Luxury Boys Suits  made in Germany

For the past thirty years or so Tom Murphys has been the place to go for suits for the little men in the wedding party.Well known brands such as Magee of Donegal were always stocked in miniature sizes and the little men were able to blend in with the wedding party.Lately there has been a trend for the little guys to be kitted out in a new suit for the big day and we have introduced a stylish collection of boys suits and the range is perfect for other big occasions such as communions and confirmations.The elite collection features beautiful luxurious Italian fine wools in all sorts of styles.We are even offering a bespoke collection for young boys.These suits come in the finest yarns and In Northeim, Lower Saxony WILVORST produces outfits for the little gentlemen – perfectly matching the wedding suits or festive outfits of their dads.

Besides the collections for men (wedding suits and formal wear)Tom Murphys in association with WILVORST also offers boys suits, waistcoats and acessories for the wedding perfectly in the style of the adults. The bespoke garments are available in the retailers shop in 8 weeks delivery time.For the little gentlemen  you may choose the  favoritefrom a program of more than 1000 fabrics of high quality. The second step of the boys suit is the style. Evening tail suit, dinner suit, morning coat, 1-button jacket, 2 button, 3 or 4 button, jacket with stand-up collar and different styles of waistcoats and accessories are available.

As well as the custom made designs we have expanded our portfolio of off the peg suit options for boys.We stock Benetti suits for boys and they are priced at 169 euro which makes them exceptional value.There are numerous colors available and we offer some amazing contrast waistcoats to complement the suit.

James Grey Tweed Boys 3 Piece SuitJames Petrol Blue Boys 3 Piece SuitJames Petrol Blue Boys 3 Piece Suit

serge besten heineken add

We recently had the honour of being approached by one of Ireland’s leading costume designers Maeve Patterson about supplying Serge Besten with a retro style tweed suit for the shooting of the new Heineken add.After a visit to Cork Maeve and Tom went through a mood board and Tom gave her all sorts of suggestions for a cutting edge ensemble that would capture the mood and theme of the add.A couple of outfits were taken up to the studio where the TV ad  was being shot.Maeve was thrilled with the combinations but alas when they tried the suits on Serge some of them were a bit too tight on his arms and shoulders.The slim fit cut of our tweeds were just too tight for the big man but there was still time for an outfit to be sourced from another supplier.Tom did get to have some of his gear feature in the ad however.The accessories were provided by none other than Tom Murphy and the Goodwin smith two tone shoes were also out of our store.So if you see the ad and find yourself admiring the dapper style of Mr Besten you know where to go to achieve the look!

serge besten

Serge Besten playing for france in his pomp

goodwin smith shoesat tom murphys

Goodwin smith weir shoe as worn by Serge Besten available at Tom Murphys

From Cork to the USA with the wedding Suits

Joel in a gunmetal grey tweed suit produced by Tom and the team

When Tom got a call from Katy McGovern of Ohio in the United States asking him if he could supply her fiancee Joel with his wedding suit for their upcoming wedding he was happy to oblige.Our team often gets requests for suits from our American friends and it is something we are looking at doing more of.The phenomenon of the global village is definitely impacting on traditional local traders like ourselves and the niche products that we sell can be appealing to people from all four corners of the world.Our range of Donegal cloths seem to be particularly appealing to people getting married.

After a brief conversation with Tom Katy asked for a made to measure tweed ensemble in gunmetal grey.The suit was comisioned to be made once Joel’s sizes were confirmed.After 7 0r 8 weeks the suit was sent across the great Atlantic.As usual Tom had done his homework with the sizing and the suit fitted absolutely perfectly.
The process for working out the sizes for overseas customers is relatively uncomplicated.After a couple of Skype calls and emails back and forth Tom had figured out the size that Joel needed and the wheels could be set in motion for the production team to get going on the suit.As can be seen from the photos the Suit and the couple looked amazing.Special thanks goes out to Katy and Joel and thank you so much for the business!

Katy and Joel in the West of Ireland for their big day

Customers are always pointing out to us that, their Dads or Grandads got their wedding suits off us.We really notice that we have different generations of the same family shopping with us and it is such an honor to provide the service we do.

Recently a bride and groom that we kitted out for their wedding suits went a step further and told Tom they would send in the photos of their Daddy in a Tom Murphy special 40 years ago on his wedding day.They had come in to get a tux fitting and they got talking to Tom and said they would be delighted to show him the old photos.

The photos looked amazing and there was a terrific reaction on Facebook to them, with Evan the groom who was recently married locking dapper in a custom made Tuxedo and his father in law in a Black and grey tails which was the epitome of grooms wear Style 40 years ago. Evan’s photos made the front of the VIP weddings magazine and I am sure that if the same magazine existed back in Martin’s time he would have done the same.

It is really nice to hear that different generations of the same family have continued the family tradition and opted to get their wedding suit from us. Sometimes we find that a lad comes in and has a look around and tells the parents he found a really nice suit in a shop called Tom Murphy and then the Dad says that he got his there too.This often is enough for the groom to come back and finalize the booking

.It is also the case that a groom is sent in by the father and often tells the groom that there is only one place to go for a wedding suit in Cork and the dutiful son obeys!

mick martin 40 years on with his beautiful daughter.Mick wears a stunning blue wilvorst by Tom Murphy


Mick Martin on his wedding day 40 years ago in a Tom Murphy Tail with buff waistcoat.Ironically the buff waistcoats are back in vogue again this season.

