Grooms Suits/Who Wears What?

Sometimes the groom will have the same suit and waistcoat as the rest of the party and just a different neck piece in either colour or style will suffice. We would generally recommend that the groom’s neckpiece matches the bride and the rest of the party match the bridesmaids.

The latest range of accessories we have help to create those little nuances of difference that keep everything in harmony but add that touch of difference.Plain ties with striped versions in the same pattern achieve this.

A recent trend in Ireland, that has taken a leaf out of the continental book, has been for the groom to buy his own made to measure suit and the rest of the party to hire. The idea here is that the groom wears something quiete different from the rest of the guys in the party. However there is still a little bit of coordinating required to ensure that the hire outfits are in harmony with the main man and what he is wearing.

Grooms Suits

After-Six_2015_1_Bild_03Wondering what to wear to a wedding or what to do for the suits for your own wedding?Generally people hire suits for the groom, best man, groomsmen, father of the bride and father of the groom. Sometimes if a parent is not present a brother or relative may stand in for the parent. Most wedding parties have between 5 and 7 in the group and may also include a pageboy. A best man is always present and a groomsman and after that it is optional.

To distinguish the groom from the rest of the party there are a number of choices. The groom can opt for a self-tie cravat and the rest could have ties in the same colour. In recent times there has been a decline in the popularity of cravats so something different might be required to distinguish the groom. Of course this can be done by simply placing a button hole on his lapel or going for a different coloured button hole.




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