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In 2010, in a competition associated with Tom Murphy Menswear Derek O’ Rourke was crowned winner of the Suit Factor and voted by the people of Ireland to be Ireland’s Best Dressed Man in a Suit. Amid a blaze of media madness and social media frenzy Derek picked up a cool prize of 2500 Euro worth of free clothing from Tom Murphy Menswear. Roll on a few years and due to popular demand the quest is on again to find Ireland’s Best Dressed Man in a Suit.The prize this time is 3000 Euro worth of free Suits,Accessories and Casual Wear from our store.

The competition was launched in late May and to date we have already recieved about 100 entries and the expectation is that once the voting gets under way that number will probably double within the first few days..Unfortunately there will only be 30 or so picked to go forward for the public vote which will take place on a specially created suit factor tab on our website.Each competitor will have their picture appearing on the page and underneath there will be a button for people to vote on.Needless to say there will only be one vote allowed per person.Anyone who followed the progress of the original Suit Factor will remember the great fun and craic that was had when the voting actually did get underway.The drama that eventually unfolded on the final day of voting could not have been greater as the two leading competitors Stephen O Leary and Derek O Rourke were tied on 2500 votes each going into the last few minutes of the contest.The tension was everywhere and the sheer numbers visiting the website caused it to crash as it approached midnight.

The prize on offer this time is even better than the last.3000 euro worth of fine mens clothing awaits the winner of  Suit Factor 2 and the coveted title of Irelands best dressed man in a suit.According to Tom the prize has to be a big one in order to attract the contestants and to persuade people to enter

“Anybody who enters has to network cleverly and get all their friends and family to vote so there has to be an amount of work put in if they are serious about winning the prize.The benefits to our business that come about from the exposure of our name to the contestants and the voting public make it worthwhile to give away such a good prize.The potential virality of the contest helps our name to get out there too”

The 3000 Euro giveaway is not the only cost to Tom’s business.There has been a lot of work put into the creation of the bespoke application that collects the entries and facilitates the voting process.As well as that there has been a facebook advertising campaign and a flyer and leaflet drop aimed at increasing awareness of the campaign.As Tom explains traditional advertising and marketing has lost some of its’ appeal because it is not measurable or quantifiable and there is an increasing need to think outside the box to get the message out to martket.

“Advertising in a newspaper or on radio is a doomed practice nowadays unless a very favourable rate can be procured.There is also no way of knowing if a campaign has been succesful or not.Social media campaigns have the advantage of being accountable and being open to measurement.For example if we spend money on a facebook advertising campaign we can see how many new fans we have attracted and we can put an approximate value on what each fan is worth.I see this as very imortant in marketing,i.e the ability to hold a campaign accountable and to be able to put a value on what it is worth to the business.

The original  idea for the Suit Factor came from Tom and with the help of James Northridge the store’s web developer ,the concept was put together as a photo contest that achieved virality through different social media such as facebook and twitter.Indeed the tables have kind of turned for James who got married himself very recently and two of his groomsmen Alan Drummy and Anthony Quinlan are among this years contestants.James is pictured here a few days prior to his wedding flanked by the two handsome hunks that are expected to feature prominently in this years competition.

Derek O Rourke-Suit Factor winner

Derek O Rourke-Suit Factor winner

James our web developer and Anthony Quinlan a contestant

James our web developer and Anthony Quinlan a contestant

After an unbelievable finale to the Suit Factor, we have finally got a winner, in Corks answer to 007, the one and only Derek O’ Rourke. Right up until around 11pm last night, there was nothing between the two finalists in votes. All day yesterday, the 17th of January, Derek and Stephen O’ Leary were neck and neck and constantly swapping the lead in their respective bids to become Ireland’s best dressed man in a suit. I looked at the count yesterday morning at 10am and with Derek ahead by almost 100 votes I was convinced that he had finaly killed off O’ Leary’s challange. Imagine the shock then when i returned to my pc yesterday at 6pm to discover that O’ Leary was after moving into the lead by 50 votes.At that stage he had about 1500 votes to Derek’s 1450. I really was stunned that the man behind the highly sucessful company O’ Leary analytics had come back from the dead to lead the competition going into its final few hours.What a competitor.

Derek O’ Rourke however has repeatedly shown throughout this competition that he does not take kindly to being pushed into second place. He got the extended O’ Rourke clan in on the act and our facebook page became a shrine to the man widely known as “the tux”. Slowly as the night moved on O’ Rourke began to claw his way back and by about 9pm he was 20 votes ahead again. His supporters, fans and family came out in force and rallied together in a bid to get him over the finish line. By 11pm he was once again looking  invincible with a lead of 40 votes. Nobody however could write off O’ Leary and there were many who felt he might have one more trick up his sleeve, that he was saving for the final hour. His friend Eoin O Callaghan was bombarding the page with shout outs and support and like Steve was in this until the bitter end.Alas, this was not to be as O’ Rourke became even stronger after 11pm and Stephen just couldn’t live with the pace.

