Mens Shoes-what to wear with a wedding suit?

Wedding Suit Shoes

Wedding Shoes


There are two fundamental choices to make when choosing the shoes you will wear for your wedding. The first is the style.

Slip-on shoes are en vogue again and there is a huge array of options when it comes to formal mens slip-ons. Do remember that you will require an extra half-inch in trousers length if you are going for the slip-on option. A leather shoe is a must but if you feel more comfortable with a rubber sole, then that is fine. The only time that a casual shoe should be worn with a wedding suit is if the suit is linen or cotton, or if the wedding is taking place somewhere with a really hot climate. Beach weddings would be included in this category. A less formal shoe is perfectly acceptable in those circumstances.

The most popular shoe style that is worn with classic/morning wedding suits is the lace up black brogue. The classic round-toe brogue is traditional but elegant enough to make any wedding suit look smart and sophisticated. If you were going for a more tailored contemporary suit, then I would recommend a more pointed narrow type than the brogue. The long slender toe of Italian style shoes are perfect is this is the case.

A long slim shoe with a slightly pointed front is more suited to the silhouetted and narrow lapels of the slim fit suit. These suits tend to have narrower trousers bottoms so they can make wide fitting shoes appear clunky and awkward. They are particularly suited to narrow ended trousers

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