Island Clothing -Proud Sponsors of the Suit Factor

I am sitting in the office enjoying a cup of coffee between print runs and James bursts through the door. ‘ is running a suit factor competition and will sponsor some prizes – what do you think’. I kinda knew it didn’t matter what I thought so I just went with it.  Little did I know the madness that would follow.

I logged into my facebook page and I was being asked to vote for friends in suit factor. Obviously being a sponsor we didn’t vote. A quick jump on the information highway and I took the exit for my linkedin page. First thing I see…….vote for me on suit factor. This is crazy. Suit factor is consuming people. I really did not want to open my twitter page!!

The reason suit factor is a great competition is very simple in my opinion…..great prizes and makes great use of social media. If you are connected with you feel you are starting to know the store and the people involved. Then you go to the store and you are served by people you feel you know. There is a real connection with the customer. The online store is really great…….being male I like buying online and spending the rest of the day ‘not shopping’ :-). provide contract clothing and clothing printing service for clubs, events, gyms and much more. We also run a surf brand called which connects artists, surfers to create amazing surf clothing and boards.

We are proud to sponsor a great competition like suit factor and are waiting the final result with baited breath. It is like watching a race that is extremely close. When you are the neutral supporter you nearly always favour the person who is just behind and hope they catch up. The lead is changing so much in this race it is impossible to favour anyone. Well done contestants and well done for running a great competition with great prizes.

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