At this stage, the rate at which the votes were flying in to our website was truly unbelievable. All day yesterday the votes were coming into the site with such ferocity that it looked increasingly likely that our server might not be able to cope with the pressure. The last hour was the most bizzare with the vote count going up in double digit figures every 30 seconds. James Northridge of island clothing who is part of the Suit Factor judging panel became increasingly anxious that the site might crash. The pressure on the server was becoming unbearable and I was getting texts, e-mails and facebooks from people saying the page was no longer loading.

The amazing thing was that the site held out until a minute to twelve before crashing temporarily.It could no longer cope with the number of hits. Nobody was able to see the results that we had promised at the stroke of midnight.People were on the facebook page clamouring for confirmation of who had won but we could not confirm it because the site was down.It was a bit like the end a world title fight when everybody is waiting for the referee to hold up the hands of the winner.You think you know who has done enough to win,but you need confirmation.The suspense was unbelievable.People were coming onto the page and tentatively congratulating Derek.But no one was sure.Peoples’ hearts were in their mouths.And then James came from nowhere and at 12.10 announced the site was back up and there it was -the screen shot of Derek’s and Stephen’s final tally.It read Derek O  Rourke-1941 votes and Stephen O Leary-1903 votes.The page was hopping with congrats for Derek and commiserations for the most gallant of loosers in Steve O leary.Afterwards I stayed on the page for an hour or so to keep the page running as virtual celebrations stayed going into the early hours of the morning-and in the case of the O Rourke clan I am sure,real celebrations as well.

Derek O Rourke-Irelands best dressed man in a suit

Derek O Rourke-Irelands best dressed man in a suit

The battle for third position is heating up as the public vote for the Suit Factor is nearing its last few days.With the two leaders Steve O Leary and Derek O Rourke after moving way ahead in the last few days it seems that the rest of the field will have to battle it out for the bronze medal.The good news is that the Cartlon Hotel in Kinsale have kindly donated a two night break including breakfast and evening meal for two for the person who comes third.Peter O Callaghan was the leader of Suit Factor for the first few weeks of the competition but in the last week his votes have not been accumalating as well as they did earlier on.It has to be said that his PR lady Amanda put in sterling work on his behalf and no one blames her for running out of steam this week.My advice lads is push yerselves for the last few days and that prize could be for ye.The main threat to Peter is coming from ladies man Dave Gaffney.He has been reeling in the votes in the last few days and has been getting rave reviews on the radio airwaves.He was singled out for special attention by none other than Dave Mac of red fm who is lending ssupport to the Gaffs campaign.I have to say i am delighted to see a guy i grew up with and probably had my first beer with{at the horrifically young age of 13} doing so well in this competition.Good luck Dave and well done and the same goes for everyone else too.

Dave Gaffney in the Suit Factor

Dave Gaffney in the Suit Factor

Ìt is january the 12th and there are only 4 more days to go before we find out who irelands best dressed men is in a suit. Yesterday was an unbelievable day as Derek O’ Rourke and Stephen O’ Leary swapped the lead position constantly. It was the first day in a while that O’ Rourke felt someone really breathing down his neck. The man with the pint of Guiness i.e Stephen O leary  is so determined to win the title and yesterday it seemed he might get his way.

The dapper Derek however has not taken kindly to being overtaken yesterday, and early this morning he passed the 800 vote mark. As of now he has 898 votes to Stephens 838 votes. The two of them have clearly taken this competition very seriously and i would like to congradulate them both on their sterling performances.

Dave Mac of Red Fm gave me a call today to get the latest updates on the competition. We spoke for a few minutes and Dave even lent his support to one of our competitors, Mr David Gaffney. The interview will be going on air on tommorows show.Alas, David is out of contention for the main prize but he could still feature in the shake up for the bronze medal. Thanks again to Dave Mac of Red Fm who did a lovely feature on the competition a few days ago.Don’t forget to tune in to his show tommorow for some Suit Factor soundbites.

Suit Factor-O Rourke strikes back

Suit Factor-O Rourke strikes back

SteveYesterday was an amazing day in the suit factor competition. It saw a new leader for a while in Stephen O’ Leary Who moved past Derek O’ Rourke by a vote. Stephen had 505 votes to Dereks 504 on the mourning of January 11th. Derek has been leading the competition from the very start and it must have been a shock to see Stephen moving into the lead.

Stung by his movement down the leaderboard, the man who is being talked about as Daniel Craigs replacement on the next 007 movie responded with a flurry of votes yesterday. He regained pole position last night and when i last checked he was 10 votes ahead. In their relentless persuit of victory it seems these two guys have frightened off all other competition.  Peter O’ Callaghan and his PR lady Amanda Bradley have faded into the distance despite leading the competition for the first few weeks. Peter is currently on 328 votes and could be still in line for the 3rd prize.

David Gaffney however is hot on his heels for the not to be scoffed at bronze medal.He has been getting plenty of votes in the last few days since he recieved sterling reviews on Red Fm. Just this morning on the 11th of january I have taken another peek and seen that Stephen has regained the lead. He is now on 628 votes against Dereks 625.Unbelievable stuff from these boys.It is neck and neck.Stay in touch and we will be announcing the last day for voting this evening.

