Tweed Suits and Tweed Waistcoats come to Cork

Tweed Suits and accessories in Cork

Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 is seeing the growing importance of tweed suits as a choice in modern groomswear.The tweed/rustic or vintage look is being pioneered in Ireland by Tom Murphy Menswear of CorkThere will be lots of three piece tweed suits on offer with matching and contrasting waistcoat options for the coming season..Traditional heitage colours such as greens,plums and browns will dominate.The brands that will be to the forefront include Magee,Anthony and Gibson London.

We feel that we are the industry leaders in this area and we have a vast amount of experience dealing with tweeds and heritage yarns.A couple of generations ago we were dressing the fine men of Cork in very similar outfits.It really is amazing how the wheel of fashion returns again to the same spot decades later.Famous statemen like the former taoiseach Jack Lynch would have trawled through booklets of tweed fabric swatches in our store many years ago in the hope of finding a warm character defining garment to help see him through his term of office.The only difference in the current resurgence of the tweed suits is in its use as a choice in groomswear.

As ever the fusion of the modern with the classic throws up some new ideas and ways of presenting old themes.Just last Saturday we had a groom that went for a navy herringbone tweed suit with a brown check woven wool waistcoat and matching tie.Classic formal wear styles such as the morning tails will be offered with tweed waistcoat and tie combinations.Our grey tails has a beautuful woollen double breasted peaked lapel vest and tie to accompany it. The navy morning suit can be combined with a cool ice blue tweed single breasted vintage waistcoat and tie.

As ever our team will be able to show a huge range of bespoke tweed suits as well as the normal off the peg offerings.If you want something really different or unusual this might be the way to go.Our tailoring department will offer any advice needed on tweed suits or accessories.

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Mulberry tweed waistcoat -149 Euro

Mulberry tweed waistcoat -149 Euro

Tweed waistcoat

Tweed waistcoat in harris fabric

Suit with matching tweed waistcoat

Suit with matching tweed waistcoat

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