The Suit Factor at Tom Murphy Menswear-Irelands best dressed man in a suit

Well lads the Suitfactor competition is well under way! I know as men we tend to be very laid back and leave everything to the last minute! But i urge you not to leave posting your photo to the last minute! The sooner you post your picture the easier it is for us to organise the top 10! So lads get on top of it and none of this leaving the photo to the last minute! I have to admit im very excited about the competition, the word is spreading not only to the people of cork but also to the national newspapers. I got a phonecall from the Irish Independent yesterday asking me about the competition! I was surprised but delighted with the call because they told us they were looking at our facebook page and were very impressed with the suitfactor competition that they fell upon! So as hoped the competition is going viral!

The photos that are in this competition so far are all very different. You have one contestant dressed in an all white suit whcih is very fancy in comparison to another contestant who is wearing a simple, traditional dark suit. As I said before and forgive me for repeating myself the competition is not about the man in the suit! It’s about how well the suit fit’s you! So keep sending those photo’s in. Also look out for the article in the Irish Independent which should be coming up next week!!Even the great Alex Ferguson made it on to our our page last night.The link above should take you to the picture of him in his suit

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