After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear


After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear


After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti Suits Spotted on TV


Tomas O Se in some eye catching Benetti Ensembles

Benetti is a brand which rewards men in good physical condition. The slim fit style of the brand is the aspect that makes the Irish brand so attractive to so many public figures. Tomas O’Sé, as a pundit on RTÉ, is pictured above wearing Benetti but as you can see he has a unique style in each photo. The contrast waistcoat inside a suit, as seen on the picture top right, adds a unique touch to any suit, it’s nearly as if Tomas is wearing three completely different outfits due to the three different waistcoats  and the contrast is without doubt eye catching for all of the right reasons.



Daithi O Se in a petrol blue Benetti and chequred contrast waistcoat

Wearing Benetti

Like his fellow county man, Dáithi O’Sé also wears Benetti, demonstrating that as a brand it suits the slightly older generation too. Once again we can see how impressive the contrast waistcoat looks, especially as it’s partnered with a matching tie and handkerchief. The Rose of Tralee presenter is actually wearing the Benetti suit/waistcoat combination which proved to be our best seller over the summer of 2016. As a 2 piece it’s a work or interview style,but add a waistcoat and a whole new look takes shape, perfect for weddings or any social event. Versatility is an attribute Benetti, as a brand take massive pride in.

O’ Donovan Brothers – Olympic Champions


Benetti check suits with a splash of burgandy

It is not only GAA men who kit themselves out in BenettiLate Late guests and Olympic heroes, Garry and Paul O’Donovan are also celebrity ambassadors for the brand. The tweed suit is very much in at the moment and it’s easy to see why as the dynamic duo have gained many plaudits for their attire while speaking to Ryan Tubridy. Gary picks up on the maroon check throughout his suit with a matching dicky bow whereas Paul went for the more understated, but still stylish, smart tie. Many tweed suits would be in the 600-1000 euro bracket but Benetti presents an affordable alternative with Tweed suits like these at 299.

All Types of Sports – All Kinds of Players – One Suit: Benetti


In this social media crazed era, where a picture speaks a thousand words, how a sportsman presents himself off the pitch can almost be as important as how he presents himself on the pitch and these days the top GAA stars are choosing to present themselves in Benetti, as shown by the five intercounty footballers above, who almost look like a wedding party themselves! The Irish brand  have gone from strength to strength in recent years and have become one of the top menswear brands in Ireland and the U.K with further international expansion looking likely. Benetti have found their niche in being trendy but affordable. Here in Tom Murphy’s we have 3 piece Benetti suits at 299. Or at the special price of 249 if purchasing 3+ for a wedding party.

GAA Sports

Benetti as worn by Dublin, Donegal, Kilkenny

Just like the bride, it is also the groom’s special day and distinguishing themselves is a must. As seen above the variety in style Benetti offer is astounding. From blue check to tweed Benetti caters from bold extravagance to timeless subtlety. Here in the shop, many grooms opt to kit out their groomsmen in Benetti 3 pieces and go for the sheer class of a bespoke Wilworst suit for themselves. With so many options and brands of suits in store we strive to make your special day a stylish one too!


GAA Football Star in Benetti


Benetti range

Dublin GAA Team wear Benetti Suits, available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti - Dublin GAA Suits available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti – Dublin GAA Suits available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Dublin GAA Team wear Benetti Suits, as displayed in Croke Park on the 1st of October, the Dublin football team are champions on the pitch while during their post match celebrations at the Gibson Hotel they showed that they’re champions in style off the pitch too. As seen in the picture above each member of the victorious outfit sported a suave 3 piece Benetti suit. The blue check is subtle and cleverly exhibits the county colours in a tasteful fashion.

Dublin GAA Team wear Benetti Suits

Dublin GAA Team wear Benetti Suits

Rivals on the field but united in fashion as Benetti is also the official suit supplier to the Mayo team. Mayo came agonisingly close to lifting the ‘curse’ which has seen them reach 8 finals since 1989 and losing them all. It was level in the 40th when minute when Mayo goalkeeper, Robert Hennelly came out to collect a Dublin delivery that fell short. However, he lost control of the ball, spilling it to Paddy Andrews, who was dragged down as he prepared to shoot for goal.

