Tailored Suits,Trimmings and Details

Tailored Suits with Attitude

At Tom Murphy’s we believe in offering you something really different if you are availing of our custom tailored suits service. Too many stores nowadays sell the concept of ” bespoke” or “made to measure” in an artificial way.

We have been offering real tailored suits and custom made suits since 1938 and believe that it is a skill and craft that takes years of experience to master. We are proud to have dressed generations of Cork gentlemen. We hope to be doing it for a long time to come.

Our tailoring department has always been innovative and tried to help the customer conceptualise a suit that is different.We want the customer to have something that is really special.

As the original Tom Murphy used to say in the ’70s “If you are going to get a suit made, get it made different”.

Instead of just offering lots of fabrics and cloths we try to offer a myriad of styles and intricate detailings too.We believe this will help your suit to stand out from the crowd. Real tailored suits should have attitude and almost take on a personality of its own.

In comparison with a ready-to-wear garment a made-to-measure suit by Tom Murphys does not only offer a 100 % fit, but also an almost endless choice of finishing combinations. It is not an exaggeration to say that every suit really is unique. Here are the possibilities of individuality that we offer:


1: High quality cloths – the best of Italian and British origin; suitable for summer, winter, leisure, business and other occasions.



2: Style and fit – basic options of single and double breasted, adjusted in jacket and sleeve lengths


3: Linings – silky fabrics in tone on tone or accentuated colours.


4: Buttons – horn or metal in many colours and forms.


5: Applications – initials, coloured button holes and undercollar, leather patches or working cuffs


6: Trousers with different end widths


7: Trousers with loops,pleats,straps,buckles or whatever you want.