The growing importance of the Kilt for Weddings

Kilts are becoming more and more popular as a choice for mens wedding attire so we thought we would do a little feature in this weeks blog.It is no longer rare for whole wedding parties to opt for kilts even if there is no Scottish connection.There was a time when we found the only groups interested in Tartans were Scotish people marrying in Ireland or Irish going over to the land of the thistle.

The history of the kilt can go back as far as the end of the 16th century. It was a full length garment that had an upper half that could be used as a cloak when you draped it over the shoulder and pulled up overhead.

The 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica says the kilt is a Scandinavian word in origin; the word kilt comes from the Scots word kilt that means to tuck up the clothes around the body.

The kilt comes from the Norse settlers who had a similar garment and the Scots word derived from the Old Norse kjalta. When you were in battle, it was customary that you take off the garment or the kilt beforehand and set it aside.

The exact age of the kilt is still under debate.The earliest written source that definitely describes the plaid that was belted or great kilt comes from 1594. The great kilt is mostly associated with the Scots highlands but was also used in lowland rural areas. The widespread use of this type of kilt continued into the 19th century and some still wear them today.

For weddings the obvious attraction is that the grooms clan can be represented by his tartan of choice.Many stores can provide tartans that represent some of the more popular family names or clans but for a family that has an unusual name you might have to go for a more generic kilt.These would include household names such as Bonnie Prince Charlie,Modern Douglas and Royal Stewart.The groom can attire himself differently to the rest of the party or perhaps opt for his own family tartan while the other members of the party can all have a different tartan.At the end of the day it is all about having some fun so there are no strict rules and regulations.

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