Our Nomination for best Internet Start Up Company

Our Nomination for best Internet Start Up Company

First of all,apologies to all our regular blog readers as it has been a while since I have updated our weekly blog.It has been a very busy couple of months for me personally and my blogging duties have been neglected.I am hoping to get motoring again and keep you all updated on the riveting goings on and happenings in the world of mens fashion and clothing.Well maybe not quite the world but at least what is happening down here in Cork.

Since I last blogged a few interesting things have been happening.Firstly our company was nominated for best Irish internet start-up company of 2011 by the Irish internet association.Unfortunately we did not win the coveted first prize but it was a great honour to be the only representative from the fashion industry.We recieved great exposure from the nomination and I am sure it will lead to even more recognition for us.The publicity we recieved from the nomination led to a lot of extra ciricular work for myself.I appeared on a few radio programmes talking about the use of technology for small businesses and have to say i thoroughly enjoyed the experience.As well as that I was honoured to be asked by Social Media Ireland to give a presentation on the use of video to increase brand awareness amongst small businesses.The picture is included below.

Our online business is continuing to develop and it has been an absolute pleasure to see orders coming from all over Ireland and international countries as well.A recent article on the well known website Silicon Republic featured an article on us recently and genererated more publicity for us.This is what they had to say about us.
Online menswear store proves fashionable overseas

A Cork-based online menswear store that launched last April, www.tom-murphy.ie, has already had orders from overseas, including from Bolivia.

Its founder Tom Murphy said the site specialises in selling men’s suits, shirts, ties and shoes online and believes there is no other site like it in Ireland.

“We also offer an online made-to-measure service, where people have to wait eight weeks for a wedding suit of their dreams to be produced,” he said.

“It is early days yet but we have already made quite a few sales. We have sold suits to customers around Ireland and we have had sales overseas, as well. We sent an order for a couple of suits to Bolivia. We also have recently done a made-to-measure suit for a customer in the US.
Massive international potential

“We feel there is massive potential for an Irish menswear store to reach into other international markets, and the Irish-American segment is particularly interesting. We try to give a unique online service based on what the independents do best — service and quality”

For more of this interview,you will be able to get it on the Silicon Republic Website at this link

Tom Murphy giving presentation on the use of video for business in Radisson hotel

Tom Murphy giving presentation on the use of video for business in Radisson hotel

If you want to buy suits online there are a number of things to consider.

The most important thing is to get the right measurements .We have included a video of our own tailoring expert Mr.Tom Crowley showing how it is done.Tom has been with us for over thirty years and his expertise and knowledge of tailoring knows no bounds.
Suits come in sets so it is very important to be aware of the range of sizes that they come in. If the suit is not the mix and match type these are the trousers that go with the various jacket sizes;

36 – 30

38 – 32

40 – 34

42 – 36

44 – 38

46 – 40

48 – 42

All of these jackets and trousers come in short, regular and long fittings. Short is for a man of 5 feet 9 inches and under, regular is for a man of average height and long is for the taller man. The various trousers can also come in short, regular and long. A short leg is 29.5 inches, regular is 31.5, and long is 33.5. This may vary ever so slightly from supplier to supplier.

If the suit is available to buy online as a mix and match you can choose any size trousers to go with any size jacket. This can be very handy if the person is slightly disproportionate.

Once you know what the sizing system is it should be easy enough to figure out what sizes you need and most websites will have a sizing guide to help you through the self measurement process.

Just follow the instructions on the sizing guide and everything should be fine.