Suit Hire in Cork -New collection just arrived in Tom Murphy Patrick street

The new range of wedding suit hire for the 2010/2011 has just arrived in our store and get ready grooms because there are some really exciting piece’s in the collection.

First and foremost we will be offering some of our designer wedding suit range by Wilvorst for hire. There is a stunning three piece suit in a high end black striped fabric and a 100% wool suit slim fit now available to rent. We have also added a lightweight grey suit (also in 100% wool ) .

Some of the new waist coats which we have recieved from our supplier Anthony formal wear , our supplier of designer wedding wear are simply stunning. You can expect scrumtious new pattern’s in ivory, white and silver.

As usual our team of buyers have gone to extra lengths to choose the perfect neck wear to match these waistcoats and there are some imaginative colour combinations to behold.

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