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It has reached that time of the year again when women come flocking into our shop looking for inspiration as to what to buy the men in their lives for Christmas. We thought it might be a good idea to give a few pointers in the right direction, as many of ye good female folks tell us it is impossible to know what to buy for your boyfriends, husbands, fathers etc…

We are also noticing that our online customers are having the same dilema and are not quiete sure what to buy from our website.We are a contrary ole bunch,us men,but there is nothing like a bit of good clobber to get us smiling again.The value that  out there online is great and if you are looking for some guidance we thought we might give you a hand.

Sometimes a gift voucher is the best option. However if you don’t trust your man to select something tasteful and trendy (which many of ye rightly do not) then park that option, unless you plan on accompaning him when he goes to town to do his shopping and use up the voucher.

A sensible purchase for Christmas is a nice warm, toasty jumper that will keep him warm over the festive season. Forget the loud, strong stripes and diamond patterns which represent the fasion of a bygone era and go for a plain, solid colour which are back in vogue again. A Christmas bestseller for us in always the Tricot Marine chunky jumper which is available in navy, red and blue. These jumpers are 100% wool and made from extra thick yarns which gaurantee your man will be all snugly and cosy over Christmas.

If he does not like a heavy jumper then go for something lighter from the Kellerman range which like Tricot Marine are designed and produced in Ireland.

These jumpers are a little lighter but there is a good palette of colours to choose from in both v and round neck.

If the man in your life has a wardrobe full of jumpers then perhaps a shirt in a gift box would make an ideal present. Our range of Andre casual shirts are always popular at Christmas and come in button down or regular collars. This season the Andre casual range comes in special presentation boxes which saves you the bother of having to gift wrap them. For the ultimate present get him a matching shirt and jumper from this range and get 15 quid off (which you will surely pass on to him and tell him to use it for a few pints at the weekend)!

With the recessionary onslaught continuing it is posible that your budget might not stretch that far however. Our Accessories Collection includes scarfs, cuff links, stud buttons and mens armbands which all come in gift boxes. The prices of these items make them very affordable and ideal gifts.For some more ideas for cost saving gifts visit the accessories page on our website.

Please remember that the option is there to have your present gift wrapped.

Matching shirt and jumper

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