Steel Blue 3 piece Wedding Suit

Steel Blue 3 piece Wedding Suit

Prestige Wedding Suits 2020 Collection

  • Steel Blue 3 piece Wedding Suit
  • Waistcoat with Blue and Gold floral pattern


PRESTIGE is the most exclusive and high-quality collection offered by WILVORST – with high-quality standards and finest equipping. This season PRESTIGE stands for trendsetting, noble opulence in sensual clearness – the stylish WILVORST DNA for all festive collections offered by WILVORST. Unique and elegant fabrics, distinctive design, outstanding interplay between material, silhouettes, cuts, workmanship, colors and design as well as a nice portion of sexiness are the pillars of PRESTIGE.

Silver Gold Royal 3 piece Wedding Suit

Silver Gold Royal 3 piece Wedding Suit

Tziacco Avant Garde Wedding Suits 2020

Exclusive jacquard designs with blurred elements of the baroque in the trend color silver/brass. This royal wedding suit wins over its royal style: stand-up collar with curvy edge and 6 fancy buttons determine the picture and this unique look for prince charming

Art. 501113/27
Silver and Gold patterned Jacket  Mod. 26216-2

Art. 561212/25
Grey Trousers Mod. 512

Art. 501113/27
Silver and Gold patterned Waistcoat  Mod. 52


TZIACCO Avant Garde wedding suits 2020 presents all-royal wedding suits for the groom. Stand-up- and Napoleon-collars dominate the presentation. A short evening tail suit in retro look completes the look. Increased elegance and a new brightness stand in the center of the fabrics. Extravagant wedding suits definitely stand in the focus and are absolutely trendy in 2020. Thanks to TZIACCO ROYAL the groom has the possibility to fashionably stand out from the rest of the wedding party.

The successful slim silhouette with the TZIACCO–typical box pleat has been maintained. More shorter royal lengths are on offer and the two front edges move closer together – without being closed. Innovative different pipings made of contrasting fabrics create the elegant “framing”. Part of the stand-up collars have been shortened, so these royal outfit may also be worn with a bow-tie.

After Six Wedding Suits by Wilvorst 2020

After Six Wedding Suits by Wilvorst 2020 range

After Six Blue jacquard 3 piece wedding suit

After Six Wedding Suits by Wilvorst 2020 range

Mid blue jacquard 3 piece wedding suit,  exceptional styling with 7 buttons. Elegant, multi-color brocade patterned fabric on jacket and waistcoat complete with the matching trousers in a plain crystal structure. A perfect look for any groom for the perfect wedding day.

  • New stand-up collar with piping, conical form down to the closing button, outside edge with piping, 2 x 3 decorative buttons.
  • Slightly diagonally posed welt pocket with fine piping.
  • Front panel seam
  • Modern, large open round edge.
  • Center vent
  • Drop8 fitting (Super Slim Line)

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a small local business from Cork decks out people from all over the world in their wedding suits. But that is the reality of life in our iconic Patrick Street store. Suits are despatched regularly to all corners of the globe and we have seen a sizeable growth in this area of the business. We have sold off the peg suits from our Internet site into most

But what makes us different to the thousands of other menswear stores that ply their trade in the world of Internet selling?

I suppose what makes Tom and the team so different is the way they take on bespoke international orders and customise the suits without ever actually seeing the person. Some of the clients do fly in for special one on one appointments but generally the customer will engage with us over a number of phone calls and emails.

The first step is generally to try and work out what the customer wants and we do that through an initial phone consultation. One of our wedding team will usually guide the client through the different types and genres of wedding suit looks but generally we find that this type of customer has a really strong idea of the type of look they are trying to achieve.As experts in the field and the authority on men’s wedding suits we do really put huge effort into guiding the client effortlessly into their ideal suit.

Tom usually sends a measurement sheet on that the customer fills out and after scrutinising that there is a bit of back and forth with the customer to see if there are any special requirements.Little details such as choice of buttons and styling options can all be ironed out at this stage.

When it comes to sizing Tom would find that some customers have larger thigh muscles or unusually broad shoulders for example and this needs to be factored in when the suit is being customised. Some of our overseas customers get a surprise when they are asked to send us a few photos of their good selves! The more fastidious folks send us front, back and side shots and even tog off down to their speedo a! No need for that says Tom but it’s better to be safe than sorry and I suppose it helps to make the measurement process even more accurate!

Anyway for now we are preparing for another busy week in here although the onslaught of the corona virus has everybody up in a heap. Let’s hope things improve and we all can work together to get the situation under control.

Millie ordered this suit from Tom and was shocked that he sent it to Germany to her before it was paid for! Old school customer service and giving stuff out on aporo still goes on in the modern world!
Didier the winner of farmer wants a wife France comes accross the Atlantic to get a kilt from us
Star of Law and Order Ron Dizon worked with Tom on the design of a nehru collared white long coat with black satin trimmings
Katy mcgovern and Joel from Ohio loved dealing with us and sent a lovely thank you card detailing her experience. Suit ordered without ever visiting the store!
Rugby player Mark came across the pond to have Tom custom make a three piece suit for him and he had an exact replica done for his little boy!
Sam and Mike were never in Ireland but they had us style up their wedding outfits. Check Jacket for Sam and John wore the reverse so perfect coordination was achieved!
Phillip wears a custom made tziacco in lithuania
Spike o sullivan wears a custom Tom murphy kilt in a world title fight
So many American customers fall in love with our creations. Here is another new yorker that left Tom to his devices and had his suit made without ever visiting our store.

Contrast Jackets are so Cool right now

tom murphy contrast jackets

Tom and Alex showing the contrast collection at Tom Murphys

One of the most popular looks right now in grooms wear is the contrast jacket look.While popular in the 70s and 80s as a viable option to the full formality of a suit the look re-emerged in the early noughties.However it is the first time that it has become popular in wedding suits fashion and we thought it would be interesting to take a quick look at some things we noticed. There has been a definite movement away from a three piece suit for the groom although it is still very popular for the groomsmen.Over the last year or two three piece outfits were broken up with check,lambswool and tweed waistcoats but the trend has now evolved into the contrast jacket look.Navy and blue themes seem, to be the most popular although charcoal grey and burgundy make the occasional appearance too.The look can be a navy waistcoat,navy trousers and contrast jacket or it can be navy trousers with contrast jacket and matching contrast waistcoat.At Tom Murphys we believe in trying to offer a natural connection between the groom’s suit and the groomsmen.We can offer a lovely navy three piece suit for the groomsmen for hire or sale and we will make up the ties for the groomsmen in a check pattern that is the same as the groom’s coat.Thus there is a natural connection between the groom and the rest of the wedding party.Over the last few seasons there has been a tendency for the groom to move off in his own direction and not necessarily tie in with the others.We are definitely sensing a movement back towards the more coordinated approach and the contrast jacket theme lens itself very well to this approach.When Tom cut his teeth in the wedding suits industry first there was an ubiquitious but simple approach to getting the wedding party coordinated.The groom tended to wear ivory to match the bride inside his suit and the groomsmen wore ties in the colors of the bridesmaids.It is a slightly more nuanced approach now but the idea is the same-have everyone themed together but let the groom stand out a little and be at the forefront of the entourage,both physically and metaphorically!
So we are expecting to see an awful lot more of this look in the next season or two.Grooms wear and wedding suits fashion is always being reinvented and the community is quick to embrace a new trend and we feel this look is here to stay.

Contrast Jackets

Contrast Jacketsand Waistcoats

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The Man Behind the wand gets kitted out for his wedding

Some kind words came from Oisin Ryan who is a well known blogger and wedding planner.Tom happened to see a few Instagram posts by Oisin of his wedding day and he recognized the suit he was wearing as being from the exclusive Prestige collection available exclusively at Tom Murphys.Oisin kindly sent in a few pictures and said we could throw them up on our own blog.He was gushing in his praise of Alex who helped Oisin design a beautiful printed jacket that was exuberant and perfect for the big day.

The Prestige collection for 2019/20 is not for the faint hearted.As always Prestige suits tend to be made from glossy silk textures and the shape and silhouettes are extravagant.Golden pipings are visible on the shoulders but can be removed too.Stand up collars,ornamental buttons and longer than average coat lengths give the collection a formal elegance that is not present in other wedding suit collections.

Thanks to the stunning vision of the Prestige design team Tom and the lads have been creating numerous pieces for well known people across the globe for the last decade.One of the things that customers really seem to like is the involvement they have in choosing the style and fabric of their wedding suit.It can be time consuming for our wedding team when engaging with international clients as everything has to go back and forth in emails and skype chats but we generally get there in the end.When they are presented with the stunning array of sketches it can be a bit overwhelming at the start but generally the team in here can whittle it down to the client’s most obvious peferences.Anyhow we hope that 2019/20 sees more glowing reviews of our custom made wedding suits expereience similar to the one below

“Where to start. Well if your looking for a wedding suit start here. It’s clear to see this is a family business from generation to generation, it’s like stepping back in time to excellent customer service. We had our wedding suits bespoke to us and from the minute we arrived Alex knew exactly what we wanted. He was on hand every step of the way from picking the style, fittings and alterations to the day we collected them. Thanks so much for an amazing experience Alex and all in Tom Murphy’s”

Oisin Ryan

The Man Behind The Wand



bespoke suit oisin ryan

The Man behind the Wand Oisin in his bespoke Prestige Suit

prestige wedding suit

Prestige Bespoke Suits exclusively available at Tom Murphys

Printed wedding Suit

Tom Murphys Prestige 2019


The all new Tom Murphys Instagram Page  is up now and running thanks to our intern Luis Mestre.

Luis came all the way from Ibiza to gain experience in Digital Marketing and he zoned in on our Instagram presence  or more accurately our lack of presence!

Within a few hours of  starting he pointed out that our old Instagram page was a bit derelict and a new one was needed . Within a few days he had garnered 100 followers and we  have already received an order directly from the USA that was solely attributable to our Instagram page.

On this page we would like to keep you informed at all times of the latest products and concepts that we like to showcase. We want to enhance the activity of the page by making lots of cool images and product shots. We would ask everybody to have a look at the page and try to come up with suggestions for us.We have tried to put a coordinated look on the whole page and we hope that the soul of the page mirrors the soul of the shop.

It is located at

If you have some comments or feedback feel free to mail us directly via Instagram or send us an email

tom murphy instagram page

Luis Maestre at work on the insta page



original penguin suits

Original Penguin Debs 2019

Iconic Menswear brand original Penguin is now available in our store. There are some beautiful combinations and the recurring theme is a retro chic style featuring double breasted waistcoats and and a slim fitting cut.
Famous celebrities who wore the brand in the past include Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer and Clint Eastwood. Today, Original Penguin embodies stylish American Sports and formal wear with modern minded style into a diverse range of products for for a full lifestyle brand. We are really looking forward to showcasing the formal side of this wonderful brand. We expect this brand to be extremely popular for debs season and it will most definitely appeal to younger customers.Debs season is approaching quickly and already there has been lots of interest in this collection.The bold check patterns and bright retro window pane patterns will appeal to the style savy student who wants something razor sharp.Tom,Luis and Alex are below showing off one of the essential pieces of this new range.


We had some great craic at Tom Murphys last Monday as a television crew came all the way from France to film a tv programme that will air shortly on french network tv.It is a very well know show in France called the Farmer wants a Wife and we were delighted to be part of the filming.In essence it is a French match making TV series and a farmer pitches for a partner and they travel away to see how things go.

The hero of the moment was didier the french farmer who came to Tom Murphys to get a kilt as part of the couples romantic trip to Ireland.The idea was to show him recieving a gift from his fiancée and the gift was the Irish National kilt?We felt that this was the most appropriate out of the dozens of kilts on offer.The  show wanted to encapsulate  the banter between didier,his fiancée and the Tom Murphy boys.Didier showed himself to be the classic french romantic as he planted a barrage of kisses and hugs on his lovely fiancée.

As you can see from the video footage we all had great fun and look forward to the airing of the programme.A special mention must go to didier who was extremely funny and had us all in stitches.

Tom,Didier and the Wife

The Way We Dress Now
Fashion is a living thing. It develops, evolves and modifies itself in much the same manner as a country or society does. People change, their world changes and so too do their choices. We can see these changes manifest in two ways

1.The changing ways in people get married, including what
2.One chooses of what to wear on the big day.

Did you know? The way we marry now
Did you know that Irish people are getting married later in life, often in venues outside of the church? In this past, people tended to marry in their early to mid-twenties. Today, the average age stands at 35. We have also noticed over the years, that many of our clients are getting married in places other than the parish church. They typically tie the knot in registry offices, hotels and/or other secular venues.

Take a quick look at the data from the Central Statistics Office (COS). Of the 22,021 marriages that took place in 2017, just under half, 10,802, took place in registry offices, hotels and other secular settings. Of this 1,727 were officiated by the Humanist Association of Ireland, with a further 1,159 weddings being conducted by The Spiritualist Union of Ireland. That same year, the number of civil weddings stood at 6,417.The growth of a more casual type of ceremony has meant the emergence of a more casual style of wedding suit as seen below.

Benetti’s 2018 Autumn Winter Getaway Collection

Maradonna Grey Check 3 Piece Suit

Maradonna Grey Check 3 Piece Suit

Maradonna suit available from Tom Murphy

Key Features

Grey with Navy Check
Blue Waistcoat
Blue Trousers €275.00

Something Olde, Something New.On the other end of the scale is a more formal look that we see regularly.
Ireland’s recent move towards greater social and cultural inclusion has allow us the privilege of kitting-out our friends in the LGBT community. We find that our LGBT clients look for diverse and complementary suiting options, often grooms men dress suits which match and complement one another.


formal suit for gay couple

More formal approach to suiting favoured by many gay couples

Did you know? A significant majority People continue to opt for in-store sales when it comes to suits.We offer wedding suits for sale all over the world via our online channels but at the end of the day most customers still visit the store.

Figures released by Retail Ireland suggest that by the end of year, consumers are expected to spend over €16 billion on on-line purchase. This will be an increase of approximately 50% from last year. While e-commerce spending is on the increase, this still only makes up 10% of all purchases. What does this tell us?

Irish people continue favor direct person to person sales
The increase in overall sales significantly relates to in-store purchases, not on-line transactions.

This suggests that people still want to consult a sales person before spending.The wedding suits experience is particularly hands on.In a store such as our own where creativity and uniqueness is prioritized

white suit

Well known American Actor Ron Dizon organized his custom wedding suit with Tom without ever visiting the store

ed we do recommend face to face consultations.However we have many couples who skype in measurements and do virtual fittings with us from the other side of the world.Sometimes when you are set on your dream suit and nobody else can help you create it then you may have to do without the luxury of visiting our store!