New Range of Cheap suits

Recently Tom Murphys  launched a new range of discount suits that have been a huge hit instore and in the online shop. The secret of their success is that they are selling for under 100 euro and that represents serious value in the men’s suits business. According to Tom himself the recession has forced retailers to lower the asking prices for the suits they sell and this is the single biggest reason why so many people are looking for cheap suits.

“A couple of years ago i would never have envisaged us selling suits at this price level but one of the consequences of the recessionary period is that there is a huge demand for cheap mens suits”.

Suits under 100 euro

Suits under 100 euro

These suits come in a wide variety of patterns and fabrics and another reason for their popularity is that they fit very well. They are ideal as business or occassion suits and some wedding parties have been buying them for the whole group.

Currently the website has 12 suit styles available in the 100 euro and under category but there is a strong possibility that these will be added to in the near future so watch this space carefully.

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