream, white and light grey. The one
disadvantage of the darker shaded suits is that they gather much more dust than lighter
colours. The best way to tackle dusty suits is to buy a good clothes brush. Many dry cleaners
often tell their clients that dry cleaning suits is good for them and that it does not damage the
suit. This is not true; if you dry clean your suit too often the fabric will deteriorate and it will
ruin the look of your suit as it will look old and shabby. Dry cleaning to often may also shrink
the trousers of your suit.


The best way to clean a suit is by using a pressing machine to steam press your clothes, you
can buy a very good pressing machine for around €150. By using a pressing machine instead
of using the dry cleaners all the time you can save yourself a lot of money as each time you
go to the dry cleaners it will cost you at least €20. Pressing machines are a very handy bit of
machinery to have around the house as they can be used for your shirts too.

When you are hanging up your suit you must use a hanger. Most people think hanging a suit
jacket on the back of a chair is perfectly okay. Unfortunately hanging on the back of a chair
doesn’t support the natural fall of a suit and it will lead to wrinkle and crease marks that will
eventually damage the fibres of the suit fabric material. When you are travelling and you
need to bring your suit you must use a special suit travelling bag that can be bought from
your suit shop. If you fail to use a proper travel bag it will damage the longevity of the suit.

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