Stylish Shirts for your Wedding

Since the shirt is an essential piece of wedding attire we thought it might be a good idea to take a look over some of the options for the groom who wishes to distinguish himself from the multitudes.As has been stated on this blog before there has undoubtedly been a trend recently towards the homogenisation of groomswear and  there is an alarming number of stores jumping on the “groomwear specialists” bandwagon and as a result too many grooms are going up the aisle in outfits that are more appropriate in a funeral parlour.The proliferation of under dressed grooms is a direct consequence of the entry into the market of stores and factory like outlets that have no tradition or experience in the real formal wear industry and hope to make a quick buck by trying to reinvent the concept of contemporary groomswear

Formal wear is something that is uniquely built upon tradition and it borrows its inspiration from classical stylings that can be given a contemporary twist.There is currently a resurgence in tweeds and vintage themes and do not be surprised if you end up wearing a tie that reminds you of your mother’s old tablecloths.

There is no better example of  the singularity of Formal wear than in the potential range of shirts on offer.If you are attempting to find the right shirt for your wedding suit, be daring and imaginative and choose something that you are comfortable with.Here are some notes on what we see as the best options.

The Tuxedo Shirt

The dress shirt whose collar is also called wing collar or “parricide collar”, is the shirt for special occasions.

Due to the short corners the shirt collar is elegant and is worn with a tuxedo. It is combined with black, burgundy or silver dress accessories and bow ties are the obvious choice.Little pocket squares that match the bow are a current trend as are the black silver studs which come with some dress shirts or can be purchased seperately.

The most popular wing tipped shirt is white although formal wear specialists like Tom Murphys will offer an ivory alternative.The ivory shirt is especially popular in the long collared style that is known as the Victorian wing.This is a style that looks especially well with a self tie cravat which is still a poular choice for grooms that want a touch of difference.


The shark collar shirt

The shark collar shirt is distinguished by a wide collar position, and thus defines a modern look, thus this shirt form is suitable for festive occasions as well as for the business sector.

On festive occassions this collar Form is usually combined with a plastron.For business or office wear a tie is the usual accessory.The front of the shirt can have hidden(fly front buttons) or visible buttons.For an authentic formal event it has to be a double cuffed version although the single cuff is sometimes acceptable.

Body Fit

Tuxedo Shirt | shark collar shirt

BODY FIT is the figure-hugging, narrow cut of the shirt variations. A modern, figure-hugging look is perfected with a shirt from a brand recommended by Tom Murphy i.e WILVORST BODY FIT .It is a sharper more defined fit than the slim cut which has been so poular for the last few seasons.

This modern cut version is available at WILVORST in the collar variants Shark and tuxedo. Ivories and whites are the colours of choice and they will be offered this season in a variety of textures,including pure cottons and silk mixes.The silk mix is expected to be particularly popular as it offers a point of difference that we believe is so important in cutting edge groomswear.

TZIACCO frilled shirts

TZIACCO shirts feature the unmistakable cut and lovingly designed details, especially in stand-up collar variations.

The standing and uniform collar was worn from the mid 19th century primarily for all festive occasions. In this epoch the plastron was tied over his collar. Also called the grandfather or nehru collar this is a timeless classic that is given a contemporary revamp with a glossy,silky smooth finish.The frilly front is exceptionally quirky but if it is too daring for you there is a less exuberant version without the frills but still retaining the character of this beautifulpiece of craftsmanship.

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