Get the Tziacco Tuxedo 2017 look at Tom Murphy’s

The latest collection of Tziacco suits is inspired by an avant garde interpetation of the ever classic tuxedo.As ever the lapel details are a little extravagant and they hint at a groom that is not afraid to make a statement.With the surge in the appeal of tuxedos as a wedding suit tziacco tuxedos are becoming more and more popular.To see the full collection pay us a visit or make an appointment.Some are available from stock and there are lots to see in the custom made range as well.The lead time generally is about 5-9 weeks but we can push orders through a little quicker if necessary.

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Midnight blue tux with lapel edging matching the waistcoat and bow

Tziacco 2017 at Tom Murphy’s

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Jaquard blue tux with plain contrast trousers

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy’s

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Black soft wool fabric with paisley extreme low cut waistcoat

Debs suit season is well and truly underway as our doors are seeing vast swathes of dapper trendy young men exiting with their suit wrapped in our iconic Tom Murphy suit bags We thought we might give a quick overview of the current trends we are noticing

James Petrol 3 Piece Suit Brax Waistcoat

Classic example of the stylish plain 2 piece and contrast waistcoat combo.


Over the last 3 to 4 years there has been a seismic shift in the way people dress for their debs. If you look at any Graduation photo from 5 years ago, everyone, to a man is wearing a black tux in tandem with a standard black bow and while this look is timeless and looks great there was no hint of individuality. The Debs now represents an opportunity for young men to express their originality and showcase their own style. The more unique you are the better these days. From simple navy 3 pieces to burgundy tweeds, anything is on the table. Standard looks like a navy suit can be spruced up with the addition of a contrast waistcoat as seen in the photo above.

Grey Donegal Tweed 3 Piece Suit

tweed is in

The vintage look is back and with it Tweed! This quintessential fabric has longevity and style, a lot of Debs men come in inquiring about Tweed suits as they know it will set them apart from the pack and here at Tom Murphys we are more than able to cater for their needs. There is undoubtedly a sense of sophistication which accompanies any man kitted out in a tweed suit and it is exactly this factor of maturity that graduates look for as they transition from secondary school to university.

Image result for zazzi bow ties

Why not tie your outfit together (excuse the pun) with one of our elegant bows which we supply in a vast array of colo

Cusack Navy 3 Piece Suit

Classic looks are back with a bang

rs and designs. The bow tie has been trumping the standard skinny tie over the last few years as it really lifts some of the new style suits. Find a bow tie or pocket square to match your date or just get one to make you look good, it is your night too after all!


Cool Classics Tuxedos
The Spring-Summer season of 2017 has really seen the re-emergence of the tuxedo as a popular choice for groomswear.
As the plain navy, royal blue and charcoal suit are relegated to the category of “uninspired” there is a growing trend for going black-tie.Our “Cool-Classics”collection in collaboration with Wilvorst will cover all the angles. In addition to the usual slim line and classic fits, there will be a huge range of options available in the Drop 8 fit which is becoming increasingly popular. The Drop 8 fit goes beyond slim and exhibits a more delicate and finer cut.
As the name suggest, the “Cool-Classics” collection points to a new direction in traditional formal attire with midnight blues, gunmetal greys and chequered patterns all giving a contemporary twist to the classic tuxedo.
All suits come with the option of a customized waistcoat in the fabric to match the suit or lapel. Double-breasted scoops and single breasted vests are all being offered from stock in all sizes. This number of possibilities means choosing a tuxedo from Tom Murphy’s is a one to two hour process that is handled with devotion by our staff.
Fabrics on offer are all high-end Italian weaves and some of the most popular are the Hightwist Super 100 and the IWS Natural stretch. In the colour black alone, expect to see a myriad of choices and options with Superfine wools being abundant in our collection.

blue wedding suit tuxedo

Mohair Vitale Barberis Canoncio wedding tuxedo available in 6 colors from stock

Cool Classic Tuxedos at Tom Murphys

Black tuxedo in a micro pattern also available in midnight blue

One of the 6 colors available from stock in the pure wool mohair fabric by vitale barberis canoncio

shawl collar tuxedo

Shawl collar tuxedo available in the ultra trendy drop 8 fit.

white tuxedo

white and ivory tuxedos in fashionable peak lapel style

Benetti Suits and the FAI

The sponsorship, which was launched by Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill at Aviva Stadium, will see the Irish brand exclusively design and supply casual and formal wear to Republic of Ireland men’s senior team until 2020.

As we here at Tom Murphys have been stocking and supporting Benetti for years now it is fantastic to see the brand excelling and progressing so much in recent times.In the old days remembers when the brand was sold under the name Donitz. ”

About 20 years ago I remember selling donitz shirts by the bucket loads.It was always a superb brand and they were fantastic to deal with.It is great to see the brand growing so quickly in Ireland and what better way to highlight that than an association with the National soccer team”

Established in 1999, Benetti have grown to be a desired product supplying approximately 140 menswear independent accounts across Ireland. It is now one of the country’s most recognised menswear labels.

