The Royal Wedding

It’s nearly been a week since the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate and it is safe to
say that the whole of England and a lot of the rest of the world went royal wedding crazy. Every day
you still see new stories in the media about the wedding and funny things that happened on the day.
T-Mobile who is renowned for their ads have made a funny spoof of the wedding entrance using
lookalikes that has been viewed by over 19 million on YouTube. (Have a look below)

I know friends who took the day of college and work to get up at 8am to watch the event. I heard
stories about old women who got dressed up, pulled out their wedding photo albums and had
wedding parties with their friends. As the world woke up to watch the momentous occasion they
had the unusual choice of having special edition William and Kate cereals to start their day and
specially made William and Kate cappuccinos to refresh them.


The funniest story to come from the wedding day has to be the nun who was sitting next to Will and
Kate during the wedding who was caught on camera wearing black Reebok runners that would fit
the bill of the footwear of a football hooligan rather than a lady of the church. The nun has been
nicknamed the “Ninja Nun” by the public and they have also claimed that she was sitting next to the
couple as security just in case anything happened.


The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey and thousands of onlookers gathered hoping to catch
a glimpse of the royal couple. Many of the fans were dressed in customized union jack clothing and
some were even wearing their wedding dresses. One fanatic even got a tattoo of Will and Kate
to mark the occasion, believe it or not it wasn’t David Beckham who looked very respectable on the
day with his long combed hair and Armani suit to hide his tattoos.


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