Mick’s son in law Evan tied the knot recently and wore a Wilvorst blue tux.A special thanks to Evan and his bride for taking the time to send in the pics.

Why buy when you can rent your wedding suits?

A few years ago we posted the inverse of the above question in a blog entitled ‘why rent when you can buy?’. The topic up for discussion was whether to buy or rent your wedding suits of course. At the time there was the odd bride and groom considering buying their suits and we noticed more and more were considering that option. It has to be stated that up until three or four years ago the default process was for everyone in the party to rent their suits. Tails, three quarter coats and frock coats were hardly something that needed to be splashed out on when in all likelihood they would never be worn again. Besides the cost of acquiring such suits would have been prohibitive and the suppliers tended to be high end brands like Magee and Wilvorst.

Buy the groom and rent the rest`

With the deformalization of wedding suits and the emergence of the semi-formal lounge suit as a viable alternative, people could now began to consider buying their wedding suit as it could be worn again.

It could even be seen as an investment. Casual and semi-formal suits were definitely starting to become a force in grooms wear attire with this trend starting 5 or 6 years ago. Allied to this the cost of buying a suit was significantly cheaper than in pre-recessionary times. While the aforementioned established brands like Magee and Wilvorst stuck to their guns with pricing policy there was a new crop of brands starting to emerge and they offered significant value to the customer. Three piece suits could be acquired for about €250 and this continues to be the case in today’s market maket.

It can be a sensible option to buy the wedding suits package when the prices are favorable. We ourselves find that our Benetti wedding suits package is particularly popular at the moment. For €249 you can acquire a brand new wool suit in a spectacularly slim fit from a well established brand. Sometimes the suits on offer at the lower prices are of an inferior quality and lack the preciseness of fit by a brand such as Benetti.

Some of our famous brands where you can buy a brand new groom’s suit for 249







Patrick Howard with Bill Clinton Patrick wears a Tom Murphy Tails Suits like this were rented

All in however the cost of buying four or five suits can mount up quickly. Sometimes shirt and tie is not included either so this can mean that the budget for wedding suits is going to be over stretched quickly. A few years ago the thought of spending €250 on five groomsmen would have been unheard of. On top of this the groom’s suit tends to be more costly as the trend now is for the groom opt for bespoke/ made-to-measure or high-end. Our Tom Murphy bespoke collection is extremely popular at the moment and we have people travelling to us from all over the country but these suits are at the higher end of the market. A three piece suit in this category can cost up to €1000. Alternatively an off-the-peg suit from high-end suppliers like Magee or Wilvorst will be €599 to €799.


Many grooms are buying their suit and renting the lads’ suits

With the cost of the grooms suit often being at the higher end it probably makes sense to strongly consider renting the suits for the rest of the party. We really find this a hugely popular way of kitting out the wedding party. It probably offers the best value for money with the rental outfits coming to about €100 each. With that you get suit, shirt, waist-coat, neck-wear, pocket-squares and cuff-links. You get a suit from a high-end brand such as Wilvorst of Germany which will have an unbelievably precise fit. The cloths tend to be a superior quality too in a pure wool high-end finish. The retail price would be circa €800 so it definitely makes sense to rent them if the opportunity presents itself. The saving on the groomsmen suits allows the groom to go for a brand new bespoke wedding suit or something a little bit spectacular. We would often recommend bringing in a small bit of the grooms outfit into the groomsmen’s outfits. A nice tidy way of doing this is by having bow-ties cut from the cloth of the grooms suit. This provides a lovely subtle connection between the groom and the rest of the party. Sometimes a contast waistcoat in a scoop style can seperate the groom from the rest of the party.Whatever happens it is nice to coordinate the groom and groomsmen.Having said that some people prefer to let the groom stand apart in a completly different outfit.


Ireland’s Tallest Man candidate Brendan MacCallister wears Tom Murphy bespoke on the Late Late Show.

Back in the early 80’s after of a year of trawling through candidates it was cut down to 3 candidates, who all stood at 7 feet and over. The three appeared on the late late show and we had the honor of kitting out Brendan McAllister in a bespoke suit for the occasion. As Brendan was 7 feet tall we had no choice but to commission a specifically tailored 2 piece suit spun and woven in a cloth by Magee of Donegal . Our resident tailoring experts Michael and Tom Crowley were commissioned to produce a suit for Brendan on the big night.
After the initial measurement process there was a 5 week turnaround and Brendan was invited back into the shop for his second fitting. Michael and Tom admit to being nervous as Brendan tried on the suit but lo and behold it was the perfect fit and they were all thrilled with the result.
Gay Byrne was gushing in his praise for the immaculately dressed gentlemen and Brendan, who is originally from Cobh, looked resplendent in his threads, which he says still hang proudly in his wardrobe. Alas he did not go onto win the competition but he placed 2nd. If there was a prize for the best dressed giant needless to say he would have walked off with it.