In our shop we constantly have young and older gentlemen coming into us asking for a Benetti because of its signature slim-fit which is obviously a quality which would be a key factor with sports stars of this level when choosing a suit to buy.

John Delaney, FAI CEO, said: “We are delighted to announce this link-up with Benetti, who are an established and respected brand in the Irish market. We look forward to working with such a popular brand for the years to come.”

Serena Farrell, Benetti spokesperson, said: “To partner with the Republic of Ireland teams is the perfect fit for us. As a 100% Irish brand, Benetti will take pride in ensuring that the squads look well off the pitch for the next three years as they represent their country.”

Stephen Hunt, Benetti Football Ambassador, said: “The majority of top footballers have a keen interest in fashion and what they wear, so a partnership like this is mutually beneficial. The Benetti range is ahead of anything else you see on the Irish market and as a footballer representing your country you want to take pride and have confidence in how you look arriving for a game.”

Tziacco 2017 Range Spring Summer

beige wedding suit

Beige wedding suit with collar and military style detailing

silver grey wedding suit

Silver grey wedding suit article 561203

Available exclusively from Tom Murphy Menswear is the avant garde collection of wedding suits by Tziacco.The ornate detailings are what makes this collection stand out.Nehru and collared jackets define it as a range of wedding suits that stands out from the crowd.Every taste from gothic themed black florals and jaquards to powdery pastels and metalic silvers is catered for.Stand up collar shirts and quirky neck ensembles are part of the overall lo0k as well.As Spring approaches there is a lightening up of the tones although the brooding winter hues of black and navy still are plentiful.Waistcoats are themed to match with the suits but are generally in different patterns.More and more people are looking for something different in their choice of wedding attire and this collection certainly suits a groom wishing to stand out.

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Nehru stand up collar with non closing front buttons

Tziacco 2017 Range

Get the Tziacco 2017 look at Tom Murphy's

Powder blue tziacco suit Article 561210/ 39



After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear


After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear


After Six Spring Collection 2017

Wilvorst After Six Spring Collection available from Tom Murphy Menswear

Benetti Suits Spotted on TV


Tomas O Se in some eye catching Benetti Ensembles

Benetti is a brand which rewards men in good physical condition. The slim fit style of the brand is the aspect that makes the Irish brand so attractive to so many public figures. Tomas O’Sé, as a pundit on RTÉ, is pictured above wearing Benetti but as you can see he has a unique style in each photo. The contrast waistcoat inside a suit, as seen on the picture top right, adds a unique touch to any suit, it’s nearly as if Tomas is wearing three completely different outfits due to the three different waistcoats  and the contrast is without doubt eye catching for all of the right reasons.



Daithi O Se in a petrol blue Benetti and chequred contrast waistcoat

Wearing Benetti

Like his fellow county man, Dáithi O’Sé also wears Benetti, demonstrating that as a brand it suits the slightly older generation too. Once again we can see how impressive the contrast waistcoat looks, especially as it’s partnered with a matching tie and handkerchief. The Rose of Tralee presenter is actually wearing the Benetti suit/waistcoat combination which proved to be our best seller over the summer of 2016. As a 2 piece it’s a work or interview style,but add a waistcoat and a whole new look takes shape, perfect for weddings or any social event. Versatility is an attribute Benetti, as a brand take massive pride in.

O’ Donovan Brothers – Olympic Champions


Benetti check suits with a splash of burgandy

It is not only GAA men who kit themselves out in BenettiLate Late guests and Olympic heroes, Garry and Paul O’Donovan are also celebrity ambassadors for the brand. The tweed suit is very much in at the moment and it’s easy to see why as the dynamic duo have gained many plaudits for their attire while speaking to Ryan Tubridy. Gary picks up on the maroon check throughout his suit with a matching dicky bow whereas Paul went for the more understated, but still stylish, smart tie. Many tweed suits would be in the 600-1000 euro bracket but Benetti presents an affordable alternative with Tweed suits like these at 299.

Capitol Cinema undergoing Development

It is finally underway!The jack hammers,kangols and other instruments of destruction are blasting away as we speak.The demolition of the site behind and surrounding our shop is now a reality as the John Cleary led development of the Capitol cinema site begins in earnest
For those of you who have not seen the plans the exciting news is that the new development will be adjacent to our iconic building.Number 58 Patrick street  is about to consolidate its position Cork’s equivalent of London’s Number One Saville row.It will be the heartbeat of the new Cork city and we are looking forward to it so much.In fact the main entrance is right next door to us.The video below might show a little more clearly how the retail landscape will change up around our end of Patrick Street.

As I gaze out the rear of our building this morning it looks like a bomb has been detonated and blown everything to pieces.In the picture down the bottom of this post you might get an idea of the view that greets me at this present moment.

For the last 15 or so years our end of Patrick street has played second fiddle to the end where Brown Thomas and the bigger retail outlets are located.This should change rapidly once the new shopping center is built.A shopping mall in the heart of Cork city is badly needed as merchants quay is dated and a little peripheral to the real epicenter of this great city of ours.

