Ireland’s Tallest Man candidate Brendan MacCallister wears Tom Murphy bespoke on the Late Late Show.

Back in the early 80’s after of a year of trawling through candidates it was cut down to 3 candidates, who all stood at 7 feet and over. The three appeared on the late late show and we had the honor of kitting out Brendan McAllister in a bespoke suit for the occasion. As Brendan was 7 feet tall we had no choice but to commission a specifically tailored 2 piece suit spun and woven in a cloth by Magee of Donegal . Our resident tailoring experts Michael and Tom Crowley were commissioned to produce a suit for Brendan on the big night.
After the initial measurement process there was a 5 week turnaround and Brendan was invited back into the shop for his second fitting. Michael and Tom admit to being nervous as Brendan tried on the suit but lo and behold it was the perfect fit and they were all thrilled with the result.
Gay Byrne was gushing in his praise for the immaculately dressed gentlemen and Brendan, who is originally from Cobh, looked resplendent in his threads, which he says still hang proudly in his wardrobe. Alas he did not go onto win the competition but he placed 2nd. If there was a prize for the best dressed giant needless to say he would have walked off with it.

Brendan MacAllister in a Tom Murphy bespoke on the Late Late Show with Gay Byrne.

Another big man, Paul O’Connell being kitted out in one of our bespoke suits by Mick Murphy.


BUTTON 2 WITH PEAK LAPEL It makes the jacket look more elegant. Due to the deep opening it stretches the upper body and fits perfectly to elegant occasions.


DOUBLE BREASTED The double breasted suit is not old-fashioned anymore. Sporty and shaped it is experiencing its trendy comeback at the moment.

Beautiful suit jackets are something that all gentlemen can include in their wardrobe for Summer time dressing up.Our tailoring team can point you in the direction of some of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics imaginable.Ermengildo Zegna,Cerrutti and Dormieul offer opulent materials in our swatch books that will turn heads when you go out for any occasion.Even grooms are opting for a nice semi formal sports jacket with a pair of cream chinos for that trendy continental look.Team it up with a scarf or cardigan for a dapper,well thought out image that projects an aura of calm and intelligence.Our tailors will give advice on the core style that suits you best.Single or Double breasted?One button,two button or three button?Slanted single flap pockets,patch pockets or double ticket pockets?

Dressing up should be fun.This is where the tailor comes in to provide assistance and point you in the right direction as to what looks best on you.A man with a corpulent frontage is deluding himself if he thinks a three button suit will enhance his appearance.An expert tailor can advise on what works best and how it will look on your body.


Our motto is”Tailoring is fun”.It should be as exciting for the customer as it is for us.We love to design something really special that is a result of your imagination and ours coming together and agreeing on a design and look that will be unrivaled and unique.


For more information on our unique personal tailoring service contact Tom on 0831762992 or Eoin at 0877759709.







3 BUTTON JACKET The 3 button jacket makes one look more individual

Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring all starts with the jacket.Achieving  the perfect fit is the responsibility of the tailor but the styling and detailing of the coat is down to the customer.It is a two way process with interactive feedback between the two parties.To simplify things we have tried to show some of the main decisions you will need to make.

The first choice is the basic shape/structure of the garment.Will it be single or double breasted?Will the suit jacket have peaked lapels or notch ones?How many buttons will the coat have?
pockets 8




Other big decisions which our tailoring team will encourage you to make are the type of stitching you want on the lapels.A standard finish will have no AMF detailing while a more adventurous taste might choose coloured stitching in a bold 6 mm stitch.Colours on offer include pastel shades such as blue,pink and lilac.




On Screen Avatar

We can help you create the suit of your dreams with our on screen Avatar.Simply key in the fabric of your choice and add all the features you like and you will see your creation appear on screen.