Hennelly was black-carded for the offence by referee, Maurice Deegan, who awarded Dublin a penalty. Diarmuid Connolly fired the spot kick past sub goalkeeper, David Clarke, giving Dublin a three-point lead.

It would later be cut to two points on four occasions, but Mayo just couldn’t draw level as Dublin’s rearguard held out under intense pressure.

Benetti Suits now available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti Suits now available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Like the Dublin team, Benetti as a brand has become a leader in its own field and its clear to see why, the suit shown is impeccably tailored for the All Ireland Champions. Cut in an elegant contemporary fit which compliments the physique of athletes in such exemplary condition.

As the holders of the Sam Maguire the men from the capital will, for another year, be the ambassadors for the GAA at home and abroad and Benetti the ambassadors for Irish Menswear.

Magee checks and plain

Magee checks and plain


bryan mcfadden keith duffy tweed

Bryan McFadden and Keith Duffy in their Magee tweed suits on the Late Late


Magee Suits 

The appearance of Bryan McFadden and Keith Duffy on the late late last week raised a few eyebrows when they made known their plans to kick start the new Boyslife tour.It is essentially an amalgamation of the two bands,albeit there is only one member from each former band.
The two lads looked dashing in their tweed ensembles and when Ryan Tubridy asked them where they got the suits they were quick to give Magee a plug.Coincidentally I was once talking to the owner of the Magee shop in Dublin city centre and Ryan Tubridy passed through the doors and the shop owner told me Tubridy shops there regularly).
The fact that Duffy and McFadden were wearing Magee suits points to two things.One is that the former boy band stars are no longer boys but mature men who have left behind their glossy white 3 piece suits and designer leather jacket looks.It also shows that Magee is now a badge of honor for fashionable thirty somethings!


And the walls come Tumbling Down!

tom murphys capitol development

Our shop as seen from the road

tom murphys capitol cinema

Steel frame propping up our building

As the demolition of the buildings adjacent to and behind continues, the landscape around us is changing daily. Pound City is now a great big empty space and behind us when you look through the back of our building, the last remains of the Capital Cinema are crumbling to the ground. It is amazing to step outside and walk down Oyster Lane and look right through to Washington Street.

It is hard to believe that this will become giant blocks of glass in the near future!

Our building is being propped up by a big steel structure on the Oyster Lane side and the rear. This structure gives support to our building as everything beyond the party wall comes down.The noise and contant vibrations are a bit annoying but the building team are doing their best to keep it to a minimum!

View out the back of Tom Murphys onto old capitol cinema site

View out the back of Tom Murphys onto old capitol cinema site

Bespoke Suits by Tom Murphy

For the coming Spring/Summer season we will be offering an opulent program with regard to style,variety,options and fabrics.We have a newly created offer that will be addressed to an even younger audience.As well as the existing core fits of Classic,Trend,Modern,Slim and Casual we will be offering the fit that that our ceremonial collection is famous for-namely the Italian Drop 8 fit.We have featured this fit in our wedding collection over a few seasons and it has been a resounding success.We are really excited to be bringing this into our bespoke collection for the first time.We have now created a core fit for every body shape and it makes the made to measure process so accurate and results in a far more efficient fit than the off the peg version.

light grey check suit

Drop 8 Italian Cut in Vitale Barberis fabric 564106/25

The portfolio of core fits will be expanded by the introduction of this new 73 cm length coat.Of course our computerized tailoring system will allow for intricate variations on this core body length down to the finest milimetre.This D8 fit is addressed to a young audience and the whole silhouette is characterized by a clearly shaped fit.


