When can we order our suits?

There is no fixed time but we generally recommend you order them a couple of months before the wedding date. However, people may wish to be really organised and book a year in advance. Equally, they may book suits right up to the week before the wedding.

How long may we keep the suits and when do we collect them?

Generally they are collected two days before the wedding and dropped back the day after. However, suits can be collected sooner than that and there is no problem dropping them back a few days after the wedding if there is a legitimate reason.

Do we need an appointment to try on suits?

Generally we recommend that you make an appointment as you can be assured the best levels of service. There is, however, no problem if you wish to come in and browse through the selection without a prior appointment.

Does everyone in the bridal party come in when we are selecting the suits?

Generally only the bride and groom come in for the selection process.

When does somebody else come in to be measured?

Once the suits have been selected by the bride and groom, the rest if the party can start coming in, in the following weeks. Also, if a member of theparty cannot make it for a fitting. He can refer to our sizing guide

Must they all come in together?

Generally there is no need for everybody to come on together. They can come in individually and if there is a large group coming in, they should make an appointment. An appointment is not needed for 3 or less people.

If we choose to buy suits, can we rent the waistcoats, shirts and ties?

Generally if a wedding party chooses to buy the suits from us, we will offer them the waistcoats, shirts and ties for free, as long as they are returned after the wedding.

Can you make the ties or cravats, if we want an exact match of the bridesmaid’s dresses?

Cravats and ties can be made to order. We can source the material from a fabric supplier or you can purchase it yourself. There is a surcharge for this service.

We have heard misfortunate stories about suits not fitting the morning of the wedding and the general appearance of hire suits not being up to standard. How do we know this will not happen if we hire suits with you?

Regrettably, there have been many instances of hire suits not matching up to people’s expectations. When you hire suits with us, you can be assured your expectations will be met. We have experienced, well trained professional staff and all our suits are stocked in the store. When we hire suits to a wedding party, we do not order them in from a wholesaler. Not having sufficient stock in the store is a recipe for disaster.
We have an onsite tailor who ensures everything is fitting perfectly. All of our hire suits go through a rigorous, quality control procedure, which ensures that they are in perfect condition the day of your wedding.

Besides the groom, who else generally wears hire suits on the day?

Normally, the groom, best man, groomsmen, father of the bride and father of the groom all wear hire suits. Sometimes the bride’s brothers will hire suits if they are in the bridal party.

Are shoes and cufflinks included in the standard hire package?

All suits come with a free set of cufflinks. Shoes are not included in the price but can be hired as an optional extra. For hygiene reasons, we generally recommend people buy shoes.

When do we pay for the suits?

Generally the wedding suits are paid for on the day of collection.Upon booking there is usually a deposit given as well to secure the actual booking.

Must we pay a deposit upon booking?

Generally a booking deposit of €100 is required upon booking. If you choose to pay in full upon booking, there is a 10% discount available.