Magee Suits being measured by Tom Murphy

Personal Tailoring at Tom Murphy Menswear

In December 2011, the new Personal Tailoring Collection was launched by Magee Menswear. Personal Tailoring by Magee has been around for a few decades now but recently the front end that has been revamped to give the consumer a better and more valuable ‘personal’ experience which is facilitated by the retailer.

The Made to Measure service at Tom Murphy Menswear has the Magee Personal Tailoring Collection at the core of its offering. According to Tom Murphy ‘The new Personal Tailoring service being offered by Magee is expansive and innovative. The range of fabrics on offer is vast and everything is covered from the finest weights in pure new wools to more traditional heavy weight materials. The customer can basically design his own suit with optional buttons, linings and collar felts. This leads to a feeling of empowerment and input into the design process on the part of the consumer which adds to the feeling of personalisation’.

This personalisation of the design of your own suit is what makes the process so different to just going in and buying a suit off the rack. At a cost that is not prohibitive (it is usually about 20% more then a good quality ready-made suit), you can basically design the suit yourself. As well as this the other obvious benefit in a suit that is personally tailored is the precision of the measurements. All shapes and sizes can be accommodated and a perfect fit is always guaranteed.

So if you are interested in getting a Made to Measure suit by Magee, get into Tom Murphy Menswear and let one of their expert tailors get their measuring tapes around your waist. The whole process takes about half an hour and your suits will be ready for collection within 5 weeks.

For some 50 years or so, we have been selling menswear by Magee of Donegal, specialising in formal wear and mens suits for business and special occasions. It is an Irish owned company that employs hundreds of workers in its joint location of Donegal town and Ballymena.

With a Magee suit, the trend and classic colours and designs are brought to life in their world-renowned luxury fabrics to create the ultimate feel good garment. The Autumn/Winter collection is no different and recently a director of the company summed up what we can expect from the latest offering of mens suits.

“Our focused tailored-look and classic-fit suit offer is comprised of super wools and wool rich blends in micro designs, checks, strong and shadow stripe designs in flannel and pressed finishes.

The flannel look is a key trend for AW10, a move away from the chintz look of previous seasons. Soft, brushed fabrics with cashmere touches are a key trend across the entire collection as customers seek traditional luxury.

Regarding the fit- the silhouette is still narrow, tailored and neat. Waists are nipped, lapels and pocket flaps are thin, shoulders are narrowed and trousers are slim. The trims are colourful and made from natural materials.

The trend and classic colours and designs are brought to life in our world renowned luxury fabrics to create the ultimate feel good garment.”