In addition there is another innovative bunch of linings from creative supplier Huddersfield.

beautiful suit linings

Huddersfield linings are exquisite

More Beautitful imaginative linings from Huddersfield

More Beautitful imaginative linings from Huddersfield


Matt shiny suits in Electric Blue and Argento will feature.Elegant technical surfaces with a cool grip and nice feeling attributes will feature.Other highlights are bright blue shades in wool/mohair,wool/stretch and 3D optics.The following are some of the highlights of the new collection

561100 Marzotto Super 100-High class business suit in diagonal effect with color guarantee

561101 Super 140-Very fine ,flowing plain fabric with an elegant lustre.

561102-Tollegno Merino extra fine-Very fine modern structured suit with a discreet shine and a lively surface

561103-Very modern younger suit with a technical surface and a matt shine in wool/polyester with stretch

561104 Reda Super 130-Very nice plain in pure wool with a cotton finish and a dry grip

561105 Reda Super 110-High twisted micro birds eye

562104-High twisted businerss suit with structured stripes and very good wearing attributes.


Capitol Cinema undergoing Development

It is finally underway!The jack hammers,kangols and other instruments of destruction are blasting away as we speak.The demolition of the site behind and surrounding our shop is now a reality as the John Cleary led development of the Capitol cinema site begins in earnest
For those of you who have not seen the plans the exciting news is that the new development will be adjacent to our iconic building.Number 58 Patrick street  is about to consolidate its position Cork’s equivalent of London’s Number One Saville row.It will be the heartbeat of the new Cork city and we are looking forward to it so much.In fact the main entrance is right next door to us.The video below might show a little more clearly how the retail landscape will change up around our end of Patrick Street.

As I gaze out the rear of our building this morning it looks like a bomb has been detonated and blown everything to pieces.In the picture down the bottom of this post you might get an idea of the view that greets me at this present moment.

For the last 15 or so years our end of Patrick street has played second fiddle to the end where Brown Thomas and the bigger retail outlets are located.This should change rapidly once the new shopping center is built.A shopping mall in the heart of Cork city is badly needed as merchants quay is dated and a little peripheral to the real epicenter of this great city of ours.

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Sean Og O hailpin popped in over the Christmas period to organize suits for his wedding and we were thrilled to deck the iconic legend and his brothers out in Gibson London black tuxedos.The lads were unbelievably nice and it was an absolute pleasure looking after them.The only issue was there was a fair amount of tailoring required for Aisake and Setanta!The day they were in the store there were lots of admiring glances from the female customers and one lady was heard muttering”they look even better in their tuxes than in their Cork gear”.

The O Hailpin Clan

The O Hailpin Clan

The groom and groomsmen chose a beautiful gibson london tuxedo with a peaked lapel and one silk covered button.The suit is a slim fit and suits anybody with an athletic frame.Often tuxedos come in a more classic style but this one is different-it fits so well and is really appealing to the fashion concious.

gibson london tuxedo

Gibson London Tuxedo slim fit.Trousers available in tailored or slim fit.


sean og o hailpin

A special mention goes to another legend Alan Quirke,the goalkeeping legend whose sister got married to Sean Og.Alan has been a great customer over the years and it was good to see him again.


sean og o hailpin

Sean Og-Cork Legend

Conor McGregor’s Suits


The morning after the McGregor Aldo fight I took an interesting call from a journalist from Australia.He was doing a piece for a major Australian broadsheet on the increasing influence Conor Mcgregor is having on male fashion in Ireland.I was able to confirm his suspicions that the influence is significant and he is without doubt the biggest source of inspiration on mens’clothes in Ireland.He has really brought the three piece suit within the radar of the younger generation in Ireland.There was a time when a young man would only wear a suit on his debs night but all that has changed as teenagers and twenty somethings are getting dressed up on a much more frequent basis.Young lads are donning check suits,braces,dicky bows and all sorts of accessories as they try to emulate the dapper look of the man from Crumlin.It would be going a step too far to say McGregor has invented a whole new look in fashion.In many ways he is simply latching onto a wider vintage/retro trend that is widespread in the world of fashion.However due to his appeal and position as a global icon he is magnifying a trend that would otherwise be much more subdued.

