Groom of the month March/April 2011

Groom of the Month and wedding suits
The first groom of the month competition held by Tom Murphy Menswear in 2011 has commenced recently.After the tremendous success of the groom of the months held in 2010 we have bee inundated with requests to hold another competition this year.So far we have recieved 8 entries and all are giving it a fair old go.The format for the competition has changed slightly this year as facebook have brought out a lot of rules and regulations concerning the hosting of competions on the facebook page.Unfortunately it is not posssible for the public to see the daily vote count on our facebook albums page so we will be giving daily updates on our wall and via this blog.Please remember to tell weveryone that voted to go back and like our facebook page or otherwise the votes will not count.
As for the early pacesetters in the current competition it is Geard Murphy in the lead so far with 145 votes.In second place it is Kevin Crowley on 48 votes,Giuliano Mastromarino on 47 and Joe O Leary on 45 votes.The rest are lagging behind at the moment although one of the pre-tournament favourites John McCarthy is starting to climb up the rankings.A word of warning lest the early leaders get too comfortable-the competition has never been won before by the person that led in the first week.


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