There are plenty of decisions to be made on sleeves as well. Colored threading can be offered here too or the actual button holes themselves can be themed to match with linings and under collars.
b buttons

Jacket Interior

The interior of the garment must never be neglected and there are all sorts of finishes available.Monograms and initialing are a current trend and extra zip pockets are another feature that tend to be popular.You may be a man that likes to keep his documents safe and can request a hidden pocket for that puropse.
pockets 78 11009934_790588694311293_6647622202738541156_n                                                       One of our favourite details are always the chosen pocket style.Everything from single and double ticket pocket to straight flap pockets can be requested.An expected trend for the coming season will be the patch pocket combination which gives a retro feel to contemporary tailoring.
pockets 2

Groom and Best Man

Groom and Best Man

Fitted Wedding Suits

Kit the groom and best man out in After Six Suits

Brown wedding suit

After Six suits for classic elegance

Black wedding suit

Ebony and Ivory combinations


We love fashion, innovation & fancy details

In association with Tom Murphy Menswear WILVORST present their latest and fashionable After Six Autumn/Winter 2013 collection for the bridegroom – a visual update featuring style, decoration & innovation. On the most beautiful day WILVORST provide HIM with brilliance, urban smartness and decorative modernity. WILVORST After Six emphasizes the particular, the uniqueness of each groom and makes him beam with elegance when he holds his bride in his arms.

The WILVORST After Six collection is captivating – absolutely young, innovative, first-class quality -perfection down to the last detail. This can only come from WILVORST. The topics of the season are individuality and decorative modernity. At Tom Murphy Formal and Menswear you will be introduced to these innovative styles.
A lot of different lapels, fancy decorations, combinations of various cloth qualities, decorative details with ribbons, pin-tucks and inserted edges to name but a few of the many innovative topics. The styles are determined by modern and slim fits for the jackets combined with slimmer trousers. The jackets steal the show with slimmer sleeves, slimmer waists, short length and long versions.

Fancy details

There’s a large palette of After Six fabrics – everyone finds the cloth that suits his taste and his style. Festive jacquards, fancy decorations, new and plain fabrics as well as discreet stripes and textures determine the fashion image.Silky fabrics (new blends of wool and silk) are one base of the collection and they convey high quality & brilliance.

Glorious colours

Precious colours define the wedding fashion. Black remains the absolute classic which creates some surprising effects due to different finishings. Brown shades and brighter brittle colours are the second base and bring a breath of fresh air to the project.

new mensweare
TZIACCO is the New Menswear of festive clothing – fashionable, extravagant and opulent.At Tom Murphy Menswear we are proud to introduce this new collection of stylish mens wedding suits to the men of the South.

Exclusive Styles and Fabrics

Again, as in the last seasons, the TZIACCO collection consists of two groups: The first is TZIACCO ROYAL – extravagant frockcoats with a discreet opulence mixed with stylish self-confidence. The second base is the avant-garde wedding wear which catches the attention with waisted Trend Line fits and individual styling options. The autumn/winter 2013 TZIACCO collection offers unlimited possibilities of innovative styling not only for the extravagant wearer but also for the rather classic customer.

Extraordinary styles
As far as the styles are concerned both TZIACCO ROYAL and the TZIACCO avant-garde wedding wear are unique: Royal frockcoat versions with exclusive collars, Nehru collar jackets, exclusive styles with inserted contrasting fabrics and avant-garde styles – the choice is unlimited and top fashionable.

All dark ROYAL jackets of the latest collection are fitted with an exclusive and brand-new lily lining, the exclusive interior details make the ROYAL styles even more excellent.

TZIACCO is completed by exclusive accessories like neckerchiefs, bowties and shirts.

Exclusive fabrics
TZIACCO underlines its uniqueness with fabrics that are exclusively developed for this collection and nowhere else to be found ! The range of fabrics, the colours and quality of the autumn/winter 2013 collection is diversified: Finest pure wool cloths blended with micro polyester are the base, black and mocha are still the most important colours both in the TZIACCO Royal and in the avant-garde wedding wear collections. Brittle and silver shades perfectly complete the colour palette.

The colour winner of the season is – nightblue ! Nightblue suits come more and more to the fore. Nightblue is definitely trendy. And it also perfectly matches off-white wedding dresses.

Waistcoats which are tone on tone with the jackets are in the centre of the suit collection: Many waistcoats and jackets are made of the same yarns which results in up-to-date, festive “three-piece suits”.

Wilvorst Wedding Suits

Wilvorst Wedding Suits

For a number of seasons now we have been offering a made to measure wedding suit service. This year has seen a huge growth in the number of grooms opting to have their wedding suit handcrafted by our business partners and top German suit manufacturer, Wilvorst.
The colours and fabrics that are on offer are wide and varied. Top quality wool suits are available in different lengths and numerous style combinations. The customer can choose any type of lapel or fit that he wants. All he has to do is come in and be measured by our expert tailors and wait 8 weeks until the suit is ready and delivered to your doorstep.

