New T-Shirt Design

Transformers tshirt

A few months ago Tom thought it would be a good idea to make a t-shirt for the shop. At the start it
was just as a spot prize for our facebook competitions and to promote the shop. The t-shirt as you
can see below being modelled by some of our best facebook fans is just a plain simple black or white
t-shirt from Island Clothing in Little Island with a logo they designed on the front say Tom Murphy
Menswear established in 1928.

We have given away dozens of t-shirts and all of our fans have been delighted with them. We were
very surprised when we had some inquiries from around Ireland and even some from America about
the t-shirt being sold in our online shop. We have recently just sold one to a fan of ours from New
York. After receiving so many enquiries we decided it would be a good idea to introduce some new
t-shirts to the sell on the online shop. Another reason we were designing new t-shirts was because
Cian wasn’t happy with the original design, I recall him saying “I wouldn’t wear that t-shirt to bed
boy!” (In his Kerry accent)


We worked together and came up with a few different ideas, our favourite t-shirt idea came from
the transformers logo and text, and we also made designs with the text from the sopranos, the
godfather. We submitted our ideas to John and James from Island Clothing and they seemed pretty
impressed. The designs are now being sent on to a graphic designer so they can be printed on to t-
shirts and sold to our fans. These t-shirts will be available in the next few weeks on our online store
for a very reasonable price, be sure to check them out!

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