July Groom of the Month – Mens Wedding Suits

Patrick Murphy - Winner

Patrick Murphy – Winner

As we already explained in a previous blog, we run a facebook competition called ‘Groom of the Month’ which entitles the winner with €500 of their mens suits. We ended the last blog by mentioning how, “People have already inquired about next month’s competition and the contestants we have lined up are chomping at the bit to get the voting under way”. And thanks to the efforts of Patrick Murphy and Harvey Dwane, that turned out to be the understatement of the century!!!!

Keeping in mind that we had 5 other competitors, it was clear that Harvey and Patrick wanted/needed it that bit more. Between them, they garnered just fewer than 2,500 votes. They had beaten our previous highest vote campaign by more than double. It was a constant battle for top position and it literally did go down to the final day. Tensions were unbearable for both men. At one point I was monitoring the votes and deleting any votes that had been repeated. I started as usual with Patrick’s (as his was the first photo in the album). After deleting a few posts I was told I had a phone call. It was Patrick wondering how his votes (and more importantly his lead) were lost. Like I said, tension was surreal. I reassured him it was all part of the process and that I would be going through Harvey’s posts too and removing duplicate votes.

Harvey Dwane - Runner Up

Harvey Dwane – Runner Up

This clearly was our most popular competition so far. While checking Harvey’s votes, I came across many mutual friends, who later told me they were persuaded to vote, and not by Harvey. He doesn’t even have a facebook account. In the end, Patrick won by a nose with 1,246 votes leaving Harvey in second with a respectable 1,234 votes. However, like our first competition where first and second were separated by 3 votes, we again decided to reward Patrick with his €500 voucher of his wedding suit hire and Harvey with a €250 voucher. The last time we did this, we said never again. However, with 1,234 votes, we felt Harvey needed some recognition. Patrick was happy with his reward and he rang in expressing his gratitude while also leaving this message on our Facebook page:
“Thanks to everyone who voted for me, to those who posted something on their profile and those who begged for votes!!! It all paid off thank God. Also fair play and well done to Harvey and Emily. It was a fierce battle right up to the last minute. Wishing ye both all the very best on ye’re big day too!!! Also well done to Tom Murphy on a great comp. I’d recommend ye to anyone!! I’ll bring your wham bar in with me!”
(The wham bar is a whole different story haha)

The popularity of our page was widespread. Tom received a phone call explaining how a marketing class spent an entire session reviewing our page and how we were succeeding with our Facebook campaign. He also received an offer to help another business with their Facebook business account. He had to graciously decline. He is busy enough distributing mens suits and suit hire. We also recently got an email from a girl in Australia, detailing how she even heard of our page and would appreciate any pointers we could offer.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for their participation and votes. We look forward to the next competition.

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