Tying the Cravat Knot-making your wedding suit look perfect

For some reason, the art of tying a cravat properly is problematic for even the most fastidious of grooms to be. Many is the Saturday morning that we have received panicky phone calls from palpitating grooms begging us to talk them through the elusive art while the bestman is screaming in the background for him to hurry up. It’s even gone as extreme as having a groom stop off in the shop, on the way to his wedding, sheepishly asking for our help in tying the, “damned piece of equipment”.

As an aid for all the grooms who don’t listen to us when we show them how to tie the cravat in the shop, we decided to record and post a clip that will guide them through the process effortlessly. For any of the lads who cannot tie a Windsor knot, we’ve also included something for you. Our resident suit hire expert and knot tying extraordinaire, Dermot Fagan, has kindly agreed to participate in this video. Enjoy and good luck



Tying a Windsor Knot:

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