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Since the shirt is an essential piece of wedding attire we thought it might be a good idea to take a look over some of the options for the groom who wishes to distinguish himself from the multitudes.As has been stated on this blog before there has undoubtedly been a trend recently towards the homogenisation of groomswear and  there is an alarming number of stores jumping on the “groomwear specialists” bandwagon and as a result too many grooms are going up the aisle in outfits that are more appropriate in a funeral parlour.The proliferation of under dressed grooms is a direct consequence of the entry into the market of stores and factory like outlets that have no tradition or experience in the real formal wear industry and hope to make a quick buck by trying to reinvent the concept of contemporary groomswear

Formal wear is something that is uniquely built upon tradition and it borrows its inspiration from classical stylings that can be given a contemporary twist.There is currently a resurgence in tweeds and vintage themes and do not be surprised if you end up wearing a tie that reminds you of your mother’s old tablecloths.

There is no better example of  the singularity of Formal wear than in the potential range of shirts on offer.If you are attempting to find the right shirt for your wedding suit, be daring and imaginative and choose something that you are comfortable with.Here are some notes on what we see as the best options.

The Tuxedo Shirt

The dress shirt whose collar is also called wing collar or “parricide collar”, is the shirt for special occasions.

Due to the short corners the shirt collar is elegant and is worn with a tuxedo. It is combined with black, burgundy or silver dress accessories and bow ties are the obvious choice.Little pocket squares that match the bow are a current trend as are the black silver studs which come with some dress shirts or can be purchased seperately.

The most popular wing tipped shirt is white although formal wear specialists like Tom Murphys will offer an ivory alternative.The ivory shirt is especially popular in the long collared style that is known as the Victorian wing.This is a style that looks especially well with a self tie cravat which is still a poular choice for grooms that want a touch of difference.


The shark collar shirt

The shark collar shirt is distinguished by a wide collar position, and thus defines a modern look, thus this shirt form is suitable for festive occasions as well as for the business sector.

On festive occassions this collar Form is usually combined with a plastron.For business or office wear a tie is the usual accessory.The front of the shirt can have hidden(fly front buttons) or visible buttons.For an authentic formal event it has to be a double cuffed version although the single cuff is sometimes acceptable.

Body Fit

Tuxedo Shirt | shark collar shirt

BODY FIT is the figure-hugging, narrow cut of the shirt variations. A modern, figure-hugging look is perfected with a shirt from a brand recommended by Tom Murphy i.e WILVORST BODY FIT .It is a sharper more defined fit than the slim cut which has been so poular for the last few seasons.

This modern cut version is available at WILVORST in the collar variants Shark and tuxedo. Ivories and whites are the colours of choice and they will be offered this season in a variety of textures,including pure cottons and silk mixes.The silk mix is expected to be particularly popular as it offers a point of difference that we believe is so important in cutting edge groomswear.

TZIACCO frilled shirts

TZIACCO shirts feature the unmistakable cut and lovingly designed details, especially in stand-up collar variations.

The standing and uniform collar was worn from the mid 19th century primarily for all festive occasions. In this epoch the plastron was tied over his collar. Also called the grandfather or nehru collar this is a timeless classic that is given a contemporary revamp with a glossy,silky smooth finish.The frilly front is exceptionally quirky but if it is too daring for you there is a less exuberant version without the frills but still retaining the character of this beautifulpiece of craftsmanship.

Kilts are becoming more and more popular as a choice for mens wedding attire so we thought we would do a little feature in this weeks blog.It is no longer rare for whole wedding parties to opt for kilts even if there is no Scottish connection.There was a time when we found the only groups interested in Tartans were Scotish people marrying in Ireland or Irish going over to the land of the thistle.

The history of the kilt can go back as far as the end of the 16th century. It was a full length garment that had an upper half that could be used as a cloak when you draped it over the shoulder and pulled up overhead.

The 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica says the kilt is a Scandinavian word in origin; the word kilt comes from the Scots word kilt that means to tuck up the clothes around the body.

The kilt comes from the Norse settlers who had a similar garment and the Scots word derived from the Old Norse kjalta. When you were in battle, it was customary that you take off the garment or the kilt beforehand and set it aside.

The exact age of the kilt is still under debate.The earliest written source that definitely describes the plaid that was belted or great kilt comes from 1594. The great kilt is mostly associated with the Scots highlands but was also used in lowland rural areas. The widespread use of this type of kilt continued into the 19th century and some still wear them today.

For weddings the obvious attraction is that the grooms clan can be represented by his tartan of choice.Many stores can provide tartans that represent some of the more popular family names or clans but for a family that has an unusual name you might have to go for a more generic kilt.These would include household names such as Bonnie Prince Charlie,Modern Douglas and Royal Stewart.The groom can attire himself differently to the rest of the party or perhaps opt for his own family tartan while the other members of the party can all have a different tartan.At the end of the day it is all about having some fun so there are no strict rules and regulations.

kilts wedding


sean connery


kilt wedding