Navy Tweed Jacket 52882

Part of the core collection of made to measures  “Tweed by Tom “for 2017/18 .In the 1960s it was known as Southern Ireland’s first and foremost retail destination for made to measure tweed suits.In those days the bales of tweed were easily sourced from local merchants in Cork city such as Perdix,Ideal weather proofs and Dripsey woolen mills. During the 1970’s and 80’s Magee of Donegal became our primary source of tweed fabrics and made to measure trade in tweeds expanded rapidly. In the past a full tweed 3 piece was rarely commissioned for a wedding suit and more often than not it was for sports jackets. In the last few years we have seen a huge explosion in the number of people looking for custom made tweeds. Our new collection primarily comes from Donegal tweed and luxurious German tweeds and we have put together a portfolio of some of the most exciting looks.


Price: POA


  • Navy tweed cloth 52882
  • Tweed Jacket in 100 percent lambswool fabric
  • Product code 52882
  • FNT2A15B
  • Fuschia inner lining
  • Cloth weight 360g

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Jacket Size

36 S, 36 R, 38 S, 38 R, 40 S, 40 R, 40 L, 42 S, 42 R, 42 L, 44 S, 44 R, 44 L, 46 S, 46 R, 46 L, 48 S, 48 R, 48 L, 50 S, 50 R, 50 L, 52 S, 52 R