Suit Factor 2


Mark Dineen winner of Suit Factor 2


In 2010, in a competition associated with Tom Murphy Menswear Derek O’ Rourke was crowned winner of the Suit Factor and voted by the people of Ireland to be Ireland’s Best Dressed Man in a Suit. Amid a blaze of media madness and social media frenzy Derek picked up a cool prize of 2500 Euro worth of free clothing from Tom Murphy Menswear. Roll on a few years and due to popular demand the quest is on again to find Ireland’s Best Dressed Man in a Suit.The prize this time is 3000 Euro worth of free Suits,Accessories and Casual Wear from our store.

The competition was launched in late May and to date we have already recieved about 100 entries and the expectation is that once the voting gets under way that number will probably double within the first few days..Unfortunately there will only be 30 or so picked to go forward for the public vote which will take place on a specially created suit factor tab on our website.Each competitor will have their picture appearing on the page and underneath there will be a button for people to vote on.Needless to say there will only be one vote allowed per person.Anyone who followed the progress of the original Suit Factor will remember the great fun and craic that was had when the voting actually did get underway.The drama that eventually unfolded on the final day of voting could not have been greater as the two leading competitors Stephen O Leary and Derek O Rourke were tied on 2500 votes each going into the last few minutes of the contest.The tension was everywhere and the sheer numbers visiting the website caused it to crash as it approached midnight.

The prize on offer this time is even better than the last.3000 euro worth of fine mens clothing awaits the winner of  Suit Factor 2 and the coveted title of Irelands best dressed man in a suit.According to Tom the prize has to be a big one in order to attract the contestants and to persuade people to enter

“Anybody who enters has to network cleverly and get all their friends and family to vote so there has to be an amount of work put in if they are serious about winning the prize.The benefits to our business that come about from the exposure of our name to the contestants and the voting public make it worthwhile to give away such a good prize.The potential virality of the contest helps our name to get out there too”

The 3000 Euro giveaway is not the only cost to Tom’s business.There has been a lot of work put into the creation of the bespoke application that collects the entries and facilitates the voting process.As well as that there has been a facebook advertising campaign and a flyer and leaflet drop aimed at increasing awareness of the campaign.As Tom explains traditional advertising and marketing has lost some of its’ appeal because it is not measurable or quantifiable and there is an increasing need to think outside the box to get the message out to martket.

“Advertising in a newspaper or on radio is a doomed practice nowadays unless a very favourable rate can be procured.There is also no way of knowing if a campaign has been succesful or not.Social media campaigns have the advantage of being accountable and being open to measurement.For example if we spend money on a facebook advertising campaign we can see how many new fans we have attracted and we can put an approximate value on what each fan is worth.I see this as very imortant in marketing,i.e the ability to hold a campaign accountable and to be able to put a value on what it is worth to the business.

The original  idea for the Suit Factor came from Tom and with the help of James Northridge the store’s web developer ,the concept was put together as a photo contest that achieved virality through different social media such as facebook and twitter.Indeed the tables have kind of turned for James who got married himself very recently and two of his groomsmen Alan Drummy and Anthony Quinlan are among this years contestants.James is pictured here a few days prior to his wedding flanked by the two handsome hunks that are expected to feature prominently in this years competition.

Derek O Rourke-Suit Factor winner

Derek O Rourke-Suit Factor winner

James our web developer and Anthony Quinlan a contestant

James our web developer and Anthony Quinlan a contestant

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