Bespoke Suits

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An Introduction

No 58 Patrick Street is Cork’s most original tailoring house and has always been associated with bespoke suits. As far back as the 1840’s the fine gentlemen of Cork were commisioning its’ tailors to produce garments of the highest quality by hand. When Tom Murphy Senior took over the business in the 1930’s he continued the tradition. The business became renowned for bespoke suits and made to measure tailoring of the highest standards. The third generation of Murphy tailors have taken this ancient craft to new levels and blended it with a modern approach to ensure that the made to measure customer receives the best service possible. At Tom Murphys we are used to going into details. For high value made-to-measure production, modern techniques are as indispensable as a deep knowledge of classic tailoring. In our tailoring department the best of both worlds is combined: craftsmanship and high-tech.

Tom Murphy Menswear are proud to introduce an even bigger range of personally tailored and bespoke suits. Each piece is made to order from some of the world’s best mills. Cut and sewn exclusively to fit your body.

Join the growing number of people who are investing in a Tom Murphy bespoke suit.

The process is a two way thing as we measure you and introduce you to the endless possibilities of your creation while you choose everything from the color of your lining to the type of buttons you desire.You can put your initials on the cuff or the inner lining or even a date that is special to you.

You use your own creative touches to design a suit that is unique to you. You choose from various trousers options such as flat front,plain front,plain ends or turn-ups. Jackets can have one button, two buttons, three buttons or even be double breasted.

Design your suit with no vents, centre vent or a plain black. Experience the joy of creating and wearing a Made to Measure Suit. PHONE NOW FOR A CONSULTATION on 021 427 2401 or 083 011 9164


Anyone who has ever worn a made-to-measure suit will never buy a ready-made garment again because one thing you recognise quickly: this unique suit is perfection made to order



No matter if classic, elegant or modern: the style of the suit determines the look which itself is created by everyone’s own ideas.