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Upper end of Patrick Street, Cork

Upper end of Patrick Street, Cork

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought it might be an idea to give a few hints and tips about shopping in Cork.Needless to say we have a little bit to say about our own place of work as well.

The premier destination for shoppers in Cork City is Patrick Street. Historically it has always been the main thoroughfare through Cork, going back to the time when it used to ferry people and cargo up the river and through the gate of the Queens Old Castle. Patrick Street boasts the presence of all the top shops in Cork City. On the upper end are a lot of the international chain stores such as Debenhams and Marks and Spencer. Ireland’s most prestigious department store Brown Thomas is located here as  at the junction of Patrick Street and Winthrop Street. Across the road on the other side of Patrick Street is Easons book and stationary store and some womens’ clothing stores such as Awear. As you make your way up to the other end of Patrick Street you will pass a lot of womens clothing retailers such as Warehouse, Claire’s Accessories and Oasis.

There are four side streets that branch off Patrick street.The first of these is called Winthrop street and features a few nice cafes and jewellery shops.If you fancy stopping for a quick refreshment try the Long valley pub which is famous for its twin combos of toasted sandwiches and pints of the black stuff.As you move from he upper end of “Pana”as it is affectionately known to the lower end you will pass Cook street and Marlboro street neither of which has anything much to offer.The best and most shopper friendly of these side streets all of which lead on to Oliver Plunkett street is Princess Street.The main entrance to the old English Market is here as well if you would like to sample some of the delights of cuisine a la Cork.

It is at this point that a couple may want to split up, as Cork’s answer to Saville Row lies in wait for the discerning male shopper. After the turn off for the Old English Market you will come to Cork’s finest tailoring house, Tom Murphy Menswear.

Tom Murphy Menswear is one of Cork’s oldest menswear clothes stores and the signs of its significant history are there for all to see. All of the buildings along here escaped the burning of Cork by the Black and Tans, so the charm and character of these historical buildings still remains intact.They really are worth visiting as they retain the charm of a bygone era.

Inside Tom Murphy Menswear and some of the other traditional tailoring house  nearby, you will see a blend of the contemporary with the traditional. The merchandising of the stock is neat and the range on view is sharp and sophisticated. As you travel from the compact casual department, up the narrow winding stairs(it is the original staircase) you will pass by lots of old photos of Cork from 120 years ago.

Everywhere you go in this store history will greet you.As you make your way up the stairs old photographs of celebrity shoppers from times past catch the eye.The enormous  celings and Georgian windows give a huge impression of space and point to a style of architecture that belongs to another era.

If you have time and can ditch the wife for a good hour or so why not pop into the suit department and enjoy the experience of sifting through the endless array of ready made suits.If you are after something a little more bespoke ask Tom or Michael to show you the made to order collection and they will get cracking with the measuring tape.Whatever you are after and whether you come to look,observe or buy I am sure you will enjoy the experience of visiting Tom Murphys in the heart of Cork’s shopping district.

The all new shopper friendly Patrick street

The all new shopper friendly Patrick street

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