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We decided to include a little video in today’s blog about how to go about measuring yourself for a suit. All you need is a willing partner who is happy to devote a few minutes of hus/ her time to you and a measuring tape. For a real bespoke fitting it is better to be measured by someone with true tailoring pedigree. However if you wish to buy a suit from an online suit store such as our own then this video will guide you through the process of self measurement. The good looking tailor in the video is our own Tom Crowley. I would like to send best wishes and a speedy recovery to Tom as he is just after a kidney transplant. Remember that most measurement tapes will have inches on one side and centimetres on the other so be clear what measurement system you are using.

First place the tape around your neck and leave a finger space and bring the start of the tape around to meet the other end. This will give you the neck size. Then place the tape around your waist, just below the navel and your size will be where the two ends of the tape meet. To measure the inside leg simply place the start of the tape in between join of the two trousers legs and measure all the way down to the top of the shoe heel.

To get the chest-size place the tape around the pectoral area of the chest and join together to give the size. Always leave a small bit of slack (roughly one inch) to be certain of gaining an accurate measurement.

Finally the sleave length and body length is the easy part. All suits will either be a short, regular or long fit. The measuring tape is barely needed to determine this as a short fit will nearly always be applicable to a man of 5 feet 8 inches and under. Meanwhile a regular fit will be for an average height man and a long fit will be for someone over 6 feet tall. There is a video recording that we have made that explains it all

Measuring for Mens Suits

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