Brendan MacAllister in a Tom Murphy bespoke on the Late Late Show with Gay Byrne.

Another big man, Paul O’Connell being kitted out in one of our bespoke suits by Mick Murphy.

Sean Og O hailpin popped in over the Christmas period to organize suits for his wedding and we were thrilled to deck the iconic legend and his brothers out in Gibson London black tuxedos.The lads were unbelievably nice and it was an absolute pleasure looking after them.The only issue was there was a fair amount of tailoring required for Aisake and Setanta!The day they were in the store there were lots of admiring glances from the female customers and one lady was heard muttering”they look even better in their tuxes than in their Cork gear”.

The O Hailpin Clan

The O Hailpin Clan

The groom and groomsmen chose a beautiful gibson london tuxedo with a peaked lapel and one silk covered button.The suit is a slim fit and suits anybody with an athletic frame.Often tuxedos come in a more classic style but this one is different-it fits so well and is really appealing to the fashion concious.

gibson london tuxedo

Gibson London Tuxedo slim fit.Trousers available in tailored or slim fit.


sean og o hailpin

A special mention goes to another legend Alan Quirke,the goalkeeping legend whose sister got married to Sean Og.Alan has been a great customer over the years and it was good to see him again.


sean og o hailpin

Sean Og-Cork Legend

This is a blog I started writing a few weeks ago in the lead up to Christmas but never got time to finish!It is New Year’s Eve now as I finish this off and I feel a bit silly posting something a few weeks old.Thankfully it has been a busy few weeks although I have to say it was a little unusual from a retailer’s perspective.A lot of the shoppers from the regional counties like Waterford,Tipperary and Kerry were absent due to the flooding and persistent rain.The local shoppers who braved the elements were definitely in to spend and this was very evident during the sales when there is normally more browsing done.The rain was probably the reason for this as people were reluctant to leave the warm,dry interior of number 58.The usual share of local celebrities were in for their Christmas clobber and a special mention goes out to the O Hailpin clan and Sean Og in particular as he prepares for his upcoming wedding.Lovely lads the lot of them but hard to find suits to fit Setanta and Aiseke!

This little piece has now turned into a bit of a New Year finale from all of us in here.I am out of here as early as possible as we are travelling to West Cork but the rest of the gang should be here until the end of the day.There are lots of tuxedos still to be collected so try not top leave it too late as the lads are trying to get out of here early.

We would all like to take this oppurtunity to thank all our customers and wish them a happy new year.Roll on 2016 and even bigger and better things!

“Pre- Christmas Blog”


Perched up on our wedding suits floor and looking out through our 150 year old Georgian windows I am really sensing that the pace is about to really pick up for Christmas. The carol singers are serenading  the early morning shoppers from different sides of the street with their jingly tunes. The share boys and girls are fervently rattling their yellow share boxes and shouting ‘support share’ and the loading bays are packed with big lorries delivering the last of the Christmas orders to the traders.

Up until now it hasn’t been the bumper lead up to Christmas that a lot of retailers have been expecting. The weather hasn’t helped and there were two important Saturdays that did not get going due to the excessive wind and rain. Hopefully from today the shackles will come off the shoppers and the proximily of Christmas itself will make them indifferent to the inclement conditions.

As to ourselves inside here we have been our usual busy selves over the last few weeks. We have lots of last minute things to get organised for all the wedding parties that are collecting their suits this week. Some of the weddings take place after Christmas but it is easier on all concerned if the suits are given out as early as possible. The shirts and jumper brigade are starting to arrive in in their droves now. At this time of year a jumper and shirt makes a nice safe and reliable present for the husband, father, boyfriend or such likes. Unfortunately due to the mildness of the weather there will be a great amount of scarves, overcoats and heavy jumpers heading with us into the sale. On the bright side we are still selling suits right through the festive season and lots of Conor McGregor lookalikes have been purchasing tweed and check suits. It certainly is a most wonderful time of year for the retailer as people are propelled into shopping frenzy mode as the big day draws closer.

Prestige Wedding Suits by Tom Murphy

As the Autumn draws to a close and the Winter draws ever nearer we have decided to look back at some of the more unusual outfits that made their way into our groom swear collection over the Summer.In case any of you readers see an outfit that you like ,fear not, as everything in this collection will still be available until January 2016.As the name suggests the Prestige collection is all about splendid silky materials and stylish slim cuts,making it a range of wedding attire for the more adventurous among us


Nehru collar brocade jacket in a hybrid lenghth.Full outfit including accessories 749 Euro


Shiny silky textures with cermonial buttons make this a wedding suit with a difference.

Dark waistcoats in a different pattern to the suit

Dark waistcoats in a different pattern to the suit



Silk Anthracite suit with silver waistcoat and plastron with edging on the vest.Also available in reverse


navy tails

Navy Silk Tails with Silk Stripe Trousers.Available to order from 699 Euro

frock coat

Full Length Frock Coat with Collar and silk trousers and matching waistcoat.Exclusively available at Tom Murphys.