Emma Murphy – January 7, 2011 at 10:20pm

Lads its official, the competition has gone viral! I was expecting the competition to be successful but the notoriety that this competition has received has exceeded all expectations! I got a phone call this morning telling me that Suitfactor was being spoken about for a good period of time on Red Fm yesterday and the DJ was saying what a super competition it was.He even knew some of the contestants and was encouraging everybody to get out and vote. People were talking about how the competition was such an original idea and a good one at that! Im meeting people on the streets who are coming up and asking me about the Suitfactor competition, everyone wants to be a part of it! Unfortunately the competition is well under way, however with all the success of this competition no doubt we will have to have a Suitfactor 2!!

RTE radio one will be doing a documentary next week featuring the Suit Factor and a number of other media channels have been on to us looking for interviews and soundbites.

The leader with well over 400 votes is Derek O Rourke, Derek has had his campaign well established since day 1! He is taking no prisoners by all accounts and his votes are flooding in hourly! Obviously Derek is putting in the good work by getting his friends to vote for him! Derek would want to watch his back at this stage as Stephen O leary is on his back ready to pounce!

Stephen had a huge amount of votes come in last night, he too must be heavy at work on the campaign trail! David Gaffney was doing great work at the beginning of the competition but he seems to be tiring and falling behind! If he wants to remain a contender he will have to start getting the public behind him again!His campaign has been reinvigorated since he received special mention on the radio yesterday.

The pre competition favourite according to the girls was Ross Forde! Apparently Ross is the hunk of the competition therefore I thought he would be getting all the ladies on his side! Maybe the Ladies are waiting to vote at the last minute but if you want Ross to win u better get his challenge going as he is lagging right now!

There is just about a week left in the voting poles so if you are eager for one of your lads to win now is your time to vote! I would recommended getting your vote in because we are considering runner up prizes! The reason for the runner up prizes is that we see a huge effort made from all contestants in getting their votes!

Thus far this has been a thrilling competition. The most exciting aspect for me is people coming up to me on the street wanting to talk about it! They love the idea of it! For those of you who missed out on the competition, fear not! Suitfactor 2 will be coming soon!!I would love people to come onto this blog and tell me what ye think of the competition and how we can make the Suit Factor 2 even better.Dont be afraid to shout out yere support and contestants feel free to post comments here as well.Please feel free to make suggestions for new competitions as well.

Emma MurphyDecember 28, 2010 at 1:46am
Hi Lads, Im delighted to have the top 18 announced for the competition!The full list of contestants can be seen on the website or at this link Im terribly excited as the voting is well under way and its very close, only 3 votes seperating first and second right now! Derek O Rourke is in the lead right now with 99 votes but his opponents are very much on his tail trailing by a mere 3 votes as I said. Ovbiously friends of the contenders are placing the votes but I would like the public to vote. Who do you think is Ireland’s best man in a suit? Go into the link and vote.It takes only a couple of seconds and i would encourage everybody to get involved.The prize is fantastic and we want the winner to really deserve it.
This competition has been great thus far and has exceeded my expectations. Initially we had planned 10 nominees for public vote, however due to the late entries and amount of entries we decided 18 would be a more appropiate amount.
So guys and girls I encourage you to take part in this great competition by placing your votes! Girls as tempting as it may be I dont want you voting on the most handsome contestant, I want you voting on who you think is the best dressed man.

What is the suit factor?

This is a competition run on our facebook page and on our website. The public are invited to send in pictures of themselves in a suit by email or by posting them on our facebook wall. The suits do not have to have been purchased in Tom Murphys.

During Christmas the top fifteen as selected by our panel of judges shall go forward to the public vote on this website. At the end of the public vote which will take place over a number of weeks the winner will be announced. As well as getting  2500 euro of free clothing from that person will be crowned Irelands best Dressed Man in a Suit. Quite an honour.

Well lads the Suitfactor competition is well under way! I know as men we tend to be very laid back and leave everything to the last minute! But i urge you not to leave posting your photo to the last minute! The sooner you post your picture the easier it is for us to organise the top 10! So lads get on top of it and none of this leaving the photo to the last minute! I have to admit im very excited about the competition, the word is spreading not only to the people of cork but also to the national newspapers. I got a phonecall from the Irish Independent yesterday asking me about the competition! I was surprised but delighted with the call because they told us they were looking at our facebook page and were very impressed with the suitfactor competition that they fell upon! So as hoped the competition is going viral!

The photos that are in this competition so far are all very different. You have one contestant dressed in an all white suit whcih is very fancy in comparison to another contestant who is wearing a simple, traditional dark suit. As I said before and forgive me for repeating myself the competition is not about the man in the suit! It’s about how well the suit fit’s you! So keep sending those photo’s in. Also look out for the article in the Irish Independent which should be coming up next week!!Even the great Alex Ferguson made it on to our our page last night.The link above should take you to the picture of him in his suit