Cool Classic Wedding Suits

The Morning Tails has made a bit of a comeback in recent times in the world of formal wear.Needless to say the tails outfit is a timeless classic and continues to be a popular choice for wedding attire.However accusations of conservatism have stopped some people from choosing it as their wedding day outfit.To spice up the appeal of the traditional look and add a touch of modernity to it the Cool Classics collection has been created.Fashion at the moment is retro themed and at Tom Murphys we are very excited that cool classics will cater to that blending of the old and the new.

This vibrant, new, young collection has been created around the topic of the morning coat made and available since the middle of May 2013.Besides the classic styles WILVORST also creates a synthesis with the new types: .Think of a new type of tails in a stylish, elegant and very slim fitting style made from materials of very high quality with up-to-date accessories.The full range of this exciting new collection is available to view in Tom Murphy Menswear.

With the new collection COOL CLASSICS Morning Coats WILVORST rediscover the classic appeal of the fashionable again morning tail coat. In addition to the classic styles there will be new, young and fashionable versions in slim cuts with extravagant accessories.

For classy weddings

If you  wear the classic morning coat you have to abide by rules:  The morning coat goes  with formal striped trousers , a grey waistcoat and either a white formal day shirt with a silver-grey tie or a wing-collar shirt and a discreet grey neckerchief. Undoubtedly, a grey top hat rounds off the outfit.

New fabrics, slim fittings, hip ideas for the pockets and lapels as well as new accessories such as trendy waistcoats and coloured ties – these are features of the latest WILVORST morning coats. The stylish and new Cool Morning Coats by WILVORST can also be worn in the evening, e.g. at parties or also wedding festivities late at night.

It’s the co-ordination and the styling that make the difference. The morning coats are worn with coloured ties, waistcoats and the matching pochettes. The patterns of the ties and waistcoats may be different and daring. The accessories get coloured, loud and daring!

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