The suits can be made in a two or three piece combination. Generally grooms will order a waistcoat, neckerchief and cravat to accessorise the outfit. The good news is the prices usually stay around the €600 mark for a bespoke suit that represents seriously good value.

The most popular colours that are chosen would be the black suit, grey suit, beige suit and brown suit. When I spoke to Tom he told me;



“Another reason for the popularity of made to measure suits for grooms is that the rest of the party can be co-ordinated to match the groom from our suit hire collection. This saves on the overall cost of kitting the men out and allows the groom to stand out at the same time.

The new pattern books and catalogues for made to measure wedding suits by Wilvorst arrived in the store yesterday. For the first time we will be using the full range of fabrics from the Prestige collection and these Spring/ Summer collection were launched yesterday in our store by Mr Randall Jordan, Irish agent for Wilvorst.

The Autumn Winter range of wedding suits

Eoin Murphy,Dermot and wilvorst agent Randall Jordan

Eoin Murphy,Dermot and Wilvorst agent Randall Jordan

can be viewed online.

The Wilvorst formalwear collection comprises three different lines, each with its own distinct look and component garments.

Suits in the ‘After Six’ line are slim yet comfortable and with innovative pocket solutions. Materials are super soft and feature moving facings, stripes and micro designs as well as new plains and close to plains. Key colours are black, brown and chestnut notes. Grey and blue nuances as well as silver and champagne also feature prominently.

Also included in the line are 49 different waistcoats which feature everything from stripes and modern patterns to flowery designs and paisley prints and matching bowties, handkerchiefs and ties.

Classics Cut

After Six 2013

Tom Murphys Wedding

Tom Murphys Wedding Party in Riva Del Garda

OK, so you have decided to get married and you need something to wear for you and for your mates for your wedding. Where to start?How does the whole wedding suits for men thing work?

Generally when it comes to wedding suits for men people hire suits for the groom, best-man, groomsman or groomsmen (up to 3 are permitted), father of the bride and father of the groom. Sometimes, if a parent is not alive, a brother or relative may stand in for the parent. Most wedding parties would have between 4 and 7 in the group and may also include a pageboy.

The wedding party does not just consist of the men, but alas it also includes the women, and as you know lads, we are once again dutifully bound to play second fiddle to their requirements.

“Does that mean that what we wear is determined by what they wear?”

I hear you ask this rational question.Absolutely! Once again in the battle of the sexes, we loose out guys.
If the bride wears white, you wear white my man! If she wears ivory, you wear ivory. If the bridesmaids wear lilac, your comrades in the wedding party will be wearing that colour.
To distinguish the groom from the rest of the party, you can also opt for a self-tie cravat for him, and the rest of the lads could have the same colour but in ties. Usually the groom will have the same suit and waistcoat as the rest of the party. It is nice to have a small difference between him and the rest of the guys, and this is why a different coloured neck piece can work well.

If you imagine the day of the wedding, you will have the groom standing next to the bride, so their colours must be in harmony and the groomsmen next to the bridesmaids so their colours must also be cordinated.
Remember one thing, there are no rules as to what people can wear. It is your day and it is your choice as to what to wear.

A recent trend in Ireland that has taken a leaf out of the continental book, has been for the groom to buy his own wedding suit and the rest of the party to hire. These suits allow the groom to be in a different suit completely to the rest of the lads. It can work well also as long as there is some colour co-ordination present.A beige,white or tan suit can look really well on the groom even if the rest of the party is in more conventional black,navy or grey.

Wedding suits have become a bit de-formalised in recent times and this has seen a decrease in the popularity of the traditional three quarters and morning tails styles.The favoured lenght of the coat at the moment is short and slightly cropped.If you are going for a more “normal suit” look just be careful as this style can be a bit rigid and lacking in the cermonial pomp that the classic styles offer.Spice it up with a nice paisley ivory waistcoat and tie and do not forget the mandatory pocket square.Sometimes the little trimmingsand accessories are what set a wedding suit apart from a normal day or office suit.