Buy or Hire a suit?

Many people can’t make up their mind when trying to decide if they should hire or buy a suit.
It all depends on what kind of suit they are thinking of hiring or buying and if they think they
will actually wear it more than once. For example, in most weddings the groom will hire
his suit and the bride will purchase her  dresses even though it will probably never be worn
again. It doesn’t make sense when a man may wear a formal suit again for a special occasion
but it is very unlikely that a woman will ever wear her wedding dress again. Of course People often hire
suits as a way of saving on their wedding budget.

There are some negative points with renting suits. First of all you can’t make any adjustments
to the suit. This means the suit won’t fit as well as a purchased, fitted suit. Another negative
point of renting is if the groom and all of the groomsmen are renting the same suits, some of
the suits may be a different shade from over washing or being over worn.

There is no point in buying a formal suit or tuxedo if you are never going to wear it again. If
a person is going to buy a tuxedo they must ask themselves when was the last time they wore
a tux and when do they think they will next wear one. This will help them make up their
mind on whether it is worthwhile or not. Many suit shops do special deals for weddings e.g
if five groomsmen hire their tuxedos the groom will get a free tuxedo. In this case you will
obviously take the free tuxedo regardless of the prospect of never wearing it again.

On the other hand there is no point in renting a business suit for a job interview if you are
going to have to buy a suit if you get the job or rent another suit for another job interview.
The best option if you are buying a suit is to purchase a simple black or navy business suit.
This can be worn for job interviews, working, attending funerals, attending weddings and
many other occasions too.

When someone buys a suit, wearing it for the first time will make them feel powerful and confident, they feel the part just like “Ari Gold” from Entourage. If they have gone through the process of buying a suit correctly they will look the part too.

The first step of buying a suit is leaving your other half or mother at home, remember you are not going shopping with your mother in the menswear department in Dunnes Stores. If you fail to complete this step correctly you will turn the salesman into a third wheel. You must remember that the salesman is the professional in mens fashion in this situation and they will ask you what you are looking for and then they will make their suggestions. They know what they are talking about it’s their job!

The next thing you must think of is what style of suit you are aiming for as you don’t want to show up to your work placement or job in a new company looking like Al Capone ready to run the mafia. The suit you choose to purchase must be right for the occasion, for example a simple black or grey business suit for a job or a tuxedo for a college ball.

Al Capone

For a first suit it is probably best to stick with dark colours such as black, navy or dark grey even though light grey suits are coming more into fashion at the moment. By choosing darker colours and patterns the suit will last longer and won’t get as dirty as quickly as lighter shaded suits. A very important factor when purchasing any suit is the fitting as the last thing you want is a suit that is either too big or too small, it is very important to get your measurements taken by the salesman, you should then try on the suit and if it doesn’t feel comfortable be sure to speak up and ask questions and have more alterations made if they are needed. Your suit measurements should be made before you start browsing through the different suits available.

When you are trying to choose the shirts and ties to match your suit, the salesman can advise you or it is very easy to choose yourself because most shirts will have a matching tie to go with it already around its collar or else it will be sold as a set. When choosing shoes it is advised to go with a simple black shoe with black socks. If you learn one lesson from this blog post let it be. Do not wear white socks with a suit like my fellow intern Cian.

We decided to include a little video in today’s blog about how to go about measuring yourself for a suit. All you need is a willing partner who is happy to devote a few minutes of hus/ her time to you and a measuring tape. For a real bespoke fitting it is better to be measured by someone with true tailoring pedigree. However if you wish to buy a suit from an online suit store such as our own then this video will guide you through the process of self measurement. The good looking tailor in the video is our own Tom Crowley. I would like to send best wishes and a speedy recovery to Tom as he is just after a kidney transplant. Remember that most measurement tapes will have inches on one side and centimetres on the other so be clear what measurement system you are using.

First place the tape around your neck and leave a finger space and bring the start of the tape around to meet the other end. This will give you the neck size. Then place the tape around your waist, just below the navel and your size will be where the two ends of the tape meet. To measure the inside leg simply place the start of the tape in between join of the two trousers legs and measure all the way down to the top of the shoe heel.

To get the chest-size place the tape around the pectoral area of the chest and join together to give the size. Always leave a small bit of slack (roughly one inch) to be certain of gaining an accurate measurement.

Finally the sleave length and body length is the easy part. All suits will either be a short, regular or long fit. The measuring tape is barely needed to determine this as a short fit will nearly always be applicable to a man of 5 feet 8 inches and under. Meanwhile a regular fit will be for an average height man and a long fit will be for someone over 6 feet tall. There is a video recording that we have made that explains it all

Measuring for Mens Suits

Wilvorst Wedding Suits

Wilvorst Wedding Suits

For a number of seasons now we have been offering a made to measure wedding suit service. This year has seen a huge growth in the number of grooms opting to have their wedding suit handcrafted by our business partners and top German suit manufacturer, Wilvorst.
The colours and fabrics that are on offer are wide and varied. Top quality wool suits are available in different lengths and numerous style combinations. The customer can choose any type of lapel or fit that he wants. All he has to do is come in and be measured by our expert tailors and wait 8 weeks until the suit is ready and delivered to your doorstep.

The suits can be made in a two or three piece combination. Generally grooms will order a waistcoat, neckerchief and cravat to accessorise the outfit. The good news is the prices usually stay around the €600 mark for a bespoke suit that represents seriously good value.

The most popular colours that are chosen would be the black suit, grey suit, beige suit and brown suit. When I spoke to Tom he told me;



“Another reason for the popularity of made to measure suits for grooms is that the rest of the party can be co-ordinated to match the groom from our suit hire collection. This saves on the overall cost of kitting the men out and allows the groom to stand out at the same time.

The new pattern books and catalogues for made to measure wedding suits by Wilvorst arrived in the store yesterday. For the first time we will be using the full range of fabrics from the Prestige collection and these Spring/ Summer collection were launched yesterday in our store by Mr Randall Jordan, Irish agent for Wilvorst.

The Autumn Winter range of wedding suits

Eoin Murphy,Dermot and wilvorst agent Randall Jordan

Eoin Murphy,Dermot and Wilvorst agent Randall Jordan

can be viewed online.

The Wilvorst formalwear collection comprises three different lines, each with its own distinct look and component garments.

Suits in the ‘After Six’ line are slim yet comfortable and with innovative pocket solutions. Materials are super soft and feature moving facings, stripes and micro designs as well as new plains and close to plains. Key colours are black, brown and chestnut notes. Grey and blue nuances as well as silver and champagne also feature prominently.

Also included in the line are 49 different waistcoats which feature everything from stripes and modern patterns to flowery designs and paisley prints and matching bowties, handkerchiefs and ties.