Suit Factor-Stephen O Leary is the new leader

SteveYesterday was an amazing day in the suit factor competition. It saw a new leader for a while in Stephen O’ Leary Who moved past Derek O’ Rourke by a vote. Stephen had 505 votes to Dereks 504 on the mourning of January 11th. Derek has been leading the competition from the very start and it must have been a shock to see Stephen moving into the lead.

Stung by his movement down the leaderboard, the man who is being talked about as Daniel Craigs replacement on the next 007 movie responded with a flurry of votes yesterday. He regained pole position last night and when i last checked he was 10 votes ahead. In their relentless persuit of victory it seems these two guys have frightened off all other competition.  Peter O’ Callaghan and his PR lady Amanda Bradley have faded into the distance despite leading the competition for the first few weeks. Peter is currently on 328 votes and could be still in line for the 3rd prize.

David Gaffney however is hot on his heels for the not to be scoffed at bronze medal.He has been getting plenty of votes in the last few days since he recieved sterling reviews on Red Fm. Just this morning on the 11th of january I have taken another peek and seen that Stephen has regained the lead. He is now on 628 votes against Dereks 625.Unbelievable stuff from these boys.It is neck and neck.Stay in touch and we will be announcing the last day for voting this evening.

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