The retailers such as ourselves that specialzse in formal wear and tailoring have definitely benefited from the Mcgregor phenomenem.I confirmed this with my Australian interrogator and he was fascinated by the influence I allocated the MMA champion.Below is an excerpt from the interview which went on to appear in a major Australian broadsheet.

conor mcgregor in check suit

Check Suits and Dicky Bow make a dapper combination

conor mcgregor in suit

Conor McGregor has brought something to Male Fashion in Ireland

conor mcgregor white suit

Not Many Irismen could look cool in a white suit

The cauliflower ear is a sign that Conor McGregor isn’t your typical dandy. But even if you missed it, his raffish look – clad as it is in a three-piece suit – tells you the 27-year-old Irishman has a mean streak.

If you didn’t know, McGregor is the world’s biggest name in mixed martial arts, his star is set only to rise further after claiming the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight title bout last weekend in just 13 seconds.

However, away from the UFC’s body-tormenting training and savage fighting, McGregor appears completely at home ‘peacocking’ with the world’s best dandies on the European fashion circuit.

Conor McGregor celebrates his first-round knockout of Jose Aldo.
Conor McGregor celebrates his first-round knockout of Jose Aldo. Photo: Getty Images

Unrivalled confidence

It’s not just the exquisite suits – often in bold checks and stripes that emphasise his pugilist chic – but an unbridled confidence that defines him. After interviewing McGregor for this month’s issue of British GQ, journalist Alastair Campbell, formerly Tony Blair’s director of communications and a seasoned political strategist, wrote: “I can’t recall ever being in the presence of a confidence quite like it.”

It is in this trait, not just the speed and power of his feet and fists, that much of his power lies. His supreme belief in himself fuels his many detractors, but has also inspired masses of young Irish men to emulate his unwavering and highly refined style.

I can’t recall ever being in the presence of a confidence quite like it.

Alastair Campbell

The sort of style that can see him turning up to a trash-talking press conference dressed like he has come from lunch on the French Riviera.


Lord of the dicky bow

Louis Copeland, of upper-tier Irish menswear store Louis Copeland and Sons, has a long-standing relationship with McGregor. “He’s made a big influence on young people in Ireland. There’s a whole sway of young people 18 to 25 now starting to dress up and generally up their game,” he says.

“We have made a lot of suits for him, somewhere between 20 and 30. He has always been a natty dresser.”

Thanks to McGregor, bow ties (or dicky bows, as the Irish call them) and waistcoats are now standards items in Irish lads’ wardrobe, says Tom Murphy, who runs a menswear store in Cork.

In a phenomenon that must foster a grudging respect for McGregor even amongst Ireland’s pacifist parents, Murphy says he has even begun selling tweed to teenagers.

“There’s a lot of younger guys, some as young as 16, buying tweed suits because he’s popularised them, basically. I have a picture of him on my front window at the moment in a tweed suit,” Murphy says.

Moves like Muhammad

While McGregor can lay claim to being the most dapper bruiser going around the world’s various fighting formats, he isn’t the first fighter to adapt a sophisticated style outside the ring.

Another man who broke the mould and did away with the less refined attire favoured by many of his contemporaries was none other than Muhammad Ali.

During the 1960s, the irrepressible champion favoured houndstooth jackets to leather great coats, knitted polo shirts to lurid shirts. When he was in the UK, Ali liked to get his suits made on Savile Row.

“I’m a gentleman now, I have to look like one,” said Ali to Life magazine photographer Gordon Parks.

Then there was the eccentrically-dressed British boxer Chris Eubank, who in the late 1980s and early ’90s was a great wearer of tweed and – just to emphasise his rakishness – even carried a cane where ever he went.

But perhaps the one aspect of a fighter’s look that every man wants, besides the chiselled torso, is the shoulder-rolling boxer’s walk. Master that and you, too, can wear a waistcoat and dicky bow all you like. Chances are, few will judge.