The Royal Visit


Anticipation was building ahead of the Queen’s visit to Cork on Friday the 18th of May. Parking
restrictions were in place since the Thursday, most of the main roads in the city were closed on
the Friday. Crowds began to gather around the big screens erected around the city centre for the
historical occasion hoping the catch a glimpse of her majesty.In Tom Murphys we spent the morning peering out the windows.


The crowds gathering in the city was a similar to those that line the streets for the homecoming
parades of victorious sporting teams parading through the city in open top buses. There was a
carnival atmosphere gathering and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Cork was the last stop off on the Royal couples four day tour of the country. The Queen specifically
requested that she could visit the English market much to the delight of all the people who work
there. The Queen’s visit to Cork was different to the other legs of her tour. In Dublin, civilians
couldn’t get near her but in Cork they were able to line the streets.

The Queen landed in Cork airport via helicopter from Cashel around 2pm and she made her way
into Cork in her luxurious Landrover accompanied by her entourage of security cars and police
motorbikes. Upon her arrival she was greeted with cheers and clapping from those who lined the
streets and other who were hanging out of second and third storey windows of local businesses and
apartments. Some lucky onlookers even got the chance to shake hands with her majesty during her
quick walkabout before entering the English market. The Queen was advised not to conduct any
walkabouts for security reasons but it seemed she wanted to extend her warm wishes to those who
greeted her.

The Queen then entered the English market and looked around all the local businesses while
chatting to the owners for about twenty minutes. The Queen unveiled a plaque to mark her visit and
a hamper of local produce from the shops in the market was then presented to Queen Elizabeth and
Prince Philip along with a book on the history of the market and a special brooch that was made by a
local silver smith.

The royal couple then made their way to the Tyndall Institute. Both the Queen and Prince Philip
were fascinated by the technology the Tyndall institute was offering and they were very interested
to see some demonstrations. After meeting with local officials and directors from the institute they
made their way back to Cork Airport to board their plane and head home after a very successful visit.


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