Suit Factor-Well and Truly Underway

Emma MurphyDecember 28, 2010 at 1:46am
Hi Lads, Im delighted to have the top 18 announced for the competition!The full list of contestants can be seen on the website or at this link Im terribly excited as the voting is well under way and its very close, only 3 votes seperating first and second right now! Derek O Rourke is in the lead right now with 99 votes but his opponents are very much on his tail trailing by a mere 3 votes as I said. Ovbiously friends of the contenders are placing the votes but I would like the public to vote. Who do you think is Ireland’s best man in a suit? Go into the link and vote.It takes only a couple of seconds and i would encourage everybody to get involved.The prize is fantastic and we want the winner to really deserve it.
This competition has been great thus far and has exceeded my expectations. Initially we had planned 10 nominees for public vote, however due to the late entries and amount of entries we decided 18 would be a more appropiate amount.
So guys and girls I encourage you to take part in this great competition by placing your votes! Girls as tempting as it may be I dont want you voting on the most handsome contestant, I want you voting on who you think is the best dressed man.
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