Should I Hire or Buy A Suit?

Buy or Hire a suit?

Many people can’t make up their mind when trying to decide if they should hire or buy a suit.
It all depends on what kind of suit they are thinking of hiring or buying and if they think they
will actually wear it more than once. For example, in most weddings the groom will hire
his suit and the bride will purchase her  dresses even though it will probably never be worn
again. It doesn’t make sense when a man may wear a formal suit again for a special occasion
but it is very unlikely that a woman will ever wear her wedding dress again. Of course People often hire
suits as a way of saving on their wedding budget.

There are some negative points with renting suits. First of all you can’t make any adjustments
to the suit. This means the suit won’t fit as well as a purchased, fitted suit. Another negative
point of renting is if the groom and all of the groomsmen are renting the same suits, some of
the suits may be a different shade from over washing or being over worn.

There is no point in buying a formal suit or tuxedo if you are never going to wear it again. If
a person is going to buy a tuxedo they must ask themselves when was the last time they wore
a tux and when do they think they will next wear one. This will help them make up their
mind on whether it is worthwhile or not. Many suit shops do special deals for weddings e.g
if five groomsmen hire their tuxedos the groom will get a free tuxedo. In this case you will
obviously take the free tuxedo regardless of the prospect of never wearing it again.

On the other hand there is no point in renting a business suit for a job interview if you are
going to have to buy a suit if you get the job or rent another suit for another job interview.
The best option if you are buying a suit is to purchase a simple black or navy business suit.
This can be worn for job interviews, working, attending funerals, attending weddings and
many other occasions too.

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