Get the Tziacco Tuxedo 2017 look at Tom Murphy’s

The latest collection of Tziacco suits is inspired by an avant garde interpetation of the ever classic tuxedo.As ever the lapel details are a little extravagant and they hint at a groom that is not afraid to make a statement.With the surge in the appeal of tuxedos as a wedding suit tziacco tuxedos are becoming more and more popular.To see the full collection pay us a visit or make an appointment.Some are available from stock and there are lots to see in the custom made range as well.The lead time generally is about 5-9 weeks but we can push orders through a little quicker if necessary.

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Midnight blue tux with lapel edging matching the waistcoat and bow

Tziacco 2017 at Tom Murphy’s

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Jaquard blue tux with plain contrast trousers

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy’s

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Black soft wool fabric with paisley extreme low cut waistcoat

Tziacco 2017 Range Spring Summer

beige wedding suit

Beige wedding suit with collar and military style detailing

silver grey wedding suit

Silver grey wedding suit article 561203

Available exclusively from Tom Murphy Menswear is the avant garde collection of wedding suits by Tziacco.The ornate detailings are what makes this collection stand out.Nehru and collared jackets define it as a range of wedding suits that stands out from the crowd.Every taste from gothic themed black florals and jaquards to powdery pastels and metalic silvers is catered for.Stand up collar shirts and quirky neck ensembles are part of the overall lo0k as well.As Spring approaches there is a lightening up of the tones although the brooding winter hues of black and navy still are plentiful.Waistcoats are themed to match with the suits but are generally in different patterns.More and more people are looking for something different in their choice of wedding attire and this collection certainly suits a groom wishing to stand out.

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Nehru stand up collar with non closing front buttons

Tziacco 2017 Range

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Powder blue tziacco suit Article 561210/ 39



After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear


After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear


After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti Suits Spotted on TV


Tomas O Se in some eye catching Benetti Ensembles

Benetti is a brand which rewards men in good physical condition. The slim fit style of the brand is the aspect that makes the Irish brand so attractive to so many public figures. Tomas O’Sé, as a pundit on RTÉ, is pictured above wearing Benetti but as you can see he has a unique style in each photo. The contrast waistcoat inside a suit, as seen on the picture top right, adds a unique touch to any suit, it’s nearly as if Tomas is wearing three completely different outfits due to the three different waistcoats  and the contrast is without doubt eye catching for all of the right reasons.



Daithi O Se in a petrol blue Benetti and chequred contrast waistcoat

Wearing Benetti

Like his fellow county man, Dáithi O’Sé also wears Benetti, demonstrating that as a brand it suits the slightly older generation too. Once again we can see how impressive the contrast waistcoat looks, especially as it’s partnered with a matching tie and handkerchief. The Rose of Tralee presenter is actually wearing the Benetti suit/waistcoat combination which proved to be our best seller over the summer of 2016. As a 2 piece it’s a work or interview style,but add a waistcoat and a whole new look takes shape, perfect for weddings or any social event. Versatility is an attribute Benetti, as a brand take massive pride in.

O’ Donovan Brothers – Olympic Champions


Benetti check suits with a splash of burgandy

It is not only GAA men who kit themselves out in BenettiLate Late guests and Olympic heroes, Garry and Paul O’Donovan are also celebrity ambassadors for the brand. The tweed suit is very much in at the moment and it’s easy to see why as the dynamic duo have gained many plaudits for their attire while speaking to Ryan Tubridy. Gary picks up on the maroon check throughout his suit with a matching dicky bow whereas Paul went for the more understated, but still stylish, smart tie. Many tweed suits would be in the 600-1000 euro bracket but Benetti presents an affordable alternative with Tweed suits like these at 299.

All Types of Sports – All Kinds of Players – One Suit: Benetti


In this social media crazed era, where a picture speaks a thousand words, how a sportsman presents himself off the pitch can almost be as important as how he presents himself on the pitch and these days the top GAA stars are choosing to present themselves in Benetti, as shown by the five intercounty footballers above, who almost look like a wedding party themselves! The Irish brand  have gone from strength to strength in recent years and have become one of the top menswear brands in Ireland and the U.K with further international expansion looking likely. Benetti have found their niche in being trendy but affordable. Here in Tom Murphy’s we have 3 piece Benetti suits at 299. Or at the special price of 249 if purchasing 3+ for a wedding party.

GAA Sports

Benetti as worn by Dublin, Donegal, Kilkenny

Just like the bride, it is also the groom’s special day and distinguishing themselves is a must. As seen above the variety in style Benetti offer is astounding. From blue check to tweed Benetti caters from bold extravagance to timeless subtlety. Here in the shop, many grooms opt to kit out their groomsmen in Benetti 3 pieces and go for the sheer class of a bespoke Wilworst suit for themselves. With so many options and brands of suits in store we strive to make your special day a stylish one too!


GAA Football Star in Benetti


Benetti range

Dublin GAA Team wear Benetti Suits, available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti - Dublin GAA Suits available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti – Dublin GAA Suits available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Dublin GAA Team wear Benetti Suits, as displayed in Croke Park on the 1st of October, the Dublin football team are champions on the pitch while during their post match celebrations at the Gibson Hotel they showed that they’re champions in style off the pitch too. As seen in the picture above each member of the victorious outfit sported a suave 3 piece Benetti suit. The blue check is subtle and cleverly exhibits the county colours in a tasteful fashion.

Dublin GAA Team wear Benetti Suits

Dublin GAA Team wear Benetti Suits

Rivals on the field but united in fashion as Benetti is also the official suit supplier to the Mayo team. Mayo came agonisingly close to lifting the ‘curse’ which has seen them reach 8 finals since 1989 and losing them all. It was level in the 40th when minute when Mayo goalkeeper, Robert Hennelly came out to collect a Dublin delivery that fell short. However, he lost control of the ball, spilling it to Paddy Andrews, who was dragged down as he prepared to shoot for goal.

Hennelly was black-carded for the offence by referee, Maurice Deegan, who awarded Dublin a penalty. Diarmuid Connolly fired the spot kick past sub goalkeeper, David Clarke, giving Dublin a three-point lead.

It would later be cut to two points on four occasions, but Mayo just couldn’t draw level as Dublin’s rearguard held out under intense pressure.

Benetti Suits now available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti Suits now available at Tom Murphy Menswear

Like the Dublin team, Benetti as a brand has become a leader in its own field and its clear to see why, the suit shown is impeccably tailored for the All Ireland Champions. Cut in an elegant contemporary fit which compliments the physique of athletes in such exemplary condition.

As the holders of the Sam Maguire the men from the capital will, for another year, be the ambassadors for the GAA at home and abroad and Benetti the ambassadors for Irish Menswear.

The year was 1964 and the streets of London were alive to a new beat.From Carnaby street to Saville Row a sharp,flamboyant style was emerging with explosive effects,an era defined by individual expression and a vibrant music scene.So goes the phrase that would encapsulate the energy of the Mod scene and one that finds its way onto the branding labels on the new range of  mens clothing from Gibson London.

They do say that fashion has a habit of recycling itself and that the present always borrows from the past.In the case of the re-emergence of this famous British heritage brand one can see a true example of this.

The Mod look that was dominant in the 60s has returned to dominate the tailoring trends of 2012/2013.The Gibson brand does not have to dig very far into its archives to reveal a colourful past and history that can be drawn upon to inspire its current crop of designers and brand directors.

This season’s collection continues the trend towards innovation and experimentation with fabric,fit and cut.There are a number of showstopping pieces including a fuschia coloured wool mix suit and a vibrant purple Prince of Wales check.For those with less adventurous taste in tailored suits,the good news is that the core stock service range will be expanded.The resounding success of last season was the three principle colours in Charcoal,Silver and Cobalt Blue which are all  available in Mix and Match and come with an optional waistcoat.

There has been a huge emphasis in house on creating a unique “Gibson” fit that offers a cut that is superior to everything else on the market.The Gibson cut has been perfected and is one of the main contributing factors that have helped establish it as the premier brand for style savy shoppers.There is no doubt that 2013 will see more and more growth for one of the most retro brands of  the current era.

Gibson London Suit at Tom Murphy Menswear
Gibson London Suit at Tom Murphy Menswear
Gibson London Suits at Tom Murphy Menswear

Magee Suits being measured by Tom Murphy

Personal Tailoring at Tom Murphy Menswear

In December 2011, the new Personal Tailoring Collection was launched by Magee Menswear. Personal Tailoring by Magee has been around for a few decades now but recently the front end that has been revamped to give the consumer a better and more valuable ‘personal’ experience which is facilitated by the retailer.

The Made to Measure service at Tom Murphy Menswear has the Magee Personal Tailoring Collection at the core of its offering. According to Tom Murphy ‘The new Personal Tailoring service being offered by Magee is expansive and innovative. The range of fabrics on offer is vast and everything is covered from the finest weights in pure new wools to more traditional heavy weight materials. The customer can basically design his own suit with optional buttons, linings and collar felts. This leads to a feeling of empowerment and input into the design process on the part of the consumer which adds to the feeling of personalisation’.

This personalisation of the design of your own suit is what makes the process so different to just going in and buying a suit off the rack. At a cost that is not prohibitive (it is usually about 20% more then a good quality ready-made suit), you can basically design the suit yourself. As well as this the other obvious benefit in a suit that is personally tailored is the precision of the measurements. All shapes and sizes can be accommodated and a perfect fit is always guaranteed.

So if you are interested in getting a Made to Measure suit by Magee, get into Tom Murphy Menswear and let one of their expert tailors get their measuring tapes around your waist. The whole process takes about half an hour and your suits will be ready for collection within 5 weeks.

Our Nomination for best Internet Start Up Company

Our Nomination for best Internet Start Up Company

First of all,apologies to all our regular blog readers as it has been a while since I have updated our weekly blog.It has been a very busy couple of months for me personally and my blogging duties have been neglected.I am hoping to get motoring again and keep you all updated on the riveting goings on and happenings in the world of mens fashion and clothing.Well maybe not quite the world but at least what is happening down here in Cork.

Since I last blogged a few interesting things have been happening.Firstly our company was nominated for best Irish internet start-up company of 2011 by the Irish internet association.Unfortunately we did not win the coveted first prize but it was a great honour to be the only representative from the fashion industry.We recieved great exposure from the nomination and I am sure it will lead to even more recognition for us.The publicity we recieved from the nomination led to a lot of extra ciricular work for myself.I appeared on a few radio programmes talking about the use of technology for small businesses and have to say i thoroughly enjoyed the experience.As well as that I was honoured to be asked by Social Media Ireland to give a presentation on the use of video to increase brand awareness amongst small businesses.The picture is included below.

Our online business is continuing to develop and it has been an absolute pleasure to see orders coming from all over Ireland and international countries as well.A recent article on the well known website Silicon Republic featured an article on us recently and genererated more publicity for us.This is what they had to say about us.
Online menswear store proves fashionable overseas

A Cork-based online menswear store that launched last April,, has already had orders from overseas, including from Bolivia.

Its founder Tom Murphy said the site specialises in selling men’s suits, shirts, ties and shoes online and believes there is no other site like it in Ireland.

“We also offer an online made-to-measure service, where people have to wait eight weeks for a wedding suit of their dreams to be produced,” he said.

“It is early days yet but we have already made quite a few sales. We have sold suits to customers around Ireland and we have had sales overseas, as well. We sent an order for a couple of suits to Bolivia. We also have recently done a made-to-measure suit for a customer in the US.
Massive international potential

“We feel there is massive potential for an Irish menswear store to reach into other international markets, and the Irish-American segment is particularly interesting. We try to give a unique online service based on what the independents do best — service and quality”

For more of this interview,you will be able to get it on the Silicon Republic Website at this link

Tom Murphy giving presentation on the use of video for business in Radisson hotel

Tom Murphy giving presentation on the use of video for business in Radisson hotel

Wilvorst Wedding Suits

Wilvorst Wedding Suits

For a number of seasons now we have been offering a made to measure wedding suit service. This year has seen a huge growth in the number of grooms opting to have their wedding suit handcrafted by our business partners and top German suit manufacturer, Wilvorst.
The colours and fabrics that are on offer are wide and varied. Top quality wool suits are available in different lengths and numerous style combinations. The customer can choose any type of lapel or fit that he wants. All he has to do is come in and be measured by our expert tailors and wait 8 weeks until the suit is ready and delivered to your doorstep.

The suits can be made in a two or three piece combination. Generally grooms will order a waistcoat, neckerchief and cravat to accessorise the outfit. The good news is the prices usually stay around the €600 mark for a bespoke suit that represents seriously good value.

The most popular colours that are chosen would be the black suit, grey suit, beige suit and brown suit. When I spoke to Tom he told me;



“Another reason for the popularity of made to measure suits for grooms is that the rest of the party can be co-ordinated to match the groom from our suit hire collection. This saves on the overall cost of kitting the men out and allows the groom to stand out at the same time.

The new pattern books and catalogues for made to measure wedding suits by Wilvorst arrived in the store yesterday. For the first time we will be using the full range of fabrics from the Prestige collection and these Spring/ Summer collection were launched yesterday in our store by Mr Randall Jordan, Irish agent for Wilvorst.

The Autumn Winter range of wedding suits

Eoin Murphy,Dermot and wilvorst agent Randall Jordan

Eoin Murphy,Dermot and Wilvorst agent Randall Jordan

can be viewed online.

The Wilvorst formalwear collection comprises three different lines, each with its own distinct look and component garments.

Suits in the ‘After Six’ line are slim yet comfortable and with innovative pocket solutions. Materials are super soft and feature moving facings, stripes and micro designs as well as new plains and close to plains. Key colours are black, brown and chestnut notes. Grey and blue nuances as well as silver and champagne also feature prominently.

Also included in the line are 49 different waistcoats which feature everything from stripes and modern patterns to flowery designs and paisley prints and matching bowties, handkerchiefs and ties.