Suit Factor goes viral

Emma Murphy – January 7, 2011 at 10:20pm

Lads its official, the competition has gone viral! I was expecting the competition to be successful but the notoriety that this competition has received has exceeded all expectations! I got a phone call this morning telling me that Suitfactor was being spoken about for a good period of time on Red Fm yesterday and the DJ was saying what a super competition it was.He even knew some of the contestants and was encouraging everybody to get out and vote. People were talking about how the competition was such an original idea and a good one at that! Im meeting people on the streets who are coming up and asking me about the Suitfactor competition, everyone wants to be a part of it! Unfortunately the competition is well under way, however with all the success of this competition no doubt we will have to have a Suitfactor 2!!

RTE radio one will be doing a documentary next week featuring the Suit Factor and a number of other media channels have been on to us looking for interviews and soundbites.

The leader with well over 400 votes is Derek O Rourke, Derek has had his campaign well established since day 1! He is taking no prisoners by all accounts and his votes are flooding in hourly! Obviously Derek is putting in the good work by getting his friends to vote for him! Derek would want to watch his back at this stage as Stephen O leary is on his back ready to pounce!

Stephen had a huge amount of votes come in last night, he too must be heavy at work on the campaign trail! David Gaffney was doing great work at the beginning of the competition but he seems to be tiring and falling behind! If he wants to remain a contender he will have to start getting the public behind him again!His campaign has been reinvigorated since he received special mention on the radio yesterday.

The pre competition favourite according to the girls was Ross Forde! Apparently Ross is the hunk of the competition therefore I thought he would be getting all the ladies on his side! Maybe the Ladies are waiting to vote at the last minute but if you want Ross to win u better get his challenge going as he is lagging right now!

There is just about a week left in the voting poles so if you are eager for one of your lads to win now is your time to vote! I would recommended getting your vote in because we are considering runner up prizes! The reason for the runner up prizes is that we see a huge effort made from all contestants in getting their votes!

Thus far this has been a thrilling competition. The most exciting aspect for me is people coming up to me on the street wanting to talk about it! They love the idea of it! For those of you who missed out on the competition, fear not! Suitfactor 2 will be coming soon!!I would love people to come onto this blog and tell me what ye think of the competition and how we can make the Suit Factor 2 even better.Dont be afraid to shout out yere support and contestants feel free to post comments here as well.Please feel free to make suggestions for